[REPORT] Meet the Latino builders of NEAR | Diffusion of NEAR content in Spanish

Hello NEAR family. :v::v:

At the end of January, the DAO Open Web Academy team made a proposal to execute a marketing plan about NEAR Protocol. The Open Web Academy community has been fully engaged in discussing and building on the NEAR blockchain. Below we leave the results obtained about said proposal Not without first offering an apology for the late report,

First of all, it is important for us to mention the challenge of communication through digital media and highlight the work that marketing people do. We have oriented our content to strengthen relationships with developers, with the aim of growing the community that consumes technical content from LATAM.

Content of proposal.

  • 2 Episodes about Constructores de la Web 3 - NEAR Interview series with builders from Latam.
  • 2 NEAR AMA’s on Telegram w/Giveaways
  • 2 articles about Projects on NEAR being builded on Latam
  • 3 Lives “Construyendo la Web 3” Live building session on NEAR w NEAR Certified Developers
  • 10 short content on Youtube.

Content created



See the table of contents created and their respective analytics of each content in the following document

Analytics of each category of resource created

Construction Series
AMA Session's
Blog post
Short content
Interview Series

Scope achieved

Since we began the creation of specific content for this proposal, we have had a reach of 57K impressions, Annex you can find a table where the reach, interaction and interaction rate of each tweet related to this proposal is specified



Important notes

.- For the short content, the initial approach was to publish only on YouTube shorts, however, the content format allowed us to carry out the same content on other channels such as Tiktok, Reels on Instagram and YouTube shorts.

.- For the short content, we still have another 2 contents that will be published.

.- With the arrival of the Blockchain Operating System, we opted to have specific content that would board this new technology promoted by NEAR, thus creating an exclusive construction session and an entry on Medium.

.- During the AMA sessions that were generated in the Telegram of the Open Web Academy, the giveway was held where prizes were distributed with the people who collaborated in solving doubts about the NEAR ecosystem. Dealt out prize transactions can be tracked in the Astrodao dashboard

.- The written content was catapulted from Medium and the blog of our website, in addition a total of 6 blog posts were created with topics at the forefront of the NEAR protocol

We are open to any feedback that the DAO Marketing team can provide, we are committed to continue communicating about the NEAR Protocol without compromises and to continue improving the quality of the content with the objective of continuing to impact the Spanish-speaking public. Thank you for the trust placed.

See you later :wave::wave:


Hoping to see more of things like this and I love the representation.


Congrats team!

The Latam community keep the way of builders to expand the NEAR Ecosystem!


@irvingcong thank you for a comprehensive and well presented report.


As usual, outstanding reporting.

Keep up the great work!


This is a fantastic exercise of reporting ! Love to see it.