[APPROVED] Createbase Guild Budget - June 2021

Contact Name(s): @chloe & @lenara
Guild: Createbase
Target Address: createbase.sputnikdao.near
Current Balance (NEAR): 1803.22
Funding Period: June 2021
Initial requested amount: 350 NEAR
Amended for an additional: 7,934 NEAR (to wildeverse.near)
Total Funding for June: 8284 NEAR

Currently, createbase.sputnikdao.near has enough funds for its currently approved proposals (link to all createbase-dao proposals: Topics tagged createbase-dao). There are a few new proposals that have come up that we would like to request additional funding for.

Upcoming Createbase Proposals:

Although the Createbase DAO already has a balance of 1800+ NEAR, much of that NEAR is already designated to previously approved community proposals. A payout of 350 NEAR for the month of June should allow us to payout these upcoming proposals without dipping into previously allocated funds.


Hi Chloe, thanks so much for requesting funds for my berryclub VR interface proposal, I’m very grateful for your support on this and will share the project with createbase when finished but I am wishing to ask for funding on a near bounty on GitHub and discuss there, to be sure the proposal is in line with the main bounty.
You may be able to ask for that 150 near for another proposal!
All the best,


Hi @chloe :heart_eyes: thanks so much for this support
:heart: We are at work at developing new documents, and also translate what we have into English (from Italian)… Will be back soon with news :heart:


edited to reflect this change, thanks.

Hi @lenara the Creatives SputnikDAO is ready for you to submit your payout proposal for this APPROVED request.


  • Please set the “target” to the near account you’d like to receive the funds (createbase.sputnikdao.near).
  • Please use the title of this topic as your description: [APPROVED] Createbase Funding Application - June 2021
  • Please use this topic’s URL as the forum link needed: [APPROVED] Createbase Funding Application - June 2021
  • Please set the payout to 350 NEAR
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Amendment to the budget for June: “We would like to ask for $24,434 in NEAR tokens (depending on the exchange rate).”

Approved in the Createbase DAO, this proposal is above the monthly Guild budget:


This amendment to the Createbase June budget is approved to be submitted to the Creatives SputnikDAO for emergency mid-month payout at current market rate (per CoinGecko - USD 3.08) of 7,934 NEAR.

@lenara please post linking to this Forum thread for the this approved payout to fix this gap in the Createbase monthly funds.


@lenara @caromintbase this is a nudge to say we have the funds on hand and are ready for this payout proposal to be posted on the Creatives SputnikDAO to get Wildeverse its emergency funding as posted above.


Hi Rebecca, thank you, that was very fast! I just posted it here SputnikDAO

Please reject one of the two proposals, I put in a wrong number with 7.93 instead of 7934 NEAR



Hi @caromintbase we’ve been sure to vote through the correct proposal so expect the funds shortly. Good luck with the remainder of the Wildeverse (part 2) planning and execution!


Thank you! Well received :slight_smile: