[APPROVED] Learn and earn with LazyFi

Hi everybody, my name is Reza from the lazyFi team.

LazyFi is an educational gaming platform that connects your organisation with your audience and allows you to tap into their knowledge about your products, services and communication. Projects can effortlessly create and deploy their own branded learn and earn campaign and leverage the power of gaming to obtain extremely valuable comprehension based analytics.

Think Mario, but when you hit an object and die, a question pops up about your company. If you answer correctly, you come back to life and continue playing the game!

Recent traction
We recently deployed to the NEAR testnet and had close to 1000 people playing games and learning about various NEAR ecosystem projects.

This is a platform screenshot of one campaign and highlights how much exposure a project could get when they do a LazyFi campaign.

As part of the grant agreement with NEAR when we signed last year, one of the terms of the grant is that NEAR would be one of the first to use the product when it becomes available to the wider public.

Marcus from NEAR foundation suggested I write here.

How the funds will be distributed

Funds requested: $2000 usd (796.7 NEAR)

We will use the funds over a period of 10 weeks and will use it to teach about various topics with in the NEAR ecosystem as well as a few topics aimed at non crypto natives to bring them into NEAR. All of the funds will be distributed to the NEAR ecosystem users and the LazyFi team will not take any.

10 weeks
1 campaign a week, focused on various builders and content creators in the ecosystem.

Some topics we are planning on running:
Governance working group recap
NEARWeek monthly recap
Highlighting NEAR social capabilities

This will run for 10 weeks.

The users dont have to receive a lot, and this is just one example of how you could set the parameters of the campaign.

Our aim is to engage the entire ecosystem and we expect over 5000 users to participate in the learning!

Try a game out now!

Who are the people building?

Reza- Actively working in the defi industry since 2020. Served as a community manager for ocean protocol, oin finance, EOS and other defi applications. Most recently i have been at daolaunch where i served as head of community. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rezadatoo/)

Davin- 20+ years of experience in marketing, experience in DLT/ Fintech and crypto since 2017. Davin has worked as an advisor on key projects, and worked with many fortune 500’s. ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/davinbroadbent/)

Elliot- Masters in computer science, Elliot has worked in various coding roles within both web2 and web3 (https://www.linkedin.com/in/elliot-anthonioz-918b69211/)

Social media links:


Hi @Dacha, i noticed you like the post. What do you think about the proposal?

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Hello! Could you please fill out the form Marketing DAO Proposal Application ? Thank you!

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Hi! Completed, thank you. Please let me know if you have any questions

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Hello! Thank you for your proposal1 Could you please re-apply when you add the app on Dapp Radar? Thanks!



Hey @deepoctober thanks for the proposal. Can you let us know what experience or involvement the team has in the NEAR ecosystem?

Also, what topics do you plan to focus on or where do you plan to get your topics from?


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Hi @so608 thank you for your message. The team has been building in the the NEAR ecosystem for well over a year now, with some of our advisors participating in stake wars as well.

Personally we ave been holders of the NEAR tokens and other ecosystem projects too,.

As for how we plan to get our topics:

4 topics will be about
LazyFi, NEAR protocol technological capabilities, NEAR social, and lastly about the south sea bubble.

We would like to invite the community to pick the other topics and potentially chose he remaining six.

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Hi, I have submitted on DAPP radar. Shall i redo the marketing form again? or the entire proposal? thanks!

Hi @deepoctober

Thank you for your proposal. Just trying to get a little clarity, can you please elaborate on the educational material and deliverables?

Examples of Work
Do you have any examples of your work that you can publish on the forum for everyone to review?

Specifics on Education
Can you outline the education you will be providing? What are you going to teach exactly?

Without anything NDC going live yet, it’s going to be difficult to give people the type of information that is needed to understand what is happening.

NearWeek monthl recap is just summarizing the articles they’ve published?

What format will this material be published? (Video, Infographic, Live presentation, etc)

What distribution channels will you use to publish and promote this material?

Engagement Goals
How will you engage 5000 users without a previously built audience or community?
https://twitter.com/LazyFi_Learning - If each and every twitter follower engages with your platform, the result will be under 1000

Hi @Klint

The content will be sourced and created from current NEAR ecosystem projects. I would like to clarify that whilst we will create some, this is more an activity for the whole ecosystem to learn about current events.

