[REPORT] Graffiti Dao Month Of August 2022 Report

Hello Again Creatives Here Is Our Month Of Àugust Graffiti Dao Report.

Guild Name: Graffiti Dao
Astro Dao: graffiti.sputnik-dao.near
Graffiti Dao Astro Dao

Councils: @Ligaya @Dedeukwu @Albhion @Priyanka

Here is the Recap of the Journey and Milestone for this month of August.
Because of delay of Funds As of now Our August Report will be The Proposals we have from the month of July. And Our August Work will be on part September Report.
Hope i explain it Clear.

As a Start.of Our Report let me Show you our Astro Dao Treasury.
Funds For Website is still in our Astro DAO as well as the wallet Activation and Reward and the Graff on The wall From august proposal.

Next is our Members:

And we are planning to add more Members in the group from people in the community who collaborated and Helping To Expand in Graffiti Dao In many places.

And also next are the Hyperlinks and Summaries of Our Projects and Events standby From last month and now its already done and closed.

And also The Report:
10 Art Song cover REPORT

Participation of Shubham in Near Web3 Con in India PROPOSAL
And the UPDATE and REPORT:
Web3 Conference in INDIA Report

Next is Our Graff On Garments lead by @Styleherbalist
Graff on Garments PROPOSAL
Graff on Garments REPORT

Next is Our BAYOR ep PROJECT,
We already Finish the Event by First week of August and also we already submitted our part to other Team and Dao for the Said Collaboration Between Visual Artist and Music Artist…

Bayor Ep Project REPORT

And Here it Is The Graff on the Wall S4.
Graff on the Wall Season 4 PROPOSAL
And the Report:
Graff On the wall Season 4 REPORT

And lastly Graffiti Dao has a Open call for those who are willing to do the task/ Works and So On related to the DAO.
Open call for Graffbase DAO social media marketer

And lastly our Social Media Report.
Social Media Metrics.

Here are some of our Screenshots​:heart:





And lastLy Our Collaboration with Fayyr marketplace about their Contest.

Metrics Of Success:

• Create and activated atleast 20 new Near wallets for this month.
• Create 20 Nft to be minted in Our store and stores of other Dao we collaborated.
•Additional engagement to all of our Social media accounts.
• Created Paras Account
• Sold Nfts From Mintbase Store we have with split rolyalty to artist and The Dao.
• Collaborated and reach out more people from other Dao’s.

That’s all Guys. Ill be looking forward for a positive Comments and we are willing to answer all questions if you guys need anything​:heart::heart:

Thank u Near and Creatives.:heart: