[APPROVED] Nomadelabel DAO March Funding Request

Project: Nomadelabel DAO
Status: Completed

tagget: wasem_simon.near

First month request of Nomade Label DAO.
Our goal is to support the production of a Brazilian experimental artistic collective, related to the Nomade Label store, its artists and possible new branches.

On 6th of March 2022 we have 33 minters, 385 transactions and earned 25,59 Near, in almost 3 months of activity.

DAO members:

@blusw wasem_simon.near
@filmesdeinfiltracao .near
@gushlewis manutegus.near
@loveletterexe bioplug.near
@pinkalsky pinkalskyy.near
@gabrielfelipejacomel gabrielfelipejacomel.near

Council: 100 USD for 6 humans = 600 USD

Sub-total = 600 USD

This month we have two proposals to request for foundin one physical event and a music video production:

1- EAT-(Encontro de Arte e Tecnologia) Physical event (sao Paulo Brazil) -


850 USD

2 - Danny D Weirdo - Unabomber(music video)


250 USD

(500 USD for music video production will be slipted in two months payout

3 - Loveletter.exe - @blablalab on #nomadelabel-dao

target-*bioplug.near - hacked account - now motolove.near

300 USD

600 USD - concil
850 USD - EAT(event)
250 USD - music video
300 USD -@blablablab

2.000 USD ^-^ 200 Near

(on march 6th 22, 10 USD= 1 Near)



Hi, Blu. Just letting you know that the payment for council work is 30% maximum of the budget for projects. In your case, as the budget for projects is 1400 usd, you could use 420 usd instead of 600 usd as payment for council work. This is something technical that the creatives moderators are going to tell you. You also dont need to put the payment on near, because NEAR Foundation will convert it in the moment of payment, in the conversion rate of the moment.


Oh, thanks @thephilosopher i didnt knew about it.
Nice to know, right ? @pinkalsky @loveletterexe @filmesdeinfiltracao @gushlewis
So, please @creativesdao