[Approved] YouTube Channel/Content creation and maintenance - December 2021 and the next months

[Project Proposal] YouTube Channel/Content creation and maintenance - December 2021 and the next months

MONTH: December 2021

Funding scheme: Monthly


Me and a partner run a pretty succesful YouTube channel, me being an associate and my partner being the pioneer.

I speak English, Hindi, Gujarati and my partner is very well-versed in Russian language alongwith being an English student.

My English is better than him and so I take this initiative to draft the proposal.

We make vlogs/videos in a story format making it appear more like a short story with great edits and music additions. The videos are meant for light entertainment but with some message attached to them. As of now, the videos are shot from Goa. The major audience is Russian with a tiny bit of English speaking audience.



My partner is the main protagonist and the owner of the channel. The channel is a little more than an year old. From less than a 100 views as well as subscribers last year, the channel has organically achieved great progress. Summary of the current status of channel is as mentioned below:

Average number of views per vlog/video:

Number of subscribers:
more than 8000

Number of vlogs/videos released per week:

Average length of a video:
15 minutes

Average watch-time received on each video:
7-10 minutes

Gist of vlogs/videos:
travel, party, contemporary life, contemporary events, etc (not limited)


The channel pioneer has a good following on Instagram as well, with the following specifics:


Average number of views received on short clips from vlogs/videos:
(with more & more clips crossing over 1000 views)

Number of clips released from each YouTube video:

Average length of a clip from YouTube video:
55 seconds



Number of friends:
More than 3500

Number of Facebook groups that we are member of:
more than 500


The channel pioneer also runs a pretty active telegram chat with the details as below:



All of this progress made on social media was achieved in 1 year, without help of any professionals. It was more of self-education.

Now without any external professional help, we are responsible for creating content for the videos, shooting them, promoting them on various social media, interact with the audience to keep them involved as well as think of new strategies to reach out to wider audience. This process more definitely requires us to stay up-to-date about the ongoing events around us/around the world and then sometimes create our videos based on what topic trends on. Sometimes, we need to pay to cover the stories/events that we showcase in these vlogs/videos.

The process is more or less creatively thrilling with new social media related tricks to learn on the way. On the other hand, it’s time consuming and doesn’t pay us back for our efforts. It’s only investment so far with no return in terms of money.

We wish to focus more on the creative part and update the equipments for shoot so as to give even more professional look to our videos. To be more specific, currently the sole equipment we use is iPhone 11.
Moreover, we wish to fund our expenses incurred each month.


NEAR Wallet ID:

NEAR price at the time of posting:
8.36 USD

Our goal as a channel:
To widen our reach and to make it attractive as well as appealing to diverse audience with additional focus on making it bi-lingual.

Offer 1

Fund requested per month for research, creation, promotion and maintenance:
1100 USD ~ 131.57 NEAR

Fund requested for updating the equipment (one-time cost):
1500 USD ~ 179.43 NEAR
(This contribution can be considered for later down the line.)

Our offer:

  • In return, we propose to promote Near by including its logo in the video as watermark, a promotion of Near.
  • We will include important links to the "Near" site alongwith a one-liner info about "Near" in the description of each of our videos.
  • Additionally, 2 or 3 short clips from videos are posted on Instagram, Facebook and various telegram chats post the release of each new video on YouTube, which will then be released with the logo of Near as well.

Offer 2

Fund requested per month for research, creation, promotion and maintenance:
2200 USD ~ 263.16 NEAR

Fund requested for updating the equipment (one-time cost):
1500 USD ~ 179.43 NEAR
(This contribution can be considered for later down the line.)

Our offer:

  • In return, we propose to promote Near by including its logo in the video as watermark, a promotion of Near.
  • We will include important links to the "Near" site alongwith a one-liner info about "Near" in the description of each of our videos.
  • Additionally, 2 or 3 short clips from videos are posted on Instagram, Facebook and various telegram chats post the release of each new video on YouTube, which will then be released with the logo of Near as well.
  • At least twice a month, we will shoot small informative clips from Goa meet-ups about "Near"(as we are based here) and include it in our videos endorsing NEAR. That's where we were recently introduced to "Near", thanks to @dmitryne .
  • At least twice a month we will include information about Near in our videos spanning from 20 sec to 1 minute, the information could be from some clips or we ourselves will speak something about Near. End goal will be to endorse Near in our videos through either repetitive or different content each time.

