[REPORT] Graffiti Dao Month Of July Report

Hello Again Creatives Here Is Our Month Of July Graffiti Dao Report.

Guild Name: Graffiti Dao
Astro Dao: graffiti.sputnik-dao.near
Graffiti Dao Astro Dao

Councils: @Ligaya @Dedeukwu @Albhion @Priyanka

Here is the Recap of the Journey and Milestone for this month of July.

As we all know that most of us experience the delay of the July Budget thats why many proposals is on standby while waiting for the budget. Graffiti Dao is still waiting the Funds For the month of July thats why some of our project is on hold especially those bounties and events online.
But yeah Fam here is our Overview of Graffiti Dao Works and Projects we do for the Month of July.

We Organize and Host the BAYOR Project Last August 8,2022 and onboarded 6 New Artist into near. After the 8 Hour mini event we have a 30 minutes talking and discussing and sharing some learnings about Near Protocol and what is our community. We are on the Stage of Talking even in private chats asking more informations and knowledge about Web3 and CryptoCurrency.


Next is the Graff on Garments
We also onboarded some artist From Nigeria through graff on Garment and turn into Merch.
As of now Our Co Member is taking his part to work the said Project even we have nkt yet recieve our budget. He used his own Funds to make this happen and Half of the project is on standby and waiting for updates time to time…
We are going to Pay him the amount based on the approved proposal once we recieved our july budget so all works will be delivered soon.

Here is a Quick Report for the Graff On Garments.
Graff On Garments Report
Graff on Garments Proposal

Next is the 10 Graffiti Cover art For songs. This project is still on standby and hoping to Start this as soon as funds recieved.
10 Graffiti Cover Art For Songs

And also Graff on the wall Season 4 is Also In standby.
Graff on The Wall Season 4

@Albhion also Attended the Web3 Conference In Goa Yesterday August 14,2022
Participation in Web3 Cond in India

We also Added @Priyanka our Social Media Handler to Council Position…
We faces some Issue in Graffiti Dao Council because of mis of Communication but We Promise to make everything better for the Unity of the Team and we already Fix it. We are trying our Best to make the community and the Dao More Transparent in all ways.

Website Funds is still in Our Dao for a reason that we are Doing our research for the said Initiative to make the Dao a self sustainable Dao In the Future.

You Can Also Check Our Instagram Account where we posted Reels and anything about Graffiti Dao.
Graffiti Dao Instagram Account
Here are some Screenshots of post and Reels

Twitter Account
Graff Base Twitter Account where you Can see the tweets we had.

Graffiti Dao Youtube Channel.
(We are still working Our Other Social Medias)

Planning to Create a Facebook page within this month where we will post and showcase the events Projects and Other stuff about Graff base to people that quite active in Facebook.

Expected to have Our Paras Verified account this month also.

Instagram Post - Posted 5Reels
Twitter Handle Post -tweets/Like and Retweet and Create Enagagment in telegram Channel
Connected and Onboarded 3 New Graffiti Artist, And Working on Smart Campaigns with @ligaya_near @ABCDCrypto90 @Priyanka
Upcoming Partnership - GOADAO & Swaraja NFT Club
Onboarded 6 Visual artist From Bayor Project
5 artist From Graff On Garments and Artist From Graff on wall Season 3.
Activate 11 near wallets From a Bounty and Bayor Ep.
Onboarded People From Goa Event where @Albhion attended.
Additional Growth In Telegram and Twitter Account.

Medium - Article on ūüĆąChanging the Future of Graffiti NFTs. | by Graffbase - An Graffiti NFTs Space | Jul, 2022 | Medium

Twitter: 314 Followers
Instagram: 71 Followers( 34 Post)
Youtube: 41 subscriber
Facebook: Coming Soon
Website: Coming Soon

This Time we are going to focus in all our social media to reach more people and Engagement.
Also planning to Host a Community Call In telegram To hear out the Community.

Thank You Creatives :heart:
Open For Feedbacks And Opinions‚Äč:crossed_fingers:


It has been a great experience being part of graffiti Dao community…