[Report] Learn and Earn with LazyFi

LazyFi report

Gm team, I am following up on the previous proposal and reporting our updates.

What we did

LazyFi has worked with key projects in the NEAR ecosystem to promote their campaigns and their project. So far we have worked with notable NEAR projects such as Jump defi, Enter the Sphere, meteor wallet and NEARWEEK.

In total, we have reached over 3000 users, a bit under what we were expecting, but the signs are positive for growth.

Over 15000 questions have been answered about NEAR protocol with a snapshot of case studies we are providing below.

Highlights from campaigns

We have worked hard to push the bos announcement and create fun learning opportunities for people on NEAR to learn about the bos.

Here are some examples (this list is by no means exhaustive)

Learn about the bos by nearweek
Sphere game
Learn about Near at consensus
Bos (pt 2)
Learn and earn with Wax
Meteor wallet

Current campaigns

Fast Auth

Meta transactions (campaign coming soon)

We’d like to request to carry on this and grow NEAR protocol influence and hammer home messaging on key initiatives such as meta transactions, near horizon, near updates and others.

Report for a few specific campaigns

Here are a few case studies which show a small insight as to how we have been spending the money, focusing not only on our product but also pushing wider NEAR. In summation, this money goes back directly to the ecosystem and users

Please Note only not all the rewards have been distributed, we wanted to be thoughtful on our go to market. we have now collected data around what kind of campaigns work alongside which games.


Pretty Cool team !
You make an awesome work

Thank you for the report @deepoctober – what was the original goal you were trying to hit in terms of users?