Supplementary Offer:

  • Usually the audience/viewers come back to us with queries related to the video content.
  • In such cases and depending on time, we can help people open up NEAR wallet with a commission of 1 NEAR per person.

It will be safe to say that we wish to collaborate with “Near” for a long run. We are not fooling around and understand our responsibility as members. Therefore, let’s help each other grow.

Thanks for your attention and for “Near”…

!!Hoping for positive response!!


Good evening. I will vote no, because I think it’s better to work with crypto bloggers. We already have two experienced Gulid’s - Stars and Kitchen for that.

Thank You

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While focusing on crypto investors, there are 2 kinds of people:

  1. passionate crypto investors who will follow crypto bloggers
  2. crypto dabblers who would look here and there, go crypto shopping, try what’s new and if they like it stick to it

Now, with crypto bloggers you focus on the first kind.

But we reach out to the second type. The usual people who come for entertainment to our channel. They want to get inspired and try new things. And most of the Russians, our major audience, is open to crypto investment.

In this case, consider our channel as influencers who will introduce try-everything genre of people to NEAR and instill confidence thereby because we are real people giving our word for NEAR.

Also if shows up on our channel continuously, even non-crypto dabblers will take notice of it!

To be honest, me and my partner are crypto dabblers. It’s not our major source of income.

My partner, the face of the channel, is more into it and plays with crypto everyday for a short while.

I play with the idea once in a while, to keep up with what’s going on.

And from what I have noticed, with crypto people are always going to go off-track and then come back.

That’s where our channel comes in handy. As it will keep NEAR in the minds of people. Even if people forget about it, the channel will pop NEAR up for people to take notice out of habit.



I understand this is the beginning of our association with Near and hence we need to establish trust.

So for first month, we propose the first offer at half price, ie. 500$ and let’s see how it goes from there?!

Hey @sneha.pathak ,

I’m happy to see this run with a $500 budget to check out the results and give you some room to crack on with it :tada:

I’d be interested to know what else you’ve done in the NEAR Ecosystem beyond this, though?


Hi @David_NEAR

I am glad to know that you have taken interest in our proposal!

Now, I will talk about your question. To me, it seems we need a perspective to answer that.

It will be apt to consider us as entertaining artists. Similar to the way every artist has a piece of art/product to offer as their creation, we have our vlog as our product to offer to people. Our product, as you see is digital content which is provided and promoted through other existing systems of which YouTube is the major one, and rest but equally important platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp etc.

Now, to complete the picture we have our own ecosystem. Our ecosystem consists of:


    • At the base of our ecosystem is our product, ie. the digital videos created by us from A-Z, a process that requires researching, planning, content creation, script creation, choosing location, negotiating with them, choosing people who will feature in the video, negotiating with them sometimes, shooting the videos, edit them, releasing them on various platforms, promoting them to as many channels as possible and finally responding to comments/queries of people.
    • In other words, it's like creating a short film and we release around 8 of such short films to YouTube every month, around 25-30 clips to Instagram and around 16-20 clips to Facebook, every month.
    • It's unlike the videos where a person who sits in one room and talks about different kind of blockchains available in the market with the only similarity being the end product , a digital content named"video".

    • Another part of this ecosystem is our audience that consists of people who are there out of different reasons such as entertainment, boredom from their mundane lives, travellers who wish to know about new places, Goans who wish to get different perspective, tourists who arrive in Goa and wish to connect to some familiar faces (us out of habit but they don't really know us), etc.
    • Our viewers will see whatever we show them and since most of them are looking forward to be influenced, and also since most of them like us, they usually want to try what we show. Think of the situation where you go to a movie and wish to do the same thing as the heroes do. We are those heroes :)
    • We usually force them to think and its evident from the comments that we receive for our videos. Some comments if you see are intrigue based, some are from competitive know-alls trying to preach about the topics we present, some are based on envy and so on.
    • However, based on the number of comments we receive it's evident that people connect to us on a personal level

