[Approved] May 2023 Boneyard Gaming Monthly Social Media & Community budget

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Project Name: Boneyard Gaming


Twitter spaces metrics held prior to this proposal (30 spaces)
This includes hours, interviewees, date, attendees and links to each spaces.

Boneyard Gaming (225+members)
Boneyard Gaming Twitter (701 followers)
billybones1 Twitter (2106 followers) - verified Twitter account
TikTok (NEW - 188 followers)
Youtube (NEW - 31 subs)
Linktree 1 link to rule them all
Shard Dog Wallet creation/activation+NFT mint (FREE)
AwesomeNear I googled pokemon crypto game and here we are nealry 2 years later.


Hello all, I’m billybones1. I would like to introduce the grassroots community I initiated in late 2022, known as the Boneyard Gaming community. In my free time, I built out a Discord with my skills learned from moderating over the past year or so. It has since grown beyond my expectations. Boneyard Gaming has evolved into a community that eagerly explores the newest game releases on Near and various other game-related blockchain networks. Within this community, we engage in socializing, playtesting alpha game builds, and actively participating in a variety of events. Our efforts have garnered attention, and I am pleased to share that I have already formed partnerships with several noteworthy projects.

My Co-Host Soos is also a core team member of NEKO as the Learn to Earn Manager, co-host of the Neko Morning Show and Neko content creator. He’s passionate about web3 and NEAR, Soos loves to share his knowledge and insights through writing threads, making videos, and creating educational content to help new users. He is an ex-Overwatch E-sports pro and his insights from competitive gaming is a vital resource for these live sessions. He’s a great gamer but I still whip him. Hi Soos :wink:

Partners at time of this proposal ( May 2023):

  • Web3mon
  • Enter the Sphere
  • Moonshot
  • Murder Mystery Collective
  • Rogues Studio
  • Metamon
  • Good Fortunate Feline
  • Metalordz


The main objective of the Boneyard Gaming community goes beyond playing and discovering games. Our aim is to actively contribute to the advancement of web3 gaming, with a focus on Near blockchain. Recognizing the challenges faced by new gaming projects in connecting with their target audience within the Near community, I have assumed the role somewhat of a concierge, bridging the gap and facilitating meaningful connections. In addition to offering guidance and support, I have also been instrumental in promoting these projects through the amplification of social media presence and the regular hosting of Twitter Spaces, which I host 2-3 times a week.

The live Twitter Spaces have proven to be a great way to foster engagement, attracting not only the Near community but also grabbing the curiosity of other crypto natives. During one of our past spaces, we were amazed to have 14 speakers in the Web3mon mint party, a massive achievement considering our community is still in its early stages. My co-host, Soos, and I were overwhelmed with gratitude as we received numerous direct messages expressing appreciation for organizing Near-focused spaces, its now clear that more such events are needed. These positive responses have served as a driving force, motivating us to continue hosting these spaces and further support the growth and visibility of the Near ecosystem.

Furthermore, in addition to the Twitter Spaces, we will be hosting a weekly game night following these events. This game night will serve as an opportunity for participants to actively test and experience the games we discuss during the spaces, with the added incentive of Near prizes/NFTs. By offering tangible rewards and showcasing the availability of these games, we aim to generate increased attention and interest while simultaneously providing education on how to onboard onto the Near platform.

I’m grateful for the support from Joe and Jared from Ready Layer One, as they have played a tactical role in facilitating the on boarding process of gamers. Through the utilization of my Shard Dog link, we have successfully attracted a few from our Twitter spaces, making the process of engaging with Near more accessible and efficient. I used to mint manually through Paras every time, until I hooked up with Jared and got my own Shard Dog link posted above.

These game nights hold the potential to draw the attention of genuine gamers who are interested in engaging with the products offered by gaming projects. By creating a community of gamers, we aim to foster an environment that reduces the influence of speculators and investors solely focused on purchasing gaming NFTs for speculative purposes. This shift will enable gaming projects to develop a community of committed gamers who actively participate in and contribute to the growth of their games.

