[APPROVED] Graff on Garments for Graffiti Dao

Proponent: @Styleherbalist

I’m Ojukwu Johnson, a web3 fashion designer, a fashion event marketer and a creative costumier… Based in Abuja, Nigeria but I’m from Abia state… Born and brought up in the city of Aba… I’m so glad to emback on this creative project with Graffiti DAO.

Project Description
This project is all about Onboarding and working with artists in my local town who will be making paintings on garments that will be produced by me… The process of the painting will be recorded as well as the making of the garments and pictures of the final outcome will be minted in graffiti Dao mintbase store, while the artist and other crew That I worked with will be Onboarded in the near forum/community.

Target Wallet: styleherbalist.near

Project Mentor @Ligaya and @Dedeukwu

Project Time: July 2022

Project Objectives
The objective of this project is engaging local artists with their painting skills on garments and Onboarding them on Near Community.

Total Budget: $500 in Dai
:heavy_check_mark: production of 5 creative African Garments $200

:heavy_check_mark: photography and quality video production $150 (Minting 5 pictures as NFT and the video)

:heavy_check_mark: Artist inks/paints and painting tools $50

:heavy_check_mark: Team bounty $100 ($80 for 2 artists and $20 for me)

My Team
Fashion Designer: @Styleherbalist https://instagram.com/style_herbalist?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y

2 Artists: From my local community

Video producer: From my local community.

Photographer: From my local community.
Obs… All my team will be Onboarded into Near Community and Near Wallet will be activated for them all…
*Project Distribution

:heavy_check_mark:Minting on Graffiti DAO Store

:heavy_check_mark: Releasing

:heavy_check_mark: Reposting


Hey brother, I identify with your proposal and I think we can also archive the materials with the graffiti on them as a Graffbase Merch for those interested in buying the 1/1 NFTs, also we would like to make sure the contents from the video, pictures if painted garments, and maybe pictures covered by the media during the events will be minted as well.

It is fine to also get educate them on wallet security and web3 education and I’ll be down to assist with that if you have option for live stream in the venue.

I wish you the best of luck as other council members review.


The garments will be available as Graffbase merch and I’m open to your assistance in educating my team on wallet security and Web3 education… Thanks