[Closed, double] Onboarding web 2 users onto NEAR


We are Blockchain Sensei and have teamed up with LazyFi and SeatLabs to create an interactive onboarding and educational blockchain gaming event. We would like to put forward a proposal in response to a suggestion made by the NEAR Foundation funding team.

We would love to work more closely with and contribute to the NEAR ecosystem’s expansion. Specifically in regards to Blockchain Gaming Please see the introduction, thoughts, and scheduled onboarding activities below.

Please let us know if there are any queries or if any details are needed, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Grant proposal summary

  • To provide education on NEAR
  • To onboard or gain interest from Developers to build or integrate NEAR or NEAR Wallets
  • Have all our attendees open NEAR wallets up to a total of 100 whilst using LAZY FI games to deliver education on NEAR at the start of the event.
  • releasing our tickets for the event via Seatlabz and Lazyfi who are both NEAR native and Require NEAR WALLETS
  • To provide a platform for players to showcase their skills and compete against each other for prizes.
  • To showcase game developers and provide them with a platform to connect with potential players and investors.

Benefits for near

  • 100 new wallets
  • 100+ people educated both online and at an event
  • Marketing exposure to over 1 million people
  • Increased users , exposure, transactions and onboarding of users to Near via LazyFi & SeatLabs
  • Blockchain Gaming Developer Exposure & Onboarding for potential integration of Near Wallet.

Problem we are solving

Education on Near

Education on Near Wallets

Conversion of web2 gamers to web3 blockchain gaming

Expansion of Near blockchain gaming

Community Development

Near Marketing

Interactions and marketing for existing Near Projects

The Event


Our goal is to create an ongoing opportunity for new Web3 gaming projects to showcase their demos or game updates and allow gaming lovers both Web2 and Web3 alike to play and test them. This would enable each project to receive real feedback from both amateur and professional gaming communities, coming from all partners and influencers, as well as having sharable content. For the community, direct engagement with each project gives transparency and creates stronger engagements whilst simultaneously allowing DAOs, Guilds, Launchpads and VCs to find investment opportunities.

The 2 of the selected games for the event are :


1st Place = Medal & Trophy ( £100 )

2nd Place = Medal (£50)

3rd Place = Medal


1st Place = Medal & Trophy ( £100 )

2nd Place = Medal (£50)

3rd Place = Medal

Duct Dive , Lava Drifter , KleeRu , RaddX - HIGH SCORES £50 each - £200

(we are open to this prize fund been NEAR tokens or larger and or removing tournament entry costs upon sponsorship)

About our PAST EVENT

Our pilot event was held on the 20/12/2022 at DLT Hub. DLT Hub is an internationally recognised and cherished Web3 co-working and event space in London. It was an evening meetup starting at 7pm and finishing around 10pm. We are planning to showcase 5 different gaming projects, giving each one a chance to present and then launch a demo for each player to test it. We had around 15 game testers and 35 total attendees at our private pilot event.

We can provide links to the event as per request.

:dart: | Our objectives

To convert conventional web development teams into web 3.0 developers to foster the growth of the blockchain ecosystem, with a focus on the NEAR Protocol.

Why did we choose Near?

After educating over 500 people we are huge advocates of the NEAR wallet due to its ease of use , simple UI/UX and speed of set up which is essential for onboarding Web2 users.

The gaming industry is rapidly growing and has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

With the rise of online gaming, especially online gaming where crypto currency is being earned, there is a growing demand for gaming events that allow players to connect and showcase their skills.

Our proposal is for a gaming event that will not only provide a platform for players to play but also to be educated about NEAR and interact with natively built projects on NEAR. Furthermore, we will also give developers a chance to showcase their games and connect with potential players and help them discover why they should build on NEAR.

We would ideally like a representative or speaker from NEAR as well as NEAR Merch , HATS , Tshirts but this is not necessary at this stage.

The Team & Partners

:video_game: | Who is Blockchain Sensei?

We deliver Blockchain ,A.I & Financial Literacy education to people, HNW , Family Offices, Universities and Businesses. Whilst assisting developers with business development needs such as legal & accounting and sales negotiations.

We have previously collaborated with master investors Ray Dalio and Ian Dunlap, as well as conducted blockchain education workshops at Manchester United Foundation, Brunel University, Imperial College London

We deliver interactive workshops on financial literacy, blockchain, decentralised finance, smart contract development, as well as custom-built online programs for students of all levels of advancement.

  • Currently totalling over 500 Students
  • helping over 200 people open wallets and or accounts with Centralised Exchanges.
  • Over 50 people to move crypto to Cold Storage.

We currently have a series of webinars that run every monday and friday at 8pm

  • Whatsapp community of 241
  • Telegram Community of 145
  • Youtube 595 Subscribers
  • Twitter 406 Followers
  • Instagram - 2004 Followers

Blockchain sensei Social engagement stats (90 days)

  • 1166 accounts engaged
  • 30.2k Accounts reached,
  • 96,114 impressions,
  • 2250 profile visits ,
  • 139 website taps

We also create content for Voice of Crypto a partner website that has over 1 million hits a month who will be promoting the event, our partners and sponsors.

