[Membership proposal] NxM guild

Hey! I’m Denis.
I’m a singer and guitarist.
i was one of founder GoaDao in Jan 22
we made many cool things since that time…
Near-music festival
our first song about Near protocol (paras)

We asked funding to make second song…
@dmitryne finished second song without funding:

Blockchain technology
Open Web simple logic
Lets go new way open
Lets go noone stop it
NFT token mint on your market
Use Ref Finance and get your profit
Mintbase will help you selling your music
Decentralised and directly can use it
NEAR - New world
Face to face meet your future

We really fans of OpenWeb idea! singing randomly everywhere
Freestyle about OpenWeb

We got some new ideas now!
Make some events and music, for sure :grinning:


woop woop !! congrats, finally you’re back on forum :slight_smile:

hey mate, we’ve found GoaDAO in the end of November,
December was our 1st month with funding :slight_smile:

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yeah, you are right!
i wanted change to December - but than think: “no one will check it” - and keep it Jan :smiley:

with your help, dear, need to notice :slightly_smiling_face:
those discussion one month ago was really meaningful.

sometimes, to keep going , i need support and understanding of right people

Hi @denni_wild, thank you for the introduction & proposal. Happy to say that your proposal has been approved. Please reply this message with your Near Wallet so we can send the NxM badge to you. Don’t forget to submit a request to add you as member of the Astro DAO. Have a good day!


Happy to hear :smiley:
denni.near is a wallet
let’s go for it :eight_spoked_asterisk: