[Approved] May 2023 Boneyard Gaming Monthly Social Media & Community budget

Hi @billybones1 thanks for the responses to the questions I asked. I can support this for a month. A few comments:

  • I want to note the strong support from the community.
  • I appreciate your transparency with how you’re operating, and I think it was helpful in coming to a decision to hear more about your strategy and how you think about building a meaningful audience (e.g. your comment about being selective with the shard dog link).
  • You are also a proponent of collaboration and partnerships within the ecosystem, and I think that is a crucial perspective to have in order for the community to grow in a meaningful way.

You still need the support of two more council members for approval. Tagging @marketingdao-council for visibility.


Thank you for your proposal and patience,

I am happy to see a community member who has been very active for a long time come forward with a proposal. Happy to support. Notes and comments -

  • Very well established connection and commitment to NEAR, body of work
  • Solid distribution channel from a community that has been nurtured for months, without remuneration
  • Very reasonable price point
  • Gaming is a major category of strategic interest and it is very valuable to have grassroots communities who can support it’s growth
  • I have also taken into account the pouring amount of support from other members in the ecosystem

Keep up the good work!


Hi @billybones1 i have fully reviewed your proposal and responses to comments from fellow council. This looks like a solid project and i am happy to supoport. Moving to Approved


Good morning all, @marketingdao-council

Thanks for the support, I made sure to wait long enough to propose here to ensure credibility of all my efforts. I’m ecstatic to proceed moving forward and brainstorming on how to scale it even further.

I have made the poll on Astro DAO just now and will edit the proposal linking you to it.

Thanks to everyone who supported, liked, commented. I got a tad emotional reading what some of you wrote, I appreciate you all :heart_hands: We are Community!!! :triumph: