[Approved] -muti DAO FUNDING PROPOSAL FOR March - [2023]


  • DAO introduction

muti is active in the NEAR ecosystem since May 2021 when the first Hackathon had been launched and is also a legal cultural association based in Central Portugal since 2022. The project started with the idea of a collective governance of arts.

We support emerging artists of all art forms and blend digital tools with the physical world. We aim for web3 inclusion and easy access for newcomers by introducing them to the field by showing them real use cases of the technology and an easy onboarding process.

Since the creation of the DAO we have been organizing physical events, holding workshops, speaking at conferences, and building a digital and physical community as well as partnerships.

On the physical side, we focus on event and residency production, education, and the artist management. In the digital realm, we established 3 main projects, which are the muti sessions in collaboration with CUDO DAO to showcase emerging musicians and our artist stipends for visual artists. The third one is our muti bazaar which works with physical redeemables that we have been selling at several events and conferences around Portugal. In all cases, all new participants are being onboarded into the web3 ecosystem and are added as members to our DAO.

Through our work, several other DAOs have been onboarded and started their web3 journey.

During the last 2 years we have established muti as a known cultural entity that works with web3 which attracts many artists and cultural actors. Our focus is on Portuguese-based artists and due to our presence at conferences, we also reach an international audience. We connected and are building partnerships with locations and other entities in Portugal, such as Shesaidso, Bluehouse Coimbra, Habitat, YAC, Culturala, Lo-Fi Clouds.

Over the course of our activity, we have prioritized quality over quantity and we are now even more dedicated to creating meaningful and impactful collaborations.

  • Why team is best for the funds

Our multicultural team consists of artists and cultural producers who have a long track record and experience in production, management, and community building/NGOs. As we have been within the first creative DAOs in the ecosystem, we have built connections and supported the ecosystem noticeably. 2 of the council members have been former Creative DAO moderators and muti fostered DAO-to-DAO collaborations (NFTropolis, muti sessions, Cabeça na Lua event, Arte Na Floresta event etc.) and artist exchanges as well as being the first creative DAO to use and sell physical redeemables.

tabear.near: cultural producer who is working with NGOs and in event production for over 10 years. She has supported several DAOs by being onboarded. Initiated the creation of INA DAO, active member of Marma J through providing educational material, advisor for NEARhub, INA and LENS DAO, former DAOstructor and Creatives DAO moderator. Currently active as a web3 educator and workshop facilitator in all things web3 for web2 projects who would like to start their work on the blockchain. Additionally, she also received 2 fellowships (Kernel, SheFi).

falmon.near: musician and cultural producer, has been active in the Lisbon music and cultural scene, active as the musical director of muti and council. Participation in NxM, onboarded Changa Rec. DAO and direction of physical projects.

tediv.near: cultural producer and graphic designer from Ireland, founding member of the Garden collective and DAO, an established event producer based in Ireland/Portugal, former creatives DAO moderator.

ollenjarvin.near: Dedicated to building the self-sustainbility side of muti through DeFi, experienced in crypto trading and investment.

dafdn.near: Visual artist and social media manager of muti, lead on visual direction of the project. Currently active in all things visual, festival installations and media outreach.

filipeaguimaraes.near: Graphic designer and visual advisor, co-founder of Proximo Studios, a design studio based in Lisbon.

  • Achievement information about the DAO

What has your DAO achieved till now as a community? Quantitative and qualitative information.

  • Content and Social media stats (web2/web3), on-chain activity, built dapps (if applicable only)

It is important to note that initially, we have worked with paid ads to gain traction on our social media platforms and to build a base of followers. Recently we only use ads for physical events or Open Calls to reach a wider audience. Therefore the numbers grow slower but are more impactful due to organic growth and physical connections.

