[APPROVED] Discover the Hispanic community | Content creation about NEAR 100% in Spanish

Do you want to know who builds in NEAR? Do you want to know how to develop in NEAR? What benefits are there to develop in NEAR?

Last proposal | February 2023 :white_check_mark:

It is important to mention that we have already executed this plan before and you can see our results here → [Approved] Meet the Latino builders of NEAR | Diffusion of NEAR content in Spanish

Summary :books:

Open Web Academy is an educational DAO (see DAO dashboard) that runs Web 3 learning programs to teach people how to develop and launch decentralized projects; develops IRL events to incorporate new web builders 3 and promotes the creation of enable solutions on NEAR Protocol for the last 10 months. Now wants to scale with the recruitment of enthusiasts and builders of NEAR by creating educational content that both experienced and non-experienced to learn about the NEAR Protocol, about the Spanish-speaking developers who contribute to the ecosystem, and about how to start building for NEAR.

About Open Web Academy :globe_with_meridians:

The Open Web Academy has been testing NEAR certified bootcamps, and its members have worked for the past two years on NEAR Protocol educational projects, as well as building and configuring NEAR validator nodes in Stakewars III.

Our team includes:

  • Nicole Arreola : Professor of software development and dev relations
  • Alan Estrada : NEAR certified developer and co-founder of web 3.0 projects at NEAR.
  • Irving Cariño : Certified NEAR Analyst, NEAR Professor and Google Lv2 Professor.

OWA social networks.

Sitio web: https://ow.academy/

Youtube: Open Web Academy - YouTube

Twitter: https://twitter.com/openwebacademy_

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @openwebhouse

Discord: Open Web Academy

Tiktok: owa (@openwebacademy) | TikTok

Background :woman_technologist:

Since the creation of the OWA, the internal team has been in charge of producing and disseminating graphic and multimedia materials through social networks that allowed the approach of interested parties to integrate into parallel projects on NEAR. This same material is listed below for verification, clarifying that these resources have not been financed by MarketingDAO.

  • “Montando nodos en NEAR” - Series of live broadcasts to show the process of assembling validator nodes and give details and news about StakeWars.
  • OWA LIVE - Series of live broadcasts to talk about the NEAR Protocol and show the basic theoretical and technical aspects of working with the NEAR network.
  • Smart Contract Construction - Live session to guide you through the technical parameters of creating smart contracts with NEAR.
  • OWA Spaces and infographics: +6 Twitter spaces related to NEAR and 3 infographics related to NEAR.

Proposal :construction_worker_man:

Generation of a series of valuable content with a duration of one month (January in case of approval) that allows to arouse the interest of new builders for NEAR Protocol and show the benefits of the network through the following activities.

  • “Constructores de la Web 3” - NEAR Interview series with builders from Latam - 2 Episodes on Youtube per month
  • NEAR AMA’s on Telegram w/Giveaways - Invite a Web 3 builder on NEAR to talk with the community on Telegram. 3 times per month
  • Written articles - Projects on NEAR being builded on Latam - 2 articles on Medium per month
  • Construyendo la Web 3 - Live building session on NEAR w NEAR Certified Developers - 3 Lives on Youtube per month / 2 hour duration
  • Marketing OWA - Promotion NEAR builders - Coverage of OWA (Twitter + Telegram) promotion for NEAR contents, copywriting, graphic design and post of contents.
  • Short content (Tiktok + Youtube short + IG reels) for building on Web 3 with NEAR - 10 Youtube Shorts per month

Value proposal. :star_struck:

  • Content 100% in Spanish for Latino communities
  • Content created by technical staff with experience in NEAR and with the support of digital marketing specialists.
  • Monitoring of stakeholders in collective development study groups.

Objectives :dart:

  • Create Spanish-language marketing content to educate more about what builders in Latam are doing using the NEAR Protocol.
  • Arouse interest about the NEAR Protocol among web 2.0 software developers and developers of other blockchains
  • Channeling of interested parties to collaborate with the development of the ecosystem.

Target audiences :family:

Web 2.0 software developers, developers of other blockchains, people with little technical background, blockchain enthusiasts.

Budget :coin:

Content Distribution channel Details Deliverable Amount USDC per month
Constructores de la Web 3 - NEAR Interview series with builders from Latam YouTube contact with NEAR builders, interview recording, audio and video editing, creation of thumbnails and dissemination of the material through social networks 2 Episodes per month 1600
NEAR AMA’s on Telegram w/Giveaways Telegram contact NEAR builders, create graphic material for the promotion of the event, diffusion through social networks, logistics for the realization of the AMA and logistics to distribute 100 USD of the same amount in a giveaway Invite a Web 3 builder on NEAR to talk with the community on Telegram. 3 times per month. 400
Written articles - Projects on NEAR being builded on Latam Medium Field research about projects built in NEAR, interviews with project owners, writing articles of approximately 2500 words, grammar and spelling check, dissemination of the article through social networks. 2 articles per month 500
Construyendo la Web 3 - Live building session on NEAR w NEAR Certified Developers Youtube Plan the technical-educational content for the live,
coordinate the event with the NEAR expert, coordinate with a streaming technician, creation of graphic content to brand the live, promotion through social networks
3 Lives per month / 2 hour duration 3000
Marketing OWA - Promotion NEAR builders Twitter + Telegram coordinate an entire marketing team that enables the creation and promotion of NEAR content Coverage of OWA promotion for NEAR contents, copy writting, graphic design and post of contents. 700
Content Shorts (Tiktok + Youtube Short + IG Reels) for building on Web 3 with NEAR YouTube + Tiktok + IG Reel Field research for topic selection, script writing for the creation of the short, recording of the short, editing of the short, promotion that encourages the viralization of the content 10 Shorts 900
TOTAL 7100

Wallet for funding: open-web-academy.sputnik-dao.near


Lets keep buidling on Latam ! :earth_americas:


Excellent proposal to give tools to those who want to learn about blockchain development with the NEAR protocol in LATAM :fire:


Excellent opportunity to attract the Spanish-speaking developer community :fire:


Happy to support! But let’s pay attention on
Calimero and Aurora as well. Thanks.


sure, thanks for the support!

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Hi @irvingcong thnaks for your well written proposal. I have reviewed and am happy to support.

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Hi @irvingcong – thanks for the detailed proposal – I am likely to support this – can you share a report from the past work here? We ask all proposers to submit a report before receiving additional funding. The link above in the proposal takes me to the past approved proposal. Thanks!

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Hello, here is the corresponding report. This same report is attached in the comments of the last accepted proposal.

Greetings and thanks for the comments!

I support this proposal. Notes:

  • As a native spanish speaker, I have been able to look at the content and attest for its high quality.
  • OWA team been one of the best performing community teams. An example to many other regions. Even their reporting is outstanding
  • Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world across many countries. Great value for money considering the quality of content, depth of knowledge about NEAR from team, and potential market size.

Moving this proposal to approved. You can proceed with AstroDAO Poll.


Thanks for the support, the proposal in AstroDao is done.

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4 days ago I completed the registration on ironcland, is it still the correct form? Is the process the same as always? My question is because last time we had to complete a KYC on Fragtal as well.

Thanks for your attention
@satojandro @cryptocredit @Dacha

Yes. Sorry for the delay, it takes more time now than usual.

no problem, I’m calm knowing that the process is the same, see you!

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