    • Growth, as you are aware of, is an unquestionable end goal of any business, with a human being like you or me or anyone not being exempt from this natural evolutionary path. That's the philosophy of it :)
    • Now, no matter how much effort we invest in to deliver our product, it's useless if there is no audience and secondly if there is no increase in the number of people who watch us. Therefore, we constantly try to figure out ways to reach out to more number of people. I guess that's one of the common goals we share with NEAR.
    • Now, our audience thankfully doesn't need to belong to any social sector or have any specific set of interests. It's quite unlike the people who consume only blockchain videos as they already know about crypto. I guess our audience therefore qualifies to becoming the members of NEAR community as well.
    • The consumers of our videos, with or without knowledge of crypto, have no reason not to transform into the consumers of NEAR. More so, if it is conveyed by a person who treks on the hills, surfs in the sea, does yoga on the beach, parties hard in the night, talks to people from all walks of life, is white but walks around like a local in India.
    • It's not a surprise that a lot of people are not aware of crypto. On top of that, there are people who work 5 days a week to feel secure in their lives, have either tried to deal in blockchains for experience but didn't continue for lack of motivation and others simply never found enough motivation to try their hands at crypto. When recommended by us, we narrow down the list of crypto to NEAR for such people. I see another plus for NEAR.
    • As for those who are avid investors in blockchains, our offer NUMBER "2" will come in more handy for them. As in that offer, apart from being NEAR endorsers we will give them some useful information about NEAR through our videos when we get enough funds to invest our valuable time into it.
    • Now, let me give you a glimpse into how we try to maintain, grow and thereby expand our audience. On Instagram and Facebook, we put some new stories everyday, sometimes edited and sometimes raw. This is a way to keep our existing audience intrigued and engaged. Moreover, we recently tried a new manner of posting on Instagram which gave us around 4000 views for a short video in 1 day as opposed to the earlier count of 1000 views in 3-4 days.(Will attach a screenshot as proof). When it comes to running the Telegram group, we post something motivational to keep the chat users engaged and active in the chat. Feel free to join the group!

So when it comes to the ecosystems, our first offer, standing at discounted half price for first month as trial, we will provide NEAR with an ecosystem for promotion without any effort but with mere provision of funds. This offer, as mentioned in proposal already, will make NEAR a part of people’s lives by sitting as a logo in our videos and video clips.

And if NEAR gets ambitious it has a chance to use our ecosystem through our offer NUMBER “2”, again without any effort but with the mere provision of funds. With this offer, since we will showcase parts from NEAR meet-ups in Goa we will use the NEAR ecosystem in a more extensive manner.

With a little bit of additional ambition, NEAR can use our SUPPLEMENTARY offer to offer NUMBER “2” where we will launch people directly into the NEAR ecosystem by helping them to open the wallets.

The links to each of our social platforms with the numbers that are relevant for NEAR is already mentioned in the proposal. You guys are welcome to cross verify it for yourself and join our subscriber list. We will keep you entertained regardless!

If you have any suggestions about how to work with us, you are welcome.


Adding a rough calculation here for reference:

8 YouTube videos + 27 avg Instagram clips + 18 avg FB clips = 53 videos a month

When promoting videos with NEAR logo(Offer 1):
At discounted rate,
500/53 = 9.43 USD per video in a month

At requested rate of 1100 PM,
1100/53 = 20.75 per video in a month

And when promoting with Offer no 2, which will include information about NEAR in some videos:
2200/53 = 41.51 USD per video in a month

And let’s say the worst case scenario is 40 videos per month. Now let’s calculate the number of views it will generate:

  • 8 YouTube videos * 1500 average views = 12000
  • 16 Instagram videos * 700 minimum average views = 11,200
  • 16 FB videos * minimum average 110 views = 1760
Which brings it to a total of around 25000 minimum number of views per month.

Needless to say, the videos stay forever unless YouTube, Instagram or Facebook go bust. For us, it’s something we enjoy doing and hence we stay until they stay.

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the same here! would like to know that

Is that question for me?

I support @Dacha on this one
Two Guild are currently doing this now

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Dear Near community, my name is Vadym and I’m a holder of near coin, but
also I represent Wow-How Studio - creative service company, we specialize in making outstanding 2D/3D graphics and videos.

what we do: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuPfUet3Sypl_hz8vDDN4Kw
Please let me know if you have any content needs as I think we can be very helpful

BR, Vadym


Thanks for the detailed response :muscle:

My main concern here is that the MarketingDAO does not serve to be a decentralised marketing arm for NEAR or the NEAR Foundation.

