[Closed] Creation of content about the new technologies of NEAR Procotol in Spanish



creation of content in Spanish and dissemination in LATAM about the new integrations of NEAR as BOS, NDC and the power of AURORA.

Last proposal :back:

in the past the Open Web Academy community has already designed and executed communication about NEAR in Spanish, from here you can see the previous results:

Summary :books:

Open Web Academy is an educational DAO (see DAO dashboard) that runs Web 3 learning programs to teach people how to develop and launch decentralized projects; He develops IRL events to incorporate new web builders 3 and promotes the creation of enabling solutions in NEAR Protocol since the last 14 months.
Now the OWA wants to scale with the recruitment of NEAR enthusiasts and builders by creating educational content for the promotion and positioning of the new tools that are incorporated into the ecosystem such as the Blockchain Operating System (BOS) and initiatives such as NEAR DIGITAL COLLECTIVE (NDC). On few occasions, the core content of the blockchain is presented in a language that is easily accessible to LATAM, which is why we have suffered a lag regarding technology and a delay in adoption.

About Open Web Academy :globe_with_meridians:

The Open Web Academy has been testing NEAR certified bootcamps, and its members have worked for the past two years on NEAR Protocol educational projects, as well as building and configuring NEAR validator nodes in Stakewars III.

Our team includes:

  • Nicole Arreola : Professor of software development and dev relations
  • Alan Estrada : NEAR certified developer and co-founder of web 3.0 projects at NEAR.
  • Irving Cariño : Certified NEAR Analyst, NEAR Professor and Google Lv2 Professor.

OWA social networks.

Proposal :construction_worker_man::building_construction:

Generation of a series of valuable content with a duration of one month (from its approval) that will arouse the interest of new builders and enthusiasts of NEAR Protocol and show the benefits of the network through the following activities.

  • “Web Builders 3” - Series of NEAR interviews with Latam enthusiasts where they talk about the future and the new tools that the protocol incorporates - 2 episodes on YouTube per month
  • NEAR AMA on Telegram with gifts: learning space to answer questions about the new technologies of NEAR Protocol on Telegram. 2 times a month
  • Articles written about the Blockchain Operating System and its relationship with other chains - 4 Medium articles per month
  • Building the Web 3 - Pre-recorded construction session about NEAR, where new technologies are discussed in a theoretical and practical way - 4 directed and edited videos on YouTube per month
  • OWA Marketing - NEAR builders promotion - OWA promotion coverage (Twitter + * Telegram) for NEAR content, writing, graphic design and content post.
    Short content (Tiktok + Youtube short + IG reels) of different topics of the NEAR ecosystem - 10 Youtube Shorts per month

Value proposal. :star_struck:

  • Content 100% in Spanish for Latino communities
  • Content created by technical staff with experience in NEAR and with the support of digital marketing specialists.
  • Monitoring of stakeholders in collective development study groups.
  • In-depth research on trends in NEAR Protocol i-am-human.app

Target audiences :family:

blockchain enthusiasts, users of other chains, Web 2.0 software developers, people with little technical background.

Budget :coin:

Content Distribution channel Details Deliverable Amount USDC per month
Constructores de la Web 3 YouTube + Telegram contact with NEAR builders, interview recording, audio and video editing, creation of thumbnails and dissemination of the material through social networks 2 Episodes per month 1800
Written articles - Projects on NEAR being builded on Latam Medium Field research about projects built in NEAR, interviews with project owners, writing articles of approximately 2500 words, grammar and spelling check, dissemination of the article through social networks. 3 articles per month 600
Construyendo la Web 3 - Video building session on NEAR Youtube contact with NEAR builders, interview recording, audio and video editing, creation of thumbnails and dissemination of the material through social networks 4 video recorded per month 4400
Marketing OWA - Promotion NEAR builders Twitter + Telegram coordinate an entire marketing team that enables the creation and promotion of NEAR content Coverage of OWA promotion for NEAR contents, copy writting, graphic design and post of contents. 800
Content Shorts (Tiktok + Youtube Short + IG Reels) for building on Web 3 with NEAR YouTube + Tiktok + IG Reel Field research for topic selection, script writing for the creation of the short, recording of the short, editing of the short, promotion that encourages the viralization of the content 10 Shorts 1000
TOTAL 8600

:credit_card:Wallet for funding: open-web-academy.sputnik-dao.near


Whenever you can, take a look @marketingdao-council :smile:

Hi @irvingcong thanks for the proposal and for posting the reports for previous work (March and June). With this proposal, are you planning to operate along roughly the same three-month timeline for the funding/content initiatives?

