[Report] NxM DAO Monthly Report for November 2021

Monthly Report - November 2021

Well this was one of the quickest Novembers on record, at least from our perspective here at NxM. We recommend you read our funding request for more information on what has been going down (a few more events to close the month are coming) and with the changes to the how funding is executed we roll into December!

NxM Social Media Team

In November our core Social Media Team have been doing a great job at sharing all the events and activities that have been going down and people have been making use of the form that we created. See the current team below.

Find here the DAO Management Report


November has also given us a full month to use the NxM Event Bounty Form that we customize for each event in Cryptovoxels. But to be honest people don’t seem to want to participate much compared to last month.

NxM Resources

Along with the Open NxM Guide for artists looking to mint their own NFTs @vandal has created two new guides aimed at streamlining the monthly proposal application process. Check them out below:

Community Calls:

You can find the report for Community Calls hosted by @vandal here

Events & Activities:

Thanks for your continued support of NxM!!!