  1. Share the content links of youtube Instagram with numbers of engagement, website etc, events done IRL


Next Creators Podcast https://nextcreators.simplecast.com/episodes/how-muti-collective-is-supporting-artists-in-portugal-and-web3-w-founders-tabea-and-nuno

INA DAO/ females in web3 (co-founded by tabear.near) Store of the Week: InaDAO. To understand InaDAOs activities and… | by Maria Neu | Mintbase

Video Interview with Ben Sayeg at NEARCON 22 : Muti Collective NEARCON 22 - YouTube

Article Interview by 4NTS Guild : MUTI: Supporting Artists and Nurturing Creativity on NEAR | by 4NTS Guild | Medium

Artice Interview by NEAR: Music and Blockchain: The Rise of the New Musician  – NEAR Protocol

Interview playlist: muti talks - YouTube




Next dates:

Workshop/Talk: https://www.talkfest.eu/workshops

muti bazaar & muti artists: Buy tickets / Join the guestlist – Port to Port 2023 – Arroz Estúdios, Fri 17 Mar 2023 5:00 PM - Sun 19 Mar 2023 1:00 AM

2. Share the number of proposals created, How many councils, size of community, number of NFTs in mintbase, events done in metaverse

  • Creatives DAO Proposals: 14 monthly proposals
  • Astro DAO proposals on muti: 1131
  • On-chain council: 4
  • Off-chain digital team: 6
  • Community:
    • DAO: 27
    • TG: 193
    • Association board members: 9
    • NFTs on Mintbase: 1359 digital + 96 physical redeemables
    • NFTs in DAO: 70
    • Metaverse events: >27

3. DApps if built and the purpose it solves, any traction metrics etc.
dApp not developed yet. We built a TG bot that transmits all tweets directly to our group tough. Code is open source.

Genre - What category does your DAO fall under

  1. Art
  2. Music
  3. Culture
  4. Mixed-Media
  5. Any other


  • Our onboarding process is personal and guarantees that each participant is able to navigate within the NEAR ecosystem self-sufficiently - we don’t just create empty wallets. Onboarding includes gov.forum, Ref.finance, wallet, Astro, Mintbase.
  • Through our physical presence and outreach we are able to interact with an audience that NEAR does not reach: creative entities/associations and companies and actors that are new to but interested in web3. Additionally, we are able to meet our community in person at events or in Portugal in general, which supports in the onboarding process and is building trust.
  • Through our use cases, especially the physical NFTs, we create tangible examples of why blockchain technology is worth using
  • All our youtube videos showcase and promote NEAR due to links, tags, logo and descriptions on the publications.
  • By being present and active at web2/music conferences and festivals we showcase the technology to a broader audience, which does not always immediately result in new wallets but long-lasting new web3 users who get back to us to learn more and discover NEAR. We have introduced NEAR and projects such as Astro, Tamago and Mintbase on our conference talks.
  • muti is already a well-known DAO in the Lisbon and Leiria area
  • We support and nurture DAO-to-DAO collaborations (Cudo, Incubadora, NxM, Lens, Marma J, Minting Music, Demonstra, Garden, 3xr, 55SP, Change Recs, Criatura& Beri, Ouriço) some of which have resulted in long-lasting partnerships which support the goal of self-sustainability of the DAOs.
  • Some of the projects that we have developed in web3 (stipends, NFTropolis, muti sessions) have been submitted to cultural institutions and foundations which are currently being reviewed for possible collaboration and funding.
  • We have created connections to physical cultural entities all over Portugal where we are organizing events and workshops incl. blockchain topics.
  • International partnership with Lo-Fi clouds has impacted their project by entering the web3 space through us and now has a name in the Japanese music market.
  • The stipends have an impact not only on the artists but also on the NFTs within NEAR as we create new curated artworks and physical items. Each stipend delivers a report which is published on Medium and our Website.

