Open Web Academy joins as validator node in NEAR Protocol

OWA Node is alive|

It’s been three months since the Open Web Academy (OWA) DAO participated in Stakewars III. Through the OWA Discord server, the LATAM community met and collaborative learning was encouraged for the assembly of validator nodes in the sharding network that was enabled at that time.
As a result of these meetings, technical multimedia content in Spanish was generated to guide future node builders. Material that can be consulted here.

By the community, for the community

As Web 3.0 builders, the community invites you to participate in the delegation of tokens (NEARs) that allow the owa.poolv1.near node to maintain the minimum seat price required to be part of the validator nodes in the main network. The Open Web Academy (OWA) field their vision and ideals to educate new builders of web 3.0 for free and to generate value proposals that allow the expansion of the use of blockchain technology and NEAR Protocol will use the profits obtained from node fee for the financing of projects and expansion of the community in LATAM, specifically covering the following items.

  • Free consulting sessions
  • Micro grants to projects
  • Dissemination of Latino projects
  • Participation in face-to-face events
  • Easy access to material created by the community
  • Network of contacts of builders of the NEAR Protocol
  • Node management from the OWA DAO

The Open Web Academy community is excited about the recent addition of new validator nodes to the mainnet network through Stakewars III, where 24 Latin American node builders from 3 different countries participated, according to the numbers collected by the OWA, a process in which OWA himself served as a trainer for all those architects interested in node management. See resources created for the assembly of nodes here.

Ready to build.

Do not miss any details of the OWA node management from the DAO dashboard and new notices about it from our social networks.

Official website:
Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @openwebhouse
Discord: Open Web Academy

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Good job for Open Web Academy on creating education for builders on Latam!

Glad to see the support that can be achieved to the owa.poolv1.near pool!


Amazing! let’s keep supporting LATAM community :partying_face:


this should be the goal of the stake wars competition, congrats! :partying_face:


Let LATAM presence be noticed! :nerd_face:


Excellent news and opportunity to contribute to the vision of the Open Web Academy and community expansion in LATAM :partying_face:

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Congratulations for all your work, this is good news for the LATAM community, let’s keep supporting :partying_face:

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Congratulations guys! your hard work has been rewarded :muscle:


Now this is great news! Great work guys and keep bringing NEAR closer to SouthAM!!

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Amazing to see a community that has contributed so much plant the seed to long term sustainability!

Keep up the good work


This shows commitment from LatAm Builders in the NEAR ecosystem. A very important step into getting more dev teams involved in Web3 and also with a clear focus on educating new developers in the space.

Vamos con todo!


¡Is now active!

Lets contribute to the growth of the Latam Community of Web 3.