Measurable Metrics

The Boneyard Gaming Twitter account is now being utilized more often and I hope to grow it just like my personal account. I’m about to book a spaces with a traditional gaming dev/CEO in hopes to start bridging the web2/web3 gap.

Boneyard Gaming Twitter

billybones1 - Twitter account
52.1K Impressions in the last 28 days
Clickable image linked post

Past community work:

I’ve dedicated the past 1.5 years working as a moderator within the Near Ecosystem, an experience that has equipped me with valuable insights to be one of Near’s KOLs. Through my consistent efforts and contributions, I have established myself as one of Near’s trusted voices within the community. I have been named one of Near’s top 7 influencers with most impressions for the past ~3 months now by a reputable publication, Near Daily. Also, top 3 in this past month.


  • Good Fortunate Feline - Core Team
  • Jump DeFi - Community Manager
  • Moonshot - Moderator
  • Goatboy 360 - Moderator
  • Time Breachers - Community Manager
  • Misfits - Moderator
  • Metamon Moderator

Host - billybones1
Co-host - Soos

Funding: 1 month of Twitter spaces - 8-12 spaces ~1.5 hours each (see metrics above)

Time spent hosting (1-2+ hours) + Time spent prepping (2+hours) outreach/scheduling/flyers/art/research - 200USDC per spaces (1600USD/month)
Weekly Game Nights/tournaments - 400USDC/month

Total monthly requested: 2000USD

The total price includes any giveaways/promos. It does NOT include if we do more than 2 per week.


Wallet owner - billybones1

Finally, I’d like to thank the marketing DAO for taking the time to go over my proposal and the data I’ve presented today.


LFG :fire::rocket::sunglasses:
The Boneyard Gaming will definitely bring revolution to the Gaming space in web3.


I support this proposal 100%. Boneyard gaming provides a much needed spotlight for web3 gaming on NEAR protocol and encourages meaningful engagement and interaction with startup gaming projects!


I express my 100% support for this proposal. I think that Boneyard Gaming paves the way for users to start their gaming adventure at Near ecosystem and Web3 :rocket:


About time they submitted a proposal. They have been at it for a while now and are consistently promoting gaming on Near. They also have been crucial in welcoming new gaming projects to Near.


Amazing, can’t wait to see what is coming next. Boneyard gaming has been great in helping projects on the NEAR chain.


Thanks for your support @Eyitay00! You’ve been at my side for a while now and I appreciate you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@justy You’ve had my back last year since the Good Fortune Feline mint and when you became their mod. Now we’re both community managers. This is just the beginning!

@agt Love the support from the legend himself. Your advise made me confident enough to speak on spaces. now I host them. Salud fren.

@Khushal Welcome to the Near governance forums. Happy to see what Metalordz brings to Near. The Pre-Alpha is fire bro! :fire:


A pleasure to see builders support the little guys creating initiatives for the community. Thank you for the support @TroveLabs :saluting_face:


Thanks for the proposal @billybones1. A few questions:

  • You mentioned the community explores game releases on NEAR and other chains. What would you say the proportion of NEAR coverage is vs. other chains?
  • Do you have any metrics or numbers around the adoption via the Shard Dog link? It would be helpful if we could gauge how much growth that is driving.
  • Can you clarify whether you and/or Soos have received Marketing DAO funding for other projects? I see you’re connected to NEKO. Want to understand how other funding is flowing to projects you’re involved in, if any.



As a co-founder of Rogues Studio, a gaming studio on NEAR, and having closely collaborated with Billy, I highly support and recommend this proposal.

Given what he’s done for the gaming community on NEARm there’s only one fair option here - support this proposal.


Hello @so608,

Thank you for your questions! I’m happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

As I mentioned in the proposal, I focus on Near projects. If you take a look at the data I presented above Twitter spaces metrics I have only interviewed builders on Near. This proposal is for helping out projects on Near.

As a passionate life long gamer, I don’t want to flaunt my shard dog link around and gather bloat and speculators trying to make a quick Near token. I hand out to people who actually play games to encourage gaming. This is crucial to gaming projects to build their sticky player base. I have maybe minted less than 50 at this point I would have to contact their team to get exact numbers. Not my intention to hand to anyone but people who are new to near and gamers already on Near. I am also partnered with Meteor Wallet to funnel in gamers new to Near which I failed to mention in my proposal. That should be a good funnel to Near gaming as well.

As for the funding question, Soos does do a live morning show with NEKO. They are a separate entity than the Boneyard Gaming. They educate everyone on Near, DeFi, and crypto as a whole to onboard the masses. The NEKO morning show has gotten funding but none of which goes to my project.

Soos will get a small portion of this grant. He helps with the Twitter spaces and is an integral component being an ex-Overwatch pro. His opinions are vital to onboard other players who are non Near native.

I encourage you to reach out to any project I’ve helped in the past 6 months or so and they would agree this initiative is worthy of a grant. The amount I’m asking for is reasonable for the value I bring. Boneyard Gaming is the ONLY community project focusing on Near.



This is Joey, founder of Enter The Sphere. I support Billy!

With gaming being one of the biggest sectors of high growth potential in actual crypto utility, it’s a rather large opportunity for NEAR to showcase what it’s actually got, and imo, the NEAR ecosystem lacks social presence, especially in gaming.

It is hard for NEAR games to get users on NEAR, when the community is so small and user count so low, as well as minimal NFT activity.

Other crypto communities, often have their own “gaming champion”, and lots of spaces and I believe we need one here. Billy has put in countless hours of work into his Discord channel, for free.

However, merely funding this is not enough, IF NEAR wants to stay competitive in gaming and keep games on it, for Marketing DAO reading this, important people in the NEAR ecosystem also needs to reach out to Billy and help him network more.

One man, can only do so much!


Billy and Boneyard’s gaming team really help our team a lot. They are like guardians of the NEAR gaming ecosystem. I absolutely support Billy and their future movement on the NEAR ecosystem!
Looking forward to watching what they will do!


I’ve only had positive experiences with Billy and his community.


@AnnaS @joeymasterpig @web3mon @Mayor_of_Pumpopolis

Thank you all for the support! It’s an immense pleasure to work with founders/co-founders, old and new to help push gaming on Near forward! LFGame! :triumph:


Hi! Really like what you’re doing! Any interest in connecting either on a twitter space or DMs about brainstorming an onboarding funnel for your project? As all these new gamers are being onboarded, it could be beneficial to help guide them!


Ya hit me in a DM on Discord or TG, I wanted to talk to you guys with your development and a possibility of OATs through shard dog tech! I will then funnel other projects to you :wink:


Pinging you and will post update here :slight_smile: And i’m all about you funneling new users to locations around the NEAR ecosystem… or to your project!

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Yes! Rogue OATs, I say. @jarednotjerry @billybones1

As the founder of The Murder Mystery Collective, I fully support this proposal. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Billy and he is one of the best people I’ve met in the NEAR ecosystem and since beginning my work in Web3. He is dedicated to growing the community and building towards the mission of NEAR, he supports all project builders he encounters (partnered or not), and evangelizes the power of NEAR for Web3 gaming through his spaces and produced content.

He is a go-to resource on all NEAR forums for builders, users, creators, and anyone trying to accomplish something on the protocol. He has specifically helped our project with community management, regularly scheduled game nights, introductions within the ecosystem, and more.

He is one of the best advocates I’ve met for NEAR and he is building his project for all the right reasons. This proposal will not only help Boneyard grow but all the projects he supports in the ecosystem as well.

Full support this!