Proponent: @Styleherbalist
I’m Ojukwu Johnson, a web3 fashion designer, a fashion event marketer and a creative costumier… Based in Abuja, Nigeria but I’m from Abia state… Born and brought up in the city of Aba… Is another month to contribute in building the Near Ecosystem with Onboarding-DAO.

As a web3 fashion designer in Near Community, one of my target is to connect and collaborate with other creatives in Near Community to onboard and educate other Fashion designers in my local community(Aba) about Near Protocol, benefits of web3 over web2 in this digital art revolution.

Project Description
This project is all about Onboarding local fashion designers in my city(Aba), educating them about Near Protocol and web3 community… Let’s them know that fashion is an art and as fashion designers they are artists, enlightening them on the benefits of web3 over web2 in this digital art revolution and how they can contribute to in building the Near Ecosystem with their arts.

About My City(ABA)
ABA is a commercial city in Abia state, Nigeria. Mostly occupied by creatives and entrepreneurs, 80% of the creatives are into fashion sector know nothing about web3 nor Near Protocol.

Target Wallet: styleherbalist.near

Project Time: August 2022

Total Budget: $400 in Dai
:heavy_check_mark: Hangout Spot $50
:heavy_check_mark: Refreshment(Drinks and snacks) for 10 fashion designers $150
:heavy_check_mark: Dj services $100
:heavy_check_mark: printing of banner and 10 invitations cards $50
:heavy_check_mark: Creation of Near wallet for 10 fashion designers $5
:heavy_check_mark: Team bounty $45


Is there any telegram group for fashion

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Not yet but me and other creatives are working on opening a Fashion Dao and as well have a telegram group that major on fashion in Web3

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It’s really a nice proposal and he’ll be helping fashion designers in his city

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Thanks for your proposal - i like your aims and ideas but feel that you need to develop the project before we can provide funding.

Perhaps you could start by organising small event and sharing a report.


I have organized events in my city called ABA ANKARA FESTIVAL www.instagram.com/abaankarafestival

It an annual event, a platform I created to give local fashion designers in my city the privilege to showcase their craft and brand… I’m working with some creatives here in Near Community to push this energy to Web3 Ecosystem and we are already working on opening a Dao that will champion this vision in Web3 which was what that inspired this proposal, because we need to start to sensitize the local fashion designers in my city about Near Ecosystem and Web3 so that when we introduce a major event that goes in that direction it won’t be a new thing to them…

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Thanks for the proposal and thanks for your contributions to other areas of the ecosystems.

I am not able to support this proposal and it is not clear to me what the connection between fashion designers and the Web 3, NEAR Ecosystem in particular, is.

We have an extremely powerful Layer 1 blockchain that few people know about or are building on. We have the funds available to any community members able to help us amplify the message and attract more builders or users. This event doesn’t seem to fall within those categories.


Digital Fashion and wearable NFT is becoming a big deal in Web3 Ecosystem… And a lot of fashion designer are still operating in web2 and knows little or nothing about Digital fashion and wearable NFT in metaverse…

I believe fashion is an art and fashion designers are artists and they should be dominating the web3 Ecosystem and Near Ecosystem should be a place for them, so engaging them and sensitizing them about Near Protocol and it Ecosystem will be a starting point… As I said earlier, we be introducing a Dao that will major in digital fashion and wearable NFT in metaverse and mintbase store where they can mint their wearable NFTs and their digital fashion arts…

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I think this is more of a Creative DAO project. The connection to Near is a bit murky for me.

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This project is all about sensitization… A lot Fashion designers are still operating in web2 and don’t know anything about web3 and has never heard nor any knowledge of Near Ecosystem/Near Protocol… Educating them and making them see the benefits of web3 over web2 in this digital art revolution is one of the best way to onboard them into the Ecosystem… Then after this project is approved we can now introduce a under creative Dao where we will engage them in real life events and metaverse and as well mint there digital fashion arts on Dao mintbase store…