[Approved] Boneyard Gaming Sept 2023 Podcast/Social Media/Content creation budget

Project: Boneyard Gaming Community

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Boneyard Gaming Community budget September 2023
Est. August 2022 - The Boneyard Gaming Community is on a global level and everything supported with the english language.

Previous funding:
June 2023: [Approved] May 2023 Boneyard Gaming Monthly Social Media & Community budget
August 2023: [APPROVED] Boneyard Gaming Community Social Media/Content budget August 2023

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Hello @marketingdao-council,

Since our last proposal’s funding in August we’ve went full force with our new podcast, which is being distributed across 3 major platforms: Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. We’re striving to do our best to bring meaningful conversations and topics while showcasing leaders in the ecosystem. Our primary objective is to curate meaningful discussions and explore relevant topics while also featuring prominent figures within the ecosystem. We’ve even received direct messages from members associated with other projects, expressing interest in chatting about exploring potential synergies. We’re happy with our decision to pursue this and are confident that it will continue to success in the future.

Given the KPIs the MDAO are looking for, we shifted towards discussing the NDC and the upcoming elections. With numerous nominees popping up in August, it has become much easier to invite nominees and OGs within the Near Ecosystem to introduce themselves. During these episodes, they share their backgrounds, and concerns for the Near Platform, and how they intend to contribute to shaping its future within the NDC. Its always a fun podcast and surprisingly tend to exceed the targeted one-hour, averaging around 1.5 hours. It has definitely shined the light on our OG members and unsheathed their intentions of them running for a seat and the intentions of the NDC.


The goals for the month of August were to transition into doing a podcast and grow our channels on streaming platforms. We’ve seen success across the board besides slow growth on Twitch. In total we got about 90+ followers across streaming platforms and 72 new followers on TikTok promoting the podcast. This is a great month for us as we see on average of about ~20/month. This proves the interest of the podcast and even got interest from a couple projects DMing us on how we can explore some potential synergies. All while not doing many giveaways is notable. We’ve learned that a podcast is SO much more work that a Twitter spaces, but so much more worth it.

As for the KPIs the MDAO is looking for, we had already done a couple with gaming projects building on Near before announcing them. With that said we aimed to help amplify the nominees while informing watchers about key dates and details of how to get their SBTs, how OGs can nominate themselves, sharing QR codes to detailed information, and so much more. I’m exited to have out next one with two of the nominees from the NDC Gaming WG Evgeny and Vlad next week.

Through podcasts and short-form content, we’ll be informing the community about the NDC and the elections. We have one podcast daily next week with KOLs and founders who’ve nominated themselves for a seat one of the three houses.


Host - billybones1 - United States
Co-host - Soos - Philippines

billybones1 has created the grassroots community Boneyard Gaming in late 2022. In his free time, he built out a Discord with my skills learned from moderating in the past. It has since grown beyond his expectations. Boneyard Gaming has evolved into a community that explores the newest game releases on Near and various other game-related blockchain networks. Within this community, we engage in socializing, playtesting alpha game builds.

Soos is also a core team member of NEKO as the Learn to Earn Manager, one of the hosts of the Neko Morning Show, and Neko content creator. He’s passionate about web3 and NEAR, Soos loves to share his knowledge and insights through, making videos, and creating educational content to help new users. He is an ex-Overwatch E-sports pro and his insights from competitive gaming is a vital resource for these live sessions. Content creation and blockchain awareness is what Soos loves to educate.


Boneyard Gaming August 2023 Monthly report
Boneyard Gaming Twitter Spaces metrics doc

Example of the podcast and our ability to utilize the screen share feature with Chloe from Marma J.

We continue to grow our reach on most platforms and now have the attention of over 150 followers since last month. We’re successfully conducting 8 podcast per month with a few short -form content vids thereafter which we do not charge for. Keep in mind our podcasts might as well be the cheapest asking for funding from the MDAO.

Please check the links above to see our numbers. Our goal was to get triple digit viewers, and on some of them we did. I’m confident, while still growing, it will be easier to do so in the Near future.

I’ve recently started to have a little fun with it trying out some games with our guests. The most favorite among everyone is “Pump, Dump, and Hodl”. Which NFT collections will you promote, sell and hold. Another is “The Good and the Bad”. Where we talk about current events, and the guests take on what’s good and bad about them. I take things a little more personal and ask how the guests get their pfp and usernames. Gotten a couple good stories so far, go watch em lol. We had to bleep out Illiminifti’s story :wink:

The new element of actually seeing each other on a video call makes for a better connection to our guests and vice versa. I think the audience loves to see it as well seeing the numbers go up to 5x since making the move to a podcast. I would love to continue to doing it. I’m going to be honest with everyone, I didn’t want to do focus on the NDC and the KPIs presented, but I’m glad we did. Connecting with OGs has been really fun the past few weeks. I’m excited for the future of Near and v1 governance.

Relevant Experience:

I’ve been involved in the near ecosystem since January 2022. I started off as an active community member who was looking for their next favorite video game. I quickly became a moderator/community manager in several projects which led to me quitting my full-time job as a shipping supervisor for a small Chinese company. The experience gained there and previous other jobs in office admin and customer service primed me for what I do today. If you haven’t heard me say this before, I’m a lifelong passionate gamer since the original Nintendo days. I’ve been Jr. trading crypto for the past 2-3 years and found gaming in the 2021 P2E bubble. I am also a part of a couple gaming guilds I recently joined a couple gaming guilds to get a feel of what a gaming guild is. Both of which have just started and a perfect opportunity to watch and see how one is built out. I’ve also invited Soos to join as well so we both learn.

As mentioned above Soos is the L2E Manager at NEKO (Good Fortunate Felines) and one of the hosts for the NEKO Morning Show. Once we found the streaming platform they ran with it. The Boneyard Gaming podcast looks to replicate that success on multiple channels as well. Soos loves to educate and has even managed a pro E-Sports gaming team for the game Overwatch. This is prevalent to our mission and his views and knowledge are a pillar in what this project is. He has been helping me co-host these spaces since February. Us both being core team members of NEKO has sparked our chemistry, love for games, and crypto. Which is the reason I’ve invited him as a co-host to these lives.

Funding for the month of September 2023:

1 month of Podcasts - 8 sessions ~1.5 hours each (see metrics above)
With the elections coming up quickly I can see us doing more than 8 this month.

Time spent hosting (3 hours each) + Time spent prepping (2-4+hours each)

A podcast takes much more work than a Twitter spaces. We have to prep earlier and do sound and video checks for us and the guests. I’ve made a video intro that can change every podcast with pics relating to the guests.

Outreach/scheduling/flyers/research/organization - 350USDC per session (2800USDC/month)

Total monthly requested: 2800USD

If the MDAO thinks it makes sense to do more than 1 month, I would be interested.


Big fan and hope y’all get the funding!


Thank you for your proposal

Happy to see some improvement in your podcast and growth.

Few concerns in your proposal;

You did not clearly state your metrics

How do your activities drive builders and developers?

What mechanisms will your team use to track and report onboarded users, engagement, transactions?

Can you review these and explain also,

How your activities help advance our September KPIs

How will you measure and report on those KPIs? How do you track audience growth, onboarding, etc. apart from impressions and likes ?

This is our September KPIs


How do your activities drive builders and developers?

What mechanisms will your team use to track and report onboarded users, engagement, transactions?

Can you review these and explain also,

How your activities help advance our September KPIs

How will you measure and report on those KPIs? How do you track audience growth, onboarding, etc. apart from impressions and likes ?

GM @Bakaka,

How do your activities drive builders and developers?

Our activities help drive devs to Near by speaking about the chain and the possibilities the tech stack can handle. I will begin to speak with KOLs, gaming guilds, and builders from other chains to make them aware of Near and its an option to add to their game. This podcast has cuaght the attention of others in the space and I’m excited to sing Near’s song to them.

What mechanisms will your team use to track and report onboarded users, engagement, transactions?

Well like anyone else, we use the analytical tools provided by the socials we use. We also have a new shard Dog link we will be pushing. I will then use to give to my guildmates primarily on other chains to introduce them to Near. As well as the builders from other chains. I’ve failed to present that to you in the report. I will update it and paste here as well.

How your activities help advance our September KPIs
Well the poeple I speak to already use the boss or are KOL’s. I can spread the good word of the BOS but we have to do a better job at letting people know they can fork and don’t have to be a dev to do so. We can pivot to doing so after this week as we’re booked all week with candidates from the elections and most def push them next week.

How will you measure and report on those KPIs? How do you track audience growth, onboarding, etc. apart from impressions and likes ?

I think I explained this above correct me if I’m wrong. We will use the platforms analytic tools and we have a shar dog link newly minted we will begin pushing. Just a bit busy with the podcast and creating short form content which I don’t ask funding for as well. Its pretty time consuming. I’m hoping for funding this month to get some help with editing.


Thank you for your reply, Happy to support


Hi @billybones1 – Thanks for the proposal, responses to questions and feedback. Noting the ongoing growth, high quality guests and support for the NDC election in your previous months’ content.

I am happy to support this for another month.


Hello @Bakaka,

Thank you and @so608 for your prompt responses. I appreciate you both.

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Hi @billybones1 You have received majority council support for this proposal. Moving to approved.

Next steps:

Your application was approved by Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO at NDC. The approved proposal will be included in the next MDAO budget request to NDC trust. The trust needs to authorize it first and then transfer funds to Marketing DAO treasury: the expected payment date is the last week of September.

So, during this time, please do the following:

  1. Fill out the form to pass KYC

  2. Wait for future instruction from Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO and an invitation to create a transfer on Astro DAO.

  3. Please join NDC Marketing HUB to discuss this and future projects.

  4. Refer to the Marketing DAO Funding Guide as needed.


Thanks for the support, ready when you are as always.

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Dear @billybones1 !
Our request to NDC trust has been approved. So please, create a transfer from Marketing DAO treasure to your wallet. Marketing DAO Proposal Funding Guide - Updated August 2023
Thank you very much!


Hey @Dacha,

Thanks bud, I just put a transfer request in and linked it to the top of the proposal :saluting_face:


Finally approved eagerly waiting to listen all the podcast

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Hello @bhoma,

Thanks for the support and nice to meet ya. You can follow the Boneyard X account or TikTok for updates. I’ve just set up a Spotify account to upload them all as quickly as I can to scale as much as possible to grow.

It means a lot when new people stop by and encourage me. Thanks again, I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

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