[DRAFT PROPOSAL] Month Of August Graff On Digital

Hello Fam, as we all Know that Graffiti Dao is Taking its step to Expand the Graffiti Arts in all Nations.
Graff on walls Hosted from 2 different Country,Nigeria/Philippines.
Graff on Garments Hosted From Nigeria.

And now we are taking the Step to Present to all of you The Graff on Digital.
Way back Old councils of Graffiti Dao Hosted a Throw Your Tag in Forum later on changed to Real Graff on the walls Through Canvass and Walls.

This Bounty where Artist From Different part of the World is open to Join and participate.

•All Artist who Join will be added as Minter on Graffiti Dao Store
•Artist will be able to Mint Their Arts on the Store After submitting their Entries Here in Forum.
• All Entries Will be minted in Store and We are going to Create Gallery In 3Xr gallery.
•We are Open To Guide the Artist to List Their Nfts in the Auction Secondary Marketplace.
• Artist will Tweet their Entries Too tagging Graff base Twitter account.
•All entries Will soon Be uploaded in GraffBase Soc Med.

Estimated Amount: $400