[REPORT] Graff on the Garments season 1 report

Greetings creatives, I’m Ojukwu Johnson @styleherbalist, a web3 fashion designer and a co-founder of DigitalFashion Dao… Last month being July, my proposal under graffiti Dao was approved by the moderators…

Project Name: Graff on the Garments season 1

Project Time: July 2022

Project Status: Completed

During the project we had fun and we were able to onboard 2 Graffiti artists and 4 other creatives who worked with me.

We were able to come up with five garment as merch.

This merch has been received by one of Graffiti Dao council members @Dedeukwu and Digital format to be minted on their mintbase store.

Project Mentor @Ligaya

Project in detail:[APPROVED] Graff on Garments for Graffiti Dao