On a monthly basis:

April - June: 2x muti sessions

May: NFT competition

April - September: 1x stipend round

April: muti session (recording) & 1st Stipend (Open Call, Evaluation & Onboarding, Minting of NFTs, report publication.)
May: muti session (recording) & 2nd Stipend (Open Call, Evaluation & Onboarding, Minting of NFTs, report publication.) & NFT competition open Call
June: muti session 1 release & 3rd Stipend (Open Call, Evaluation & Onboarding, Minting of NFTs, report publication.)
July: muti session 2 release & 4th Stipend (Open Call, Evaluation & Onboarding, Minting of NFTs, report publication.)
August: 5th Stipend (Open Call, Evaluation & Onboarding, Minting of NFTs, report publication.)
September: 6th Stipend (Open Call, Evaluation & Onboarding, Minting of NFTs, report publication.)
October: Exhibition in NEARhub

DAO’s Milestones for proposal

April: 30 physical visitors for the muti sessions, receiving 25 applications for Open Call.

May: 50 physical visitors for the muti sessions, receiving 30 applications for Open Call & 40 applications for the NFT competition.

June: 200 views of the first session release, receiving 35 applications for Open Call

July: 200 views of the second session release, receiving 35 applications for Open Call

August: 200 views of the third session release, receiving 35 applications for Open Call

September: 300 views of the third session release, receiving 40 applications for Open Call

October & November: 400 views of the remaining session releases, 70 online visitors during the exhibition


Project 1 / muti sessions 2x

Description: muti sessions - recording of a live concert from an emerging artist (in collab with CUDO DAO
Expected outcome: - recording of 2x 4 songs & full video with interview incl. NEAR promotion on YT & IG
- 1k views on IG
- onboarding of artists
- NFT creation with snippet of sessions
Activities & timelines: - recording of session (beginning either second week of April or second week of May)
- 1 week editing & translation
- release after 6 weeks on Youtube, IG and website
Rent of equipment 100
Mix and Master 220 foggyfra.near
Transport 100
Video editing 190
Production/Sound & set up 70 falmon.near
Translate and subtitles 80 comofas.near
Artist Fee 200
Food 50
Onsite Assistant 70
Gimbal operation 70
Interview script 50
Second, smaller session covered by muti
Rent of equipment & set up 100
Mix and Master 220 foggyfra.near
Video editing 120
Production 20 tabear.near
Onsite Assistant 70
Gimbal operation 70
Subtotal 1200

Project 2 / artist stipends 6x

Description: 6 Artist stipends & final virtual exhibition in NEARhub
Expected outcome: - supporting artist during creative project for 4-6 weeks, onboarding into NEAR ecosystem
- Education about and usage of NEAR platforms, adding artist to DAO
- Creation of NFTs (digitally / physically muti bazaar) & promotion
- raising awareness of NEAR, blockchain and web3 amongst creatives based in Portugal & showcasing physical use cases and usability
Activities & timelines: - First 2 weeks of the month: Open Call
- Third Week of the month: Evaluation
- Fourth week: Onboarding, adding to DAO
- Fifth/Sixth week: Minting of NFTs, report publication
- October: Virtual exhibition in our NEARhub space
6x Stipend á 300 1800 new artists
6x evaluation á 120 720 tabear.near, falmon.near, tediv.near, ollenjarvin.near
6x Organization & onboarding (Open Call set up, onboarding, minting, stipend assistance;) 480 tabear.near
Subtotal 3000

Project 3 / NFT minting contest

Description: NFT Open Call
Expected outcome: - Onboarding 10 new artists to the NEAR ecosystem
- 10 new minted artworks related to nature and technology
- voted on by council & community of visual artists on the DAO
Activities & timelines: - 22.5. Open Call
- 1.6. Evaluation (through council visual artists on our DAO)
- 8.6. Minting of artworks & promotion on all platforms
- Showcasing through a 3xr gallery
10x voting á 10 100 Visual artists on DAO
10x reward for chosen artworks á 15 150
minting + onboarding 50
Subtotal 300

Project 4 / Marketing

Description: Social Media & Marketing
Expected outcome: -bigger reach of Open Calls and published events
Activities & timelines: -Monthly Open Call & event for the muti sessions
- Monthly introduction of stipend artists & NEAR stipend
- NFT drop posts
- muti session publications on all platforms
70x 30 210 Open Call promo
2x 15 30 Event Promo
260 Social media scheduling on IG & FB
Subtotal 500

What is the goal of the DAO’s objective?

