[Closed] Learn and Earn with LazyFi part 2

Hi team, we are requesting budget to be able to continue LazyFi campaigns and create further educational initiatives in the NEAR protocol ecosystem.

Link to report

Link to initial post and introduction about LazyFi

Learnings from the last campaigns

The gamified model works and we are seeing great traction pick up and members of the NEAR community are increasingly engaged, we are growing a lot everyday and have great interest from larger organisations, both within crypto and outside of crypto.

One thing we noticed is the constant effort needed to promote a campaign, and would request we can engage with other ecosystem participant’s to increase reach. In the future versions of our product we will address this and create automated solutions.


We request 5500 USD, we would like to speed up the campaigns and also offer additional gamified techniques such as boosted rewards.

500 usd to promote the campaigns

275 will be taken as LazyFi’s fee, this is how we generate revenue enforced at the smart (5% of all deposits)

4750 will be used directly as LazyFi reward (goes straight to the community)

The last grant we received from MDAO has lasted for around 3 months, we anticipate this to last between 4-6 months

Please let me know if you have any questions


Fully Support the LazyFi project !


I love how you are innovating in education


in my opinion, the project is very worthy, I really hope that everything will be fine with it in the future

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Hey @deepoctober thanks for the proposal and for posting links to the report for work since previously approved funding ($2K).

From your report, it looks like you’ve been able to roughly double your users since receiving Marketing DAO funds, reaching ~3K users. That’s positive. The questions and concern I have around future funding are as follows:

  • Can you explain how Marketing DAO funding is contributing to user growth? Is it primarily the rewards that are driving growth?
  • What do you aim to accomplish moving ahead that is different from the last three months, and what is your strategy for getting there?
  • How do you measure success/growth over time? I can see the metrics for each campaign in your report. Are you tracking campaign-over-campaign growth, the volume of questions, answer accuracy, etc.?
  • Do you have stats on your social media growth you can share?
  • How will the $500 contribute to promoting the campaigns – can you explain that part of the budget?
  • Can you explain LazyFi’s fee ($275)? What is this?
  • How are you choosing which campaigns/events to partner with and promote?



Hello! Could you please give more information
about the campaign?

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Hi there! Do you mean which campaigns we plan to do?

Hi @so608, thank you for your insightful questions. Please find my answers below:

  • Can you explain how Marketing DAO funding is contributing to user growth? Is it primarily the rewards that are driving growth?

Our platform operates as a web 3 data gathering and engagement platform, leveraging microgaming experiences (although publicly referred to as “learn 2 earn”). While rewards play a significant role in attracting users, it is important to note that the game’s mechanics require participants to answer questions correctly to achieve a high score. Therefore, the rewards offered go beyond traditional social media giveaways, creating tangible value for the hosting company by generating valuable data and increasing both brand awareness and interaction.

We are experiencing growth both on the B2B and user-facing fronts. Our collaboration with B2B clients on NEAR allows us to offer tailored campaigns, and the inclusion of rewards simplifies their decision-making process, mitigating risks associated with adopting a novel model.

As an example, when 100 users engage with a game (with a maximum of three attempts), they answer 15 topic-related questions and spend approximately 6 minutes actively participating. This high level of engagement fosters a sense of intimacy and familiarity with the company, making it an effective top-of-the-funnel marketing strategy to attract qualified leads.

  • What do you aim to accomplish moving ahead that is different from the last three months, and what is your strategy for getting there?

Moving forward, our strategy entails launching more diverse “learn and earn” campaigns encompassing subjects such as history, web 3 security, DeFi, and current events relevant to the web 3 ecosystem. We have already demonstrated the viability of our concept in various use cases, including but not limited to brand awareness, tutorial testing, user onboarding, and general knowledge acquisition.

Our plan is to continually expand the range of use cases and build a compelling portfolio of case studies. By doing so, we will be well-positioned to engage larger corporations, showcasing the software’s capabilities and fueling our ongoing growth as a company.

  • How do you measure success/growth over time? I can see the metrics for each campaign in your report. Are you tracking campaign-over-campaign growth, the volume of questions, answer accuracy, etc.?

To measure success and monitor growth, we employ a comprehensive internal analytics platform. This platform enables us to track essential key performance indicators (KPIs) such as the number of campaigns launched, total funds deposited into the smart contract, user participation per campaign, and the identification of the most active campaigns, among other valuable metrics.

  • Do you have statistics on your social media growth that you can share?

Our social media growth has experienced a steady increase over the past few months, with several hundred new followers gained. It is worth noting that we have intentionally refrained from employing growth hacking techniques and other forms of aggressive crypto marketing. Our primary focus has been cultivating a genuine user base and prioritizing the quality of engagement within our community. Consequently, we have placed considerable emphasis on user sign-ups, which have demonstrated a consistent upward trajectory. Direct email communication with our user base has proven to be more effective than relying solely on social media channels.

