[APPROVED] Cabeça na lua - filming & stream in the metaverse

In the scope of our 2 physical events “Cabeça na lua” which will take place on the 18th and 25th of September, we would like to ask for funds to support the VR/Video side of it.

We are planning on having both events (3 concerts each) recorded, edited and afterwards streamed in the CV parcel that we are currently renting from MarmaJ foundation. From each concert one NFT will be created which will then give access to the unlockable content and will be sold in the muti mintbase store.

In order to nurture not only creativity but also collaboration, we would like to work together with CUDO Dao & an independent videographer to create the footage.

More infos about the event can be found here.

We have received a budget from both videographers which I will link in here:

18th September in Kaya Shanti Café
Videographer @roadworks

  • 1 day of filming each concert with a duration of 1h (up to a maximum of 2h) with one static camera (on a tripod)
  • one hand-held camera for B-Roll (glidecam / steadycam, shoulder crane or cage) in Full HD,
  • including 1 studio light (that’s the one I have) and one smaller background light
  • appr. 3-4 days of editing including implementation of muti-logo
    614 USD
  • travel expenses 71 USD for travel expenses (Lisbon- Sertã - Lisbon)
  • 118 USD Euros for one professional extra light (worth appr. 300 Eur) or one additional light-sensitive camera lens (worth appr. 350 Eur) to assure the highest quality of the video, even when it’s relatively dark.

total: 803 USD

25th September Oficínas do Convento
Videographer @hevertonharieno

  • 1st fixed camera 201 USD
  • 2nd fixed camera 201 USD
  • Assistant 94 USD
  • 2 tripods 106 USD
  • Videomaker/ mobile camera 118 USD
  • Travel costs (Lisbon - Montemor-o-Novo - Lisbon) 53 USD
  • editing 83 USD

total: 856 USD

total requested amount to have both events covered: 1659 USD
(N price currently 9.34USD / coingecko)

Let me know your thoughts and if this would be possible or if any changes would be needed :slight_smile:


Hey @tabear !
Let’s use this topic to discuss this proposal with fellow council members @nearestchico @Samiasns @JulianaM @squattingPigeon @nico @microchipgnu !

We have asked 275 from the Creatives DAO to support Muti in this event, both because it falls under our scope and because we acknowledge the contribution of MUTI DAO to the Near ecosystem and want to pave the way for present and future collaborations.

As I mentioned in the [APPROVED] VR DAO September Funding Request I (so, that’s my opinion) think it’s reasonable if we improve that number, since we downsized our current bounties (due to the new limits).

I don’t have a simple suggestion on that (400$? 500$?). Things are changing rapidly, regarding the funding structure, and we are also changing a lot IN the VR DAO.

@tabear Can you please provide info on what has changed for this event (regarding funding from other DAOs, for example), so that we can vote with a better understanding of what’s needed?

Thank you :wink:

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Thank you for your willingness to support this project!

The overall value of the filming is still 1650 USD, in order to split the funds we have requested 300 USD from CUDO Dao:

We are also looking into requesting an amount from the Creatives DAO within the next days once the August tasks have been paid out.

NxM DAO approved 150N which will be used for the artist payments (which is not relevant for this streaming/filming budget but nice to see due to the collaboration)

We appreciate your help and know that especially in the transition phase right now the funding distribution needs more consideration. Let me know if there are other infos that I can provide and keep in mind that the payouts for the filming could be split (1. part before the concerts for the equipment, 2. part once both videos are edited and ready to be streamed, which would most likely be end os September/ October).

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Hey @tabear :slight_smile:
So just to clarify the amount you are requesting is 1650 - 300 = 1350 USD?
I am speaking for myself here, I need to talk to the rest of the council but I think as you might know the total amount we can request to the Creatives DAO right now is 5000 USD, so 1350 USD is quite a lot for us to contribute. We have more council members right now, some bounties open that we got to save funds to pay and projects that are ongoing exclusively in VR (also we have Near Con coming soon and a lot of things to implement).

As @frnvpr said, we have asked 275 USD from the Creatives DAO for this purpose. But I’ll speak again with the rest of the team to figure out if we can contribute more as suggested above.


Hey @JulianaM,

Thank you for your reply! Yes, the remaining amount is 1350 USD but we are aware of the transition period and of all the things that are going on in the VR DAO (which is awesome to see btw!). We have spoken to the Creatives DAO and will send our September budget very soon in order to receive the funding for the events. So the 275 USD are already more than appreciated. Let me know how you would like me to proceed/adjust the proposal :slight_smile:

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Oh, that’s helpful! I was looking at our finances and basically, since we’ll be operating on half a budget for the foreseeable future (because 2500$ is locked in for the dev position), indeed 1500 is a lot right now.

So, after discussion between these Council and Muti, [APPROVED] for 275$ :blush: Feel free to request the payout!

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Thank you! I will request 32N (N $8.86, 14.9. 10:38 GMT/ Coingecko)


Good luck with the event!


And we’re on air:

All three concerts have been edited, coloured and handed over :slight_smile:

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