  • Becoming the leader of artist support and creative use of blockchain in Portugal
  • Onboarding various artists from different disciplines into web3
  • Creating interdisciplinary events with an educational and digital component
  • Establishing long-lasting partnerships
  • Physical space & memberships (physical & digital)
  • Self-sustainability (through events, rentals, educational workshops & agency services)

Roadmap to reach the goal

  • Spring: focus on onboarding more artists (stipends & sessions) ; strengthen the internal structure, project promotion & conference talks
  • Summer: festival presence, artist stipends & onboarding
  • Autumn: Virtual exhibition & conferences
  • Winter: event & residency for showcasing

How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

All 3 mentioned projects above will help the DAO to work towards the listed goals. By creating a strong network of creatives and keep on working on making muti a name for the creative use of web3 and artist support, it is establishing a strong foundation in several areas: web3 education and use of new technologies, artist support, production and creation of audio-visual content. All those tasks tie in together and as mentioned above, we will focus during each quarter of the year on a main goal, whilst having the smaller projects running on the ground.

What will the community or the team members’ role be?

  • Council will handle production, promotion and education
  • Visual artist group in DAO will vote on open call submissions, as during previous stipend rounds
  • Broader community is as always welcomed to join, participate (through events, workshops & collaborations) and participate in what we are working on.

Total request number: 5000 USD in DAI/USDC

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): muti.sputnik-dao.near

Thank you!


It is very good to see this proposal and to see that pioneers and important DAOs are still working and maintaining their activities. I learned a lot from MUTI, the Incubadora and Marma J, so I hope that these DAOs can keep up their work helping artists around the world.


Hey, @tabear could you please check the requested amount? After summarizing all the subtotals I can see $4500 in total, not $5000. Could you please update the proposal?


Hey! Sorry, i forgot to add the social media tasks as a project :person_facepalming: updated now :slight_smile:



last report [REPORT] muti DAO September & October
& recap of 2022


This proposal was approved on March 16th under the CreativesDAO funding vertical for the following details:


Cc: @creativesdao-council


Hey all,

we’ve been silent in the forum but active IRL.
Just posting some updates in here as not all funds have been spent yet and some have been rearranged (like muti sessions, will explain below).

muti sessions:
Recorded 2 of them with each 5 videos, as CUDO didn’t receive funds and we had initially planned on adding equal amounts to the project, we changed it slightly to cover all of it with our budget.

All sessions can be seen here
We recorded 4 + one full session with Bom Beijo & 4x +1 full one with Evaya and the last ones will be released this month.

Had one open call so far, onboarded Kate Shapiro & after consideration, we want to use the remaining stipends to be used in an IRL event in the next year so that the artworks can be included in the physical realm as well. Meaning that we will organize an immersive event and the stipend artists will create something for this occasion.

NFT minting contest
We only received 3 applications and only one participant actually claimed the win. Lesson learned from our side to not host those open calls during the summer when everyone is out and not active on the PC. Pieces have been minted in our Mintbase selection store.

Marketing/Social Media
Budget has been fully used, @daphne is running our channels and planning on a monthly basis.

Other news:
We’ve been to ETH Milan with CDAO and @roadworks created an amazing aftermovie which has been shared by the creative communities and has been paid from our account.

We also went to MIL, a music conference in Lisbon, to speak about blockchain and the future of it in the sector.

& currently planning a Hybrid exhibition in Lisbon with Artsies Collective which will showcase NFTs and projects that work with tech & nature/sustainability and we’re also planning 2 more physical events & a residency program for the next year.

More info will follow and once budget has been fully used, will update it here & can submit a proper report.