Also, in looking at the report and the metrics, there is some content that is getting much higher engagement than other content, especially on Twitter. Do you have a sense of what is making the top-performing content perform better?

For ongoing projects like yours, it would be ideal if we can see that your team is analyzing not only the numbers but making content decisions based on what you find in the metrics so you’re focusing on what your audience is responding to most enthusiastically and perhaps minimizing the lower performing content, trying/testing new experiments instead. Curious what you’re finding resonates with your audience most or what is driving the best engagement for you now that you’ve had a number of months to test this out.


Hello @so608, thanks for the comments provided, here I give an answer to them.

.- It’s right. The work schedule is planned to be fulfilled in the same way as in past proposals.

.- We consider Twitter our main social network, thanks to the work of our colleagues who manage the community from there. The use of good copy and hashtags has led to the highest traffic of Open Web Academy people here.

.- We have analyzed the contents with the greatest impact and these have been those in which collaboration has been achieved with our own communities and those outside the Protocol, such as the communities of Aurora Latam, Aurora Venezuela, Metapool and emerging projects. As well as content that addresses news that allows the adoption of NEAR.

.- Regarding the contents of YouTube, we have observed that those contents that pre-establish real cases and tangible examples tend to have better reception.

.- Speaking of short content, we have found a large audience on Instagram that is excited to see more similar content. We consider this fact due to the use of GI in the Mexico region.

.- Written content, although it has few views, is the category that has the highest conversion of users to embed them into the ecosystem, since we are usually pioneers in communicating in Spanish the most current NEAR topics that are only offered in English

.- The content creation decisions are not made only with numbers… they are also made according to the trends and KPIs of NEAR Protocol, which is why the current proposal aims to focus on BOS, the NDC, the tools of the AURORA ecosystem and NEAR social as a decentralized meeting point.

.- Based on the above, I modified the content proposal to give greater strength to those spaces that have great traction.

I am waiting for new comments. Thank you!!

Note: in future reports it could include analysis of the content created, similar to what I wrote in the comment. What do you think about this? :thinking:

Update of previous comment due to my bad translation.
The content is planned for 1 month but its execution has been achieved between 1 to 2 months + the time in which the proposal process is completed.
We also made a second modification to the contents, adjusting costs for price variations between USD<>MXN.

Thanks again!

Hi @cloudmex-alan

Thanks for your proposal. Can you please elaborate on the differences between

Can you please elaborate on the differences between these two deliverables?

Constructores de la Web 3
Construyendo la Web 3

They seem to be very similar in nature.

I cannot support this initiative at the price points you’ve given.
The expenses of these videos is considerably higher compared to other proposals with similar content. Even if you were to cut the price in half, your proposal is still more expensive than most that we approve.

Having checked out your social media channels, I can see you’re building some cool.
But it’s still very early.

If you can get more subscribers, engagement, and views across these channels, I’m happy to review the next proposal.

Unfortunately, I cannot approve this proposal.

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Hi @Klint, this proposal is leaded by @irvingcong, however I’m happy to answer by being part of the Open Web Academy team…

Constructores de la Web 3 ← Interviews with Web 3 builders from the NEAR ecosystem that are running projects from Latam.

Construyendo la Web 3 ← This are building sessions that put experienced NEAR developers to teach and showcase about how to develop on NEAR or technologies related. This implies the job for a developer to create, curate, teach and do a demo.

Past reports and YouTube channel can show the difference.

Open Web Academy put its effort to create educational contents for Web 3 builders, focused on NEAR and Aurora technology. Many of that leading for building developers relationship on this bleeding edge technology. By the previous, we couldn’t be as fancy as others. However, we consider this contents provides a high value for new comers and on the time will preserve its value.

For a single example, we made the first tutorials and demo for BOS. The first teaching how to develop widget for BOS, when the only content available was the well done presentation from Illia at Eth Denver. All of this made in Spanish.

I can understand your point: Subscribers and engagement are a KPI for @marketingdao-council, and we want to help on that. As the main focus of the OWA content couldn’t change much, the strategy to widespread is being reinforced and adjusted so contents can increase its impact.

Hope the @marketingdao-council can look forward on the proposal we are making and support it.

In any other case, we are glad to hear the feedback given to grow.


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Hi @irvingcong i have reviewed your proposal and noted the replies to comments from fellow council. I suggest that you review some of the pricing in your proposal and continue to build for growth as it seems that you are still at an early stage in developing your project. Unable to support in current form.

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Thanks for the feedback provided. We have been able to see the common comment of all the directors. We will pause this proposal to focus on growing the reach of our social networks and improving the interaction they currently have. We will gladly continue generating content about NEAR and its ecosystem and creating IRL spaces for blockchain education. Wait for our new proposals!