[APPROVED] Monthly Budget muti DAO July

Project members:

@tabear (tabea.near)

@thefalmon (falmon.near)

Target Address: muti.sputnikdao.near

Current Balance (NEAR): 105.41 NEAR

Funding Period: end of July/August 2021

Requested amount: 670 NEAR

muti DAO takes care of its artists and their artistic needs. The focus lies on artists in general, especially on the ones that are not familiar with the crypto realm yet. Considering that, most of our communication happens in our TG channel. The DAO focusses on combining physical events and physical artistic needs with the metaverse and crypto realm. muti aims to fund artists so that they can keep on being creative.

Since the creation of the DAO we have

In order to keep on onboarding, funding creativity and give a first easy access and reward for all participants we would like to fund the following projects within the next 30 days:

We will invite 10 artists that will contribute with a fortune cookie design/artwork combined with some wisdom. Each cookie will be minted 10 times and be sold for 1N with split royalties for the DAO (10%) and the artist (90%) in the muti mintbase store. Each artist will receive 20N for providing their design/artwork & the royalty split. We are hoping to have this running on a regular basis to create plenty of cookies with a collectible character by as many artists as possible.


Detailed links and reports to the bounties & cookie project will follow and will be communicated through our channels.

We’re happy to collaborate & welcome & fund more artists :rocket:
mutiDAO TG


Good to see muti DAO well on its way @tabear and @thefalmon! @chloe and I will discuss and get back to you.


Thanks :slight_smile: We are waiting for a last feedback from two artists to see if they have their proposal ready or not. This post serves to give transparency so that everyone has a chance to see & give an opinion. Once it is confirmed, I’ll change the tag to creatives & monthly budget :slight_smile:


Budget is updated now and ready :slight_smile: @chloe @mecsbecs


Hi @tabear! Looks good to us. Please proceed to posting this payout proposal for 670 NEAR to the Creatives SputnikDAO, and linking to this Forum post.


Thank you! muti appreciates, proposal is sent :slight_smile:


Heyo! In order to request my council member payout, here is a brief report on what happened during the last month:

  • Planning and structuring future muti activities (muti.on, muti.rec. mutic.inks and cabeça na lua physical events)
  • Minting of NEAR fortune cookies (muti.bakes) by community members on mutiDAO Mintbase store.
  • Social Media content creation for IG, FB and Twitter
  • Guidance of new community members on how to use the proposal system and insights on the ecossystem (this has been achieved mostly with one-to-one sessions to tackle doubts of community members)
  • Ideation for the Service Dapp proposal for the upcoming hackathon.

More stuff on the works, will update on the process as it unfolds :slight_smile: :green_heart: