[Event Proposal] Second GOA Music Festival (live-concert + Market ) sponsored by NEAR

Beach live-concert “Organic Trance Project”
with support of NEAR Protocol and Goa NEAR OpenWeb Community

last event : [Approved] Making small music NEAR festival in Goa - #105 by dmitryne

successfully made in it:
The idea is both to support authentic music show of Organic Trance Project as well as to inform people, who come to the party, about OpenWeb and to involve them into the NEAR Protocol Ecosystem.

Participation in such events is an essential step to develop a community of people in Goa(India) who start to understand and use NEAR in their lives. So our main goals here on the concert are:

  • to create new NEAR accounts (20-40 new wallets)

  • to get new followers(20-40 people) for our Instagram and Telegram accounts (Login • Instagram 1 ). Telegram: Contact @goa_openweb

  • and to teach them how to create and mint NFTs on Pluminite or Paras (at least to make 10-15 NFTs)

The Organic Trance Project is a delightful community of artists who create live contemporary dance music on traditional and modern instruments, which beats and unbroken rhythms gets everyone in a real trance experience under the starry sky and keep dancing for hours. Their concerts are pure live experiment and improvisation. Login • Instagram 1

Many people of north Goa visit their show every Saturday on the Arambol beach, as well as the Market happens at the same place.

So we can use both – 1)and stage, where we’ll put banners with logo of NEAR and once per hour it will be told about NEAR support from the stage; 2)and market, where we’ll decorate a info-table with people who will help to create accounts for visitors,put projector with our videos and make live-stream

Also we plan to print stickers with NEAR logo and QR-code of our Instagram page, and to spread it during the concert.

  1. Team of Organic Trance Project: fees for musicians, sound engineer, music event managing = 150$

  2. Promo
    2.1. Print promo:
    Some banners and promo materials we have from last event, but we need to print some more:

  • Visit cards with NEAR logo, logo of our Guild and QR-code of our Insta page
  • Stickers with logo NEAR - 100 pieces
  • New big banner for the stage
    = 30$
    2.2. other
  • designer work = 50$
  • making videos (before and after event) - 50$
  • rent a projector and material = 30$
    total = 130$
  1. Prizes
  • NFT-contest / prize for the best NFT minted during the event, we’ll choose 3 NFTs and send them 10$ each = 30$
  • To send 1$ for every new created wallet (we want people would be able to put their first NFT on Marketplace during the event and we’re aimed to open 20-40 wallets) = 40$
    = 70$
  1. Sweet handmade souvenir by our team. Provided by local handmade master.
    Sweet cake and tea for guests who create NEAR account during the event.
    1$ each cake, for 40 people = 40$

  2. Team of Goa NEAR OpenWeb Community (7 people) = 180$

TOTAL 600$

What we can do better than previous event:

  • Livestream in Twitch ( last time it was just Instagram stream)
  • Mint video like NFT after the event.
  • Speak more about our NFT-contest from the main stage.

We plan to make our own team festival\carnival in December ([Event Proposal] NEAR music open mic and MARKET, Carnival for December 2021)

Best plan is to make it both. Our own festival is good, we can sing anything we want… But

  • Organic Trance Project is already well-known weekly event and many conscious people get together here.

  • Event has a Market of Handmade goods with 20-30 art masters.

  • Organic Trance Project is a live band of very professional musicians, one of the best in Goa.

  • NEAR Wallet ID : goa-dao.sputnik-dao.near

  • Wallet owner’s name : Goa DAO


lets make it loud :cowboy_hat_face: :grinning:


Hi @johanga nice to see your proposal.

I watched the videos and updates of the last event organized by @dmitryne and was impressed by what you achieved.

Introducing near to people at a real world music event that is already well known and also has the opportunity to transact in the Market for local products sounds amazing!

Looking forward to see how this develops.

@vandal I am tagging the @marketingdao-council for possible involvement

@denni_wild louder the better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Love that idea, looks good imo!


Hey @johanga is this proposal the same as this one?

I do like the idea of the market, and possibly even having people purchase NFTs via QR code or products/merchandise using NEAR.

Based on the results of the previous event, did you manage to get people to create new wallets?

As is standard for guilds/DAOs I would think the 30% rule would also apply to events & projects. Having almost 50% of your requested budget go to the team of an already existing Near community seems quite a lot TBH.

Otherwise, I like the direction of this and can get behind it. Looking fwd to seeing what the @NxM council has to say.


I thought we explained this in a post…

Let me clarify again.

the main difference is that we organize one event by ourselves (our corporate festival), and the second - we join to already well-known and promoted event.
The advantages of our festival:

  • we choose the name by ourselves (we consider - “NearFest”, “FreedomFest”)
  • we initially set the conditions so that the masters during the Market accept NEAR
  • we choose the theme of the festival and songs on it (songs about freedom, about choice, about the future, about awareness)

Benefits of participating in another festival (this proposal):

  • the event is widely announced (the announcements are sending to many local groups, with a total coverage of 5000 people) facebook, instagram
  • their market (fair of craftsmen) is already widely known, 20-30 people are working inside. (it will be more difficult for us to make craftsmen interested in a new event and it will be more likely 5-10 people for the first time)
  • Organic Trance Project is a live band of very professional musicians, one of the best in Goa.

thank you for the answer :pray:

YESss! those event we’ve created around 27-30 wallets and minted 9 NFTs on Pluminite. and we’ve found that there’re too many interested people, much more than we can provide “informers” to help them. that’s why our team started to orginize weekly meetups - to give knowleges about NEAR, to create wallets and NFTs with those, who is interested in it, and at the moment almost all our team is ready to be informers on the next event. those previous time we had 3 people only who could help to create wallets and NFTs - and it was NOT ENOUGH at all - many people were asking for our support but we couldn’t pay attention to everyone
now we are ready that all of our team are able to be “informers” or ambassadors - to support people with creating wallets and NFTs

@vandal we’ve edited budget and kindly ask you to return to this proposal

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Hey @johanga just wanted to let you know that the council did not approve this proposal for December funding. I did see that you’ve now created a DAO (I’m pretty sure I saw it on Astro) in which case you can consolidate all the related proposals and apply for funding directly from your DAO to Creatives :slight_smile: All the best and keep up the good work!