Examples of Work
You can play, learn and earn here with an example game at app.lazyfi.gg (we have a game on NEAR atm) please try it.

Some of the topics covered are account abstraction, revenue sharing and other NEAR technological capabilities.

Whats more important is the stats generated for the projects or around the topic, here is an example.

Specifics on Education
As mentioned above we are flexible and will ask the community which topics they would like to Learn about.

However, recently we have noticed account abstraction, near social and other things like Stake wars have come up within the community but nobody seems to know a lot about them. In fact we did a campaign where we asked and less than 25% got the answer correctly. It is quite evident here that more marketing and comms efforts need to be directed here.

The material can be provided by a project or we can make articles and or threads. However, these threads will be used as content on the LazyFi game, incentivising users to learn about it and also generate traffic to the respective pages.

We have around 1500 people signed up the LazyFi platform, and the cost of education is around 20-60 cents depending on the topic.

Engagement Goals
We have had great success on the lazy platform with minimal incentives and learn and earn campaigns, in fact the 800 number on twitter was achieved mostly within the last month. Furthermore, due to the nature of the dapp (play to learn gaming) we have had a quite a few members join us from outside of NEAR too.

Ultimately, LazyFi is an exercise in data gathering and comprehension/ messaging testing. These campaigns will give an overview of general knowledge and awareness of participants in the ecosystem and will help decision makers/ project owners make better decisions.

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Thanks for your application.

Happy to support. Notes:

  • The amount requested is modest and, as stated by the team, is going 100% to the campaign and none to the ‘management’ of the project or other associated items such as social media even though I would be open to also contemplate such requests.
  • Team has been building in NEAR ecosystem for over a year, has received grant from NF and has been referred to M DAO by NF. This serves as validation as to the quality and nature of project.
  • I went on to app.lazyfi.gg myself and played around. Overall I like the design and flow - it shows the required resources, prompts user to learn, then there are simple games that keep you entertained and hooked. Early stage, but I can see the potential.
  • I note some concerns and questions around the nature of the education campaign. I would encourage the team to work closely with he subject matter teams, etc. to ensure content is up to scratch.
  • I also note that this is a platform. The ability for any team to create their own educational campaign is ‘coming soon’. We have a strong vested interest in doing everything we can to ensure the launch is successful and this becomes a tool any team an leverage.
  • I’ve also been positively influence by the community engagement and feedback I’ve seen about LazyFi on social media (mostly twitter, NEAR community chats).

Keep up the good work,


@satojandro Thank you for your feedback and kind words.

We would like to use this as a proof of concept and from show the power of the platform. As you pointed out, LazyFi can be leveraged by any project, it can also be used for a wide variety of uses:

  • Brand awareness
  • Customer data gathering
  • Educational campaigns
  • Testing employees in an organisation

This will serve as a proof of concept and give us valuable data we can use to build a better product. Depending on the success of this campaign, we would also like to re-apply in the future.

Is it ok if i send a dm on tg/ twitter?

Hi @deepoctober i have reviewed your proposal and your replies to comments by fellow council.

On the basis that your project has recieved grant funding i am happy to approve on this occasion. I look forward to seeing your Report to assess results.

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Thank you for your comment. What are our next steps?

hi @deepoctober you need to wait for one more council to Approve

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@deepoctober Thanks for answering questions from the council and for your patience as we have evaluated this. All things considered, this strikes me as a good use of community funds to help an early stage project get some additional traction.

Happy to support, and I look forward to seeing where this goes. I’m moving this to approved.

Your next steps:


  1. Go to the Marketing Astro DAO page https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near and click on green “+” “Create Proposal”

  1. Choose proposal type “Propose a poll”, then include:
  • Proposal name: this is the project/guild/member name
  • Brief description of the project. It is helpful to copy/paste the same name used on the official Forum proposal post
  • Amount in $USD. If you would like your funding issued in either NEAR or, for funding under $5K, a stablecoin (nDAI, nUSDC, nUSDO, and nUSDT), you must specify the currency request on your Astro poll.
  • Target wallet
  • Link to the proposal on the Forum
  • To finalize, click on “Propose” button
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Thank you for your support. We have proposed this on astroDAO, and look forward to updating you.

Gm team

We are waiting for two more members to approve this, is there anything else we need to do?

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Good morning. The poll was approved


Please fill out and submit the form :