[APPROVED] Boneyard Gaming <> Gaming DAO March 2024

Project: Boneyard Gaming

Link to transfer on Astro https://near.org/astraplusplus.ndctools.near/widget/home?tab=proposals&daoId=gaming-dao.sputnik-dao.near&page=dao

Boneyard Gaming SMM management & content creation proposal March 2024

Previous funding from the GDAO in January 2024
Boneyard Gaming <> Gaming DAO.
January Report 2024
[Report] Boneyard Gaming <> Gaming DAO January 2024.

Boneyard Gaming Twitter
Boneyard Gaming Discord

Hello Near gaming community, I’m here to propose funding for social media management on X (formerly Twitter), Zealy sprints, and Ludero campaigns. I’ve done this in January and upon a successful month of engagement, I’m here to propose and other months funding for March

The goal here is to make an easier onboarding experience by showcasing games existing and new on Near. With X threads and tangible rewards on platforms that integrate Near to help this small space grow.

We plan to garner attention to grow their communities and begin to grow their player base. A big problem with new games is they don’t have a budget for marketing, that’s where Boneyard will help out. If there’s a game on Near that’s supported by the GDAO, you can come to the Boneyard and get that info.

Boneyard has Shard Dogs for easy onboarding, we have experience hosting spaces, we have a discord for game nights, we have a background in NFTs and crypto in general. We’ve been playing games our entire lives and have a passion for gaming.

Relevant Experience:


Founder and Ops Manager of Boneyard Gaming
NEKO Core Team Member
Jump DeFi Community Manager
Catalyst Gaming Guild Member

I’ve been involved in the near ecosystem since January 2022. I started off as an active community member who was looking for their next favorite video game. I quickly became a moderator/community manager in several projects which led to me quitting my full-time job as a shipping supervisor. The experience I gained there and previous jobs in office admin/customer service primed me for what I do today.

I’m a lifelong passionate gamer since the original Nintendo days. I’ve been Jr. trading crypto for the past 3 years and found gaming in the 2021 P2E bubble. I am also a part of a couple gaming guilds I recently joined to get a feel of what a gaming guild is. Both of which have just started and a perfect opportunity to watch and see how one is built out.

Funding request for the month of March 2024:

Billybones -
Social Media Management
$400 for 5 Twitter Threads (including managing the threads)
Zealy management
$600 to set up and running / managing 4 Zealy sprints from Gaming DAO Zealy account.
Ludero Management
$400 to set up and running / managing 4 Ludero campaigns from a Gaming DAO account.

Total monthly requested: 1400USD*

Target wallet: boneyardgaming.near
Wallet owner: billybones


Congratulations! Gaming DAO is happy to support you in March in the amount of $1400

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There isn’t much to report on this at this time as the funds were not sent until 3.29.24.

Tagging for visibilty @haenko

At that point I’ve written 2 X/Twitter threads before receiving.

Spear on Near thread
Pumpopoly thread
Realis thread
Update thread
PipeFlare thread

Ludero campaigns were axed to beef up rewards for Zealy.

Zealy has now been completed with 50+100 tasks done per day in each sprint. Now more projects are reaching out interested on being added to Zealy or to continue the campaigns. Pumpopoly saw record amount in txs in combination of their airdrops according to Dappradar.

Zomland and Pumpopoly top 5 on Dappradar. Marma J Gaming top 10.

Here’s a couple screen shots and a link to the community.

Zealy Near Games DAO

It went quite well with nearly 2.1K participants doing quests that promote gaming on Near with follows, txs on-chain, to even potlock donations.

Zealy is going beyond expectations and we’re going to have to opt for the premium services soon half way through this run.