[Approved] muti DAO December Social Media/Marketing request

DAO: muti DAO

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Project: Social Media Management December & Website creation

Links: @muti.collective | Linktree


Since the DAO creation in May we have been able to build a small but strong community within the NEAR ecosystem as well as in the physical world. Our physical collective has run several events (concerts, artistic residencies, live streams etc.) as well as numerous onboarding sessions (NEAR onboarding, wallet creation and minting on Mintbase and the importance of NFTs). We participated in 2 Hackathons and NEARCON and have collaborated with several other DAOs (MarmaJ, Cudo, NxM, Incubadora, VR). As a result we have been able to attract more and more artists, which have been introduced to the NEAR ecosystem and which have created their own projects to receive funding through our DAO.We hope that we can act as a first point of contact and that eventually they will set up their own DAOs within the ecosystem.

We realised that the main initiative for onboarding currently comes from the physical events that we run but we are aiming to also grow the digital followers to spread the word about NEAR.

muti DAO is on TG, Facebook, IG, Twitter and Youtube (Discord currently paused as it has not been used by the community) and the followers are constantly growing.

Currently the council is handling the social media posts but with the growing activities and events we would love to create a social media management position, where the manager can dedicate more time specifically for those tasks in order to create more traffic.

The monthly tasks for the social media management position are:

  • FB: creating events for the online streams and DAO events as well as actively growing the followers through campaigns & add page boost of 50 USD → 150 USD
  • IG: posting 2x per week, including NFT drops, stories & posts from other DAOs within the Ecosystem & the NEAR profile → 100 USD
  • Twitter: 3 posts & retweets per week about ongoing projects, NEAR onboarding & funding options (through the gov. forum) → 100 USD
  • Youtube: Upload & management of the content (concerts, workshops etc) → 20 USD
  • Website development: Within the next 2 months we are planning on launching a website with partner links as well as a link to the NEAR governance forum and upcoming & past events as well as links to the already existing Youtube content → 150 USD

Website Mockup currently being developed, more partners do be included:

Current numbers:

  • FB: 86 Followers - 3720 reached
  • IG: 266 Followers
  • Twitter: 197 Followers
  • Youtube (since 15.9.21): 11 followers, 5 videos uploaded
  • TG: 67 members

We have not asked for any funds for social media management until now but you can find our November budget requested from the Creatives DAO here, which also shows the variety of projects that we are currently funding. All other activities can be found in the forum with the mutiDAO tag.


Until now we have measured the reach and success through the onboarded artists and the variety of new proposals and projects that have been received in our DAO, seen relatively to the size of our DAO currently.

Until the end of December we would love to reach min. of 5 more followers per week and per platform.

Generally we aim for more traffic & interaction through our social media, to bring more people into the NEAR ecosystem, educate about the possibilities of NEAR and facilitate creation and empowerment of artists.

Amount: 520 USD

Wallet: muti.sputnik-dao.near to be then distributed to social media manager & website creator


Hey hey , just tagging the @marketingdao-council to see if there is anything else we should add/explain?:slight_smile:

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The payout price is a bit high for the current size of the social media audience. Can we request some adjustments to the request until a bigger impact is reached?

Hey there @jcatnear,

Thank you for your feedback. I’ve updated the amount & also the numbers, as they have been growing since we published this proposal 2 weeks ago. I’ll also leave our streaming calendar here so you can see our digital activities in cryptovoxels, which features dao to dao collabs and artists on NEAR and is also promoted on our social media platforms.

hey again @marketingdao-council, just checking in as december already started, are there any updates on this so we know if would have funding to work with from your side? :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m happy to move this to approved.

cc @marketingdao-council


Thank you! Will request 78N (coingecko 6.12.21, 11:31am 1N=6.68$)


Good evening David. Did this proposal was approved?

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Hey, and paid out yep, have amended the title.


Heyhey where should we send the report to once the month is over? Is a separate post in our category fine and we just link it in here?

Hey! In a separate post, that’d be ace :raised_hands:

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Proposal was approved and paid on different wallet muticollective.near

Thank you for pointing this out. We decided to use the wallet in order to facilitate a faster payment for when the FB/IG adds have to be paid, as until now we were able to only connect only one of our credit cards with the FB add manager. 3,7N have been used until now for this. It was my bad not to update the post in here, as the payout request in the DAO was approved, we assumed it was ok.

We’re happy to move the funds to the mutiDAO on Astro if it helps for a better structure, payouts will be done once the report for December has been delivered.

This is the first time we have requested funds from the Marketing vertical and the month serves to integrate the new social media manager fully so we are still developing the best work flow.



No worries on this, all good - and thanks for explaining.

Ideally, all funds to Guilds and DAOs will go directly to the DAO address to retain accountability and security :raised_hands:


Thank you, will do so for the next request!