[Welcome] muti dao wants to welcome you!

Hello :slight_smile:

@thefalmon and myself would like to introduce the muti dao.

muti dao is the digital equivalent of the physical muti collective, which takes care of its artists and their needs in the physical realm. The goal is to give digital funds for creatives in order to be able to create (be it buying guitar strings, paint or giving support during the production of an album by providing funds for that time). We will mix the best of both worlds.

The structures are currently being set up and we are looking forward connecting with shops that provide artist equipment and also accept N as a payment. More infos soon :slight_smile:

You can find us on

In order for us to publish bounties and approve proposals we would like to ask for a “muti” tag so the posts can be sorted accordingly. @mecsbecs @chloe


Tag created and welcome muti dao! Any information you can share about some of your upcoming short-term and long-term goals would be lovely :grinning:


Thank you!

& Yes, we’ll be updating/giving an overview shortly! :rocket:


“Muti” means “mum” in German, and just like a mum we want to take care of the daily needs of artists in order for them to be able to keep on creating. Be it by buying new materials, traveling to gigs or services that are needed to complete a piece (mastering to finish an album, editing a digital piece, etc.).

We are a physical collective that is organising events in Portugal, which combine different art forms, a collective that wants to blend in the digital with the physical and incentivise a cultural movement in rural areas of Portugal.

Our next steps in the digital realm are onboarding various artists as well as offering bounties and looking for partners that will also accept NEAR as a payment for artistic materials and services. The ultimate goal is that artists don’t need to worry about financial issues anymore when it comes to creation. We want to introduce them to the digital world and its possibilities and to create a network of artists and suppliers that can support each other and keep that creation flowing. It is likely that initially the first payouts to the artists will be converted to fiat as NEAR is not too well known in Portugal yet. Therefore our goal is to also onboard suppliers that eventually will accept NEAR as a payment to keep it all on the blockchain.

Since the DAO creation we have

  • Participated in the hackathon and used some of the gained funds for proposals

  • Created a mintbase store & minted pieces with 10% split royalties for the DAO

  • Onboarded 5 artists

  • Connected to 1 service/supply partner

  • Held 2 onboarding workshops

  • Created a discord channel

  • An active TG group with 18 members

  • Confirmed 2 physical events

  • Confirmed collaboration with incubadorapt DAO

  • Payed out 2 proposals

Next steps:

  • Onboarding more artists
  • Creating bounties to reach more suppliers and create engagement
  • Minting more NFTs & collabs & promote on social media (Twitter/reddit)
  • Getting common social media such as instagram ready
  • Giving onboarding workshops & give a smooth entry to the NEAR eco system
  • Funding artists

Great to see so much progress!


Agreed with @chloe - this is a marvelous start. Would be also great to know how # artists, how # artists you hope to fund, and any other figures you can think of that seem reasonable for your next 30-60 days as measures of success. We want to be sure we’re helping you reach your goals in tangible ways!

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Sorry @mecsbecs, you’d like to know how many artists we hope to fund?

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Yeah, looking to add some metrics/numbers to the goals you have listed here as a way of measuring how everything is going. They can be rough estimates! Those were just examples of things on your goal list that could be quantified but whichever options you and the Council think are most appropriate to include would be great.

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Yes sure :slight_smile:
So generally we’d like to prepare one workshop per week, onboard & mint an NFT for 2-4 new artists per month and have at least one physical event which is related to the NEAR ecosystem (funding, collaborations etc.) in 2 months and get 10 partners/suppliers that would accept NEAR for artist material.

Other than that we are still in the process of familiarising everyone in the group on how it actually works so that we can all work together on the next steps.


Sounds awesome! Thanks for elaborating :+1:t4:


Short presentation about muti :slight_smile:
muti DAO.pdf (343.5 KB)

great/ hard work never fails. Keep the good work

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