With that in mind, I’d still love to see you run with this but with perhaps a focus on education? Or projects building on NEAR?

If you pivot one of those ways I’m happy to support your passion project with an initial $500 :100: Looking forward to seeing the report!


This isn’t an issue in this scenario.

We’re not a business, we’re here to support people across the board when it comes to their marketing plans :muscle:


Good day, please contact with Kitchen and Stars guilds.

Hi there!

We have revised our offer to give NEAR a taste of how we will use our interests and capabilities to educate about NEAR and thereby promote NEAR, “for starters”.


  1. We will talk about NEAR in our videos in a way which shows that we are active users of NEAR. Bear in mind that we plan to use multiple languages, Russian, English and Hindi, here because we can.

    Besides it might delight you to know that our major protagonist, Master Ram(I will use his vlog name for further reference, hope the use of word "MASTER" used for professionalism is not intimidating for the adults here), has been an enthusiast alongwith being a continuous investor in blockchains for last 5 years. Part of the reason is his rebellious character.

  2. We will shoot informative videos from the NEAR meet-ups or NEAR guild assemblies that happen in Goa and of course they will be a part of our videos.

    This might be appealing because if you check the number of views on a single video shot from one such meet-up posted on YouTube, the count is 11 in last 3 days against the 1600 views we received on our last video. The point here is education combined with widespread distribution through our channel's capability.

  3. @dmitryne and Denis have now been associated with NEAR for quite a while and therefore can be considered as NEAR professionals. Hence, we plan to interview them, shoot this interview and make it a part of our videos.

  4. Master Ram will speak about NEAR with guild assembly in the background for our video.

    It's obvious with his following on YouTube , his words will be more impactful for our channel. This alongwith clips from the meet-up in the backdrop will serve to amplify the influence on viewers.

  5. Additionally, since some kind of activities, not just meet-ups, that involve education about NEAR are organised now and then in Goa, we will shoot those activities as well for our videos.

  6. The informative link to NEAR, from the NEAR website, will be included in and thereby dispensed through all our social media channels including YouTube, Instagram, Telegram as well as Facebook.

  7. Now, the NEAR wallet is unquestionably one important means of using NEAR. Keeping this in perspective, "how to open NEAR wallet" will be covered through our videos.

  8. We are open to shoot any art activity, events, quests, etc. sponsored by or involving NEAR, of course to showcase them in our videos.

  9. When it comes to using NEAR, there are few places in Goa transacting in NEAR already, thanks to other community members in Goa.

    Such places, being crucial for NEAR as a business apart from the users of NEAR, will be shown in our videos.

    Moreover, it's a big motivating factor for such places if a random person, not a part of the NEAR event being organised therein, walks in with NEAR wallet, not to forget about the satisfaction being experienced by person itself because of such possibility to deal in something other than Indian currency.

To sum it up, when it comes to Goa, we will use our means as a tool to cement the NEAR infrastructure being erected here.

Needless to say that social media has a global reach and so do we and so will NEAR when it comes to working with us. This will be surplus to the previously mentioned Goan impact.

The only exclusion from our offer is the use of NEAR logo to brand our videos.

!!Pretty good deal for a preview that costs only 500 USD!!

P.S. The participation of Master Ram in the NEAR related events will strengthen and widen the effect of NEAR here as he has become very well known in Goa, on a personal level, in Russian community especially. Our ability to use multiple languages, on the other hand, enhances our potential, a potential asset thereby for NEAR as well.

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You don’t need to make an offer, the MarketingDAO is not a decentralised marketing arm for NEAR.

We exist to fund those building in the community and ecosystem to achieve their marketing goals.

Happy to see you run with this with a $500 budget as a passion project, looking forward to seeing the results.

Please note: The payout process is changing. Do not submit a funding request to the DAO. You will be notified when the new process is live. Thanks!


We are happy to see this project approved :grinning::pray:

Once we receive the funds, we will start incorporating NEAR in our project.

Looking forward to see us work together!



When can we expect the remit to wallet? Or is there some other procedure we need to follow?

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We’re working on getting the new funding process live this month. Update here:

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