  • How will the $500 contribute to promoting the campaigns? Could you explain this aspect of the budget?

Certainly. We have identified that, in the current version of our product, consistent promotion and active engagement with the community are crucial. However, when operating within a smaller user base, the repetition of messages tends to reach the same audience repeatedly. By allocating $500 to campaign promotion, we can strategically target and amplify key campaigns, thereby maximizing user onboarding and fostering significant growth.

  • Can you explain LazyFi’s fee ($275)? What does this entail?

LazyFi implements a fee structure wherein 5% of all rewards deposited into the smart contract is retained as platform revenue. This fee is automatically enforced at the smart contract level.

  • How do you select which campaigns/events to partner with and promote?

Our campaign and event selection process involves multiple stages. We leverage various channels, including social media platforms such as Twitter, along with forms and targeted posts within relevant communities like the founders on NEAR Telegram group. Additionally, we closely monitor and follow the official NF Twitter page for potential partnership opportunities.

We have also invited NEAR founders to create campaigns on the platform and offered this as a grant program alongside NF. https://medium.com/nearprotocol/lazyfi-announces-learn-and-earn-grant-program-alongside-near-foundation-and-neko-75cf36687b81

In our upcoming initiatives, we aim to emphasize web 3 security and fundamental concepts applicable to the broader web 3 community. By doing so, we are confident that we can successfully onboard individuals onto the NEAR platform, as these subjects have a wider appeal beyond niche interests.

I also wanted to share another two stats we have:

In total 120,000 minutes have been played on the platform, and 24,000 questions have been answered about NEAR.

Thank you very much for your proposal. I can’t support it now, but please send it again in July.

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Hi @deepoctober i have reviewed you proposal and noted replies to comments from fellow council. Unfortunately i am unable to support in current from. Please feel free to submit a new proposal in future.

Thank you for your comments. Is it like @Dacha wrote, and we should apply next month, or is there something wrong with the proposal?

Hi @deepoctober thanks for the replies and answers to the questions. I like what you’re aiming to do here and think you have provided enough information to warrant support for another round of funding. That said, we are transitioning from operating under the NEAR Foundation and into an independent legal entity this week. We have also reached the Marketing DAO funding cap of $50K for June. As part of that, we need to allocate funding as part of our July budget.

I apologize for the administrative hassle, but as @Dacha suggested, can you please post a new proposal first week of July (ie next week) with a link to this proposal so we can include it in next month’s consideration. If so, you will have my support. You will need two more council members in addition to that for approval.

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Hello! Thank you very much for your proposal.
Due a specific KPIs for August and September, MDAO can allow only proposals focused on the following:

  • NDC elections
  • Increasing numbers of active Developers
  • Increasing numbers of active Users and Transactions
  • Increasing numbers of Tools on BOS
    I suggest postponing your proposal to next quarter and focusing on the oncoming Elections in NDC. We all need to get at least 500 people to participate so that the Grassroots DAOs continue receiving funding.

Thank you for your comment

  • We are happy to create NDC campaigns, we actually have one live now
  • Through the growth of ludero, we are onboarding many new users onto NEAR and also increasing the transactions (For context each campaign will bring 100+ transactions)

I would please ask you to reconsider as Ludero has been one of the key grass roots ecosystem and there is little sense in onboarding users if projects are struggling to continue and have to operate at a limited capacity.

Hi @deepoctober – thanks for the proposal. Noting your patience as we’ve progressed through reviewing this proposal amid MDAO and ecosystem changes this summer.

I’ll say something here similar to my reply to Trove Labs/Near at Night, Nearity, Near Insider and Boneyard. For August, MDAO must allocate funding with a focus NDC election and BOS.

Additionally, here’s the reality:

  • We have $203K+ in funding requests coming from the community for August
  • We have ~$46K to deploy
  • We cannot fund everyone
  • The funding we can allocate is limited and needs to go to the ecosystem KPIs – which are NDC election and BOS content

I think we may need to reduce funding to a flat rate for this month (I’m thinking $2-2.5K based on the proposals we are reviewing for August) across a number of projects in order to get funding to multiple projects and work together to amplify the ecosystem.

Given the current situation, I think it is likely MDAO will have to limit funding to a grant in a specified amount for the purpose of producing content supporting NDC election and BOS. And then we can reevaluate in the future after the election. The election success (at least 500 votes) is crucial to future Grassroots DAO funding.

Are you open to a revision based on the above?

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Hi @so608 thank you for your comments:

  • We are happy to accept the revised offer for this month at $2.5K
  • We can create NDC based campaigns and BOS education (which we’re already doing now)
  • We will also do our bit to drive voting in the elections.