[APPROVED] Danny D. Weirdo's Unabomber Music Video

Hello, I’m Vinicius Andrade, A.K.A. Danny D. Weirdo. I currently work as a soundtrack composer for brazilian dramatic and dance plays and I’m also the founder of the Danny D. Weirdo (art rock/noise rock) and Softlock (trip hop/idm/indie) music projects and part of the Nomade Label artists catalogue artists store (before it became a DAO). I was part of the Quintas Paralelas event proposed by @blusw in January (sponsored by NxM), when i started my relationship with NxM and learning about NFTs and Cryptocurrency

Last year I released the “Cujo” EP, that featured three songs: Garcia, Romantik and Unabomber. The EP was made entirely on a home studio as a reflection on my isolation during pandemic times, referencing Stephen King’s book on the title as a metaphor. To promote the EP and research the music video language, I directed and edited the Romantik music video with no budget at all, inspired by Gaspar Noe’s work, the book "House of Leaves’’ and horror movies such as the original Suspiria, The Babadook and Hereditary.

I am submitting this proposal in order to go on with this project, now with the Unabomber song. This song is a slow burning, semi-dadaistic spoken word experience, which turns into instrumental chaos halfway through, closing the EP with a massive blow. Along with the music video I am building the video concept for a virtual exhibition on Mozilla Hubs with GIIP Games, the virtual interactive art academic research group I’m part of, inspired by Radiohead’s Kid A Mnesia.

The basic concept of the video consists of a half-naked man dancing in slow motion to the song next to an old T.V. that plays abstract video art. This video art is set to be directed by @filmesdeinfiltracao. linktr.ee/thaisampr

I will need $500 split into two months in NEAR so we can produce this video beggining it’s creative process later this month and finishing it in April, rightfully paying the dancer, the camera operator, @filmesdeinfiltracao’s art direction and the objects used in it.

First month _ 250USD in Near - target dannydweirdo.near
Second month _ 250USD in Near - target filmesdeinfiltracao.near

This project is part of Nomade Label DAO first stage that aims to support artistic
independent production. Part of the result of the production process will be minted, as raw material, demo, behind the scenes or bonus track. The videoclip won’t be minted yet.
So hopefully we can keep continue this partnership, and build a sustainable community

Cheers Nomade Label membersl, I hope I get your interest.


Links to my work:
Romantik Music Video, Unabomber Single


Very nice! happy to see the first Proposal for Nomade LAbel DAO


Go Nomade Label, go! o/

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#report Unabomber Music Video

Project Status: in progress

I managed to find the dancer (Tadzio Veiga) and the camera operator (Dadu Figlioulo), who the payment percentage is yet to be discussed by me and @filmesdeinfiltracao. The virtual exhibition on Mozilla Hubs construction starts tomorrow with the help of GIIP Games. The overall concept of the video remains the same and is planned to be filmed in april.


Hey @dannydweirdo keep on going on this process, i really love and believe in your art work.
I just want to ask you if you could please send me inbox with the contact of your collaborators, then i can do they onboarding to Near Protocol.

Best regards

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