[APPROVED] Onboarding DAO - December 2021 Funding

Hi NEAR Fam!

Onboarding DAO is focused on welcoming newcomers to the blockchain and directing them to resources and community. Our mission is to raise awareness about NEAR Protocol, Guilds, DAOs, communities, as well as available tools. We want people to know what NEAR has to offer them and for them to connect to the communities that will help them to flourish in their crypto endeavours.
We are also keen to cover C1 Guild Onboarding Campaign costs where members of the guild will be focused on onboarding students from Lagos State university. We believe that their camping could benefit NEAR ecosystem.

Please check our report for October and November and see what we have accomplished.

List of planned activities on December 21:

Onboarding DAO plans to improve our brand recognition, therefore we have created a Twitter account where we will host future AMAs. We would like to create a bounty to create a logo for Onboarding DAO Twitter, as well as for placement wherever we engage. These steps will help us to be recognized in crypto space and beyond. Additionally, we plan to create a bounty for our AMA event flyers. Through this graphic artists in the NEAR community will earn $NEAR for contributing their skills and talent to Onboarding DAO as well as the greater NEAR community.

Council Members:


Total Requested Funding Amount: $2620

  • Bounties - $600
  • Twitter AMA (x4) - $1000
  • Symbolik on the Blockchain (x4) - $400
  • C1 Guild Onboarding Campaign - $620

Target: onboarding-dao.sputnik-dao.near

DAO Link - https://app.astrodao.com/dao/onboarding-dao.sputnik-dao.near 3


hey hey,

proposal approved! Feel free to ask the corresponding amount in N in the Creatives DAO astrodao!


Thank you on behalf of the entire Onboarding DAO!