[APPROVED]HypeDao August Fashion Collection

I am Ojukwu Johnson @styleherbalist a web3 fashion designer and a fashion stylist https://instagram.com/style_herbalist?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= I’m a professional fashion illustrator and an event promoter, I have been into the industry since 2012, I’m the creative director of a fashion brand based in Abuja, Nigeria and the co-founder of Near DigitalFashion Dao.
I’m here to build and collaborate with other creatives and DAOs to activate the presence of Fashion in Near Community… My project with graffiti Dao which I’m yet to give a report on due to delay in funding will prove that…
[APPROVED] Graff on Garments for Graffiti Dao

Project Description
HypeDao Fashion Collection is about creating fashion merch collection of 5 piece and engaging digital artist with bounty to play with art that promote $NEAR Protocol and the 5 best art will be selected by the council members of hype dao and the arts will be printed on the 5 piece fashion merch collection. The 5 best arts will be rewarded and their arts will be minted in Hype dao store in mintbase and merch collection will be available for the collectors of the minted arts.

Target Wallet: styleherbalist.near

Project Mentor @Ligaya and @kodandi

Project Time: August 2022

Project Objectives
The objective of this project is engaging HypeDao artists and as well create awareness for new artists to get to know about Near Ecosystem and hype Dao, as well participate on the Hype Dao activities…

Total Budget: $600 in Dai
:heavy_check_mark: production of 5 piece merch collection $250

:heavy_check_mark: Bounty reward for 5 best arts $250($50 each)

:heavy_check_mark: Cost of printing the the 5 best arts on the merch collection $100

HypeDao Fashion Collection will be produced by Saint RAYZENAH LUXURY APPARELS which I’m the creative director of the brand…
St.Rayzenah is a luxury fashion brand based in Abuja, Nigeria www.instagram.com/st.rayzenah

*Project Distribution
:heavy_check_mark:Minting on HypeDao Store


It’s really a nice idea and it’s going to help create awareness so i believe it’s worth it