Our partner Skor Metaverse will be also marketing the event and the featured games , sponsors and content to the discord community they have of 10,000 active gamers.

(They are ready to onboard the discord community onto near by having a near wallet integration)


Gameball Rally is the ultimate play-to-earn and esports environment for friends, families, professional or amateur gamers and developers.

The event is hosted by the team at Blockchain Sensei.

Our team includes: Blockchain Sensei

  • Michael Harding ( Co-Founder, Fundamentals Expert, Lead Technical Analysis, Crypto & Stocks Educator)


  • Fadlan Effendi ( Co-Founder, Blockchain Entrepreneur, Music Artist, Wealth Fundamentals Educator)
  • Keison Rigg (Co - Founder, Technical Director & Head of AI )
  • Storm Kunis ( Head of NFTs. NFT Artist. NFT Educator.)
  • Lukasz Lokiec (Head of Trading. Crypto Trading Educator. Host of Technically Speaking Show)

CryptoKaffy of Gamestation Launchpad - 55.9k followers

Maurice Andrews - SHUBZYBAKER.ETH - Metaverse Consultant & Real Vision Ambassador

Balbir Judge & Zee West (Voice of Crypto Business Development ) 33,000 Followers

Abishek Rajpurohit - Chief Metaverse Officer of AcknoLedger 12,000 followers

Ajay & Sanjay Metha - Founders of Skor Metaverse

Reza Founder Lazy FI

Joe Price - Seatlabs Business Development

Our social media platform are available on request (had to delete due to not having the correct permissions)

:family_man_woman_girl: | Target Audience

Families, students, gamers, professionals , influencers

:rocket: | Planning

  • Select and manage the location for the Gameball Rally play-to-earn event.
  • Launch a marketing campaign and widely promote the event.
  • Invitation and collaboration with local universities in favor of decentralized education.
  • Ticket management
  • Mentoring and tutorials to participants.
  • Provide exposure to 100+ attendees

:classical_building: | Event

The Venue

The location of the venue will be at The Temple Of Art And Music - who are Web 3 ready as they accept crypto payments.

:gem: | Our KPI’s

  • 100 attendees
  • Teaching all 100 attendees to open a NEAR wallet at the event
  • Providing exposure to all attendees and 2000 additional people via our incredible social groups via Whatsapp and Telegram.
  • Showcasing games to potential investors.
  • Providing NFT ticketing and prize airdrops via SEAT LABS
  • NFTS Q&A and crypto
  • Competitive gaming tournaments with prizes
  • All attendees will have interacted with 2 Near Native Protocols - Seat Lab & Lazy Fi and opened a wallet and transacted on the network
  • Collaborating with shard dog/ Ready layer one to easily set up native NEAR wallets

:coin: | Budget required

The budget for the gaming event will include the cost of venue rental, equipment, marketing, and staffing. We anticipate that the cost of the event will be approximately £3,000

. By using Seat Labs it allows us to airdrop gaming NFTs to all attendees every month with reminders of the next event. We intend on providing a FREE educational Blockchain Gaming Ebook to all attendees that are willing to answer a survey on the experience of using a NEAR wallet after 2 weeks all who answer the survey will be invited to educational webinar.

At Blockchain Sensei we normally charge £100 per hour for education per person so for 100 people would be £10,000

The Ebook is valued at £5 so for each attendee this would be £500 meaning Blockchain Sensei is providing £10,500 of educational value for NEAR and also complimentary marketing across all ours and our partners channels

Budget Description Cost
Venue payment of use of the place, rental of furniture, rental of projection equipment, security personnel £500
Refreshments Food and Drink £500
Travel & Equipment & Speakers Banners & Trophies with Near Branding and Speakers for our panel £500
Photography & Videography For social media Content £500
Advertising budget graphic design, print advertising, digital advertising and dissemination on social networks £500
Prizes prizes for the winners of the gaming tournament and High Scores £500
Total £3000

In conclusion, the gaming event will provide a platform for players to showcase their skills and compete against each other for prizes and earn crypto. With NEAR involvement it helps to reduce costs and allows us to not have to charge the audience thus attracting more people. We can then also reward high scores as well as those who enter tournaments

It will also give game developers the opportunity to showcase their games and connect with potential players and investors.

Furthermore, the event will provide an opportunity for gamers to meet in person and build connections.

With careful planning and execution, this event has the potential and is our intention for this event to become a monthly event that attracts a large number of participants scaling into 1000s and helps to grow the Blockchain gaming , Web 2 to Web 3 Onboarding and most importantly provide continuous positive exposure to the NEAR ecosystem. We will also be hosting a monthly webinar that it would be great to co host and showcase with NEAR providing us with Blockchain games that are built on NEAR

Website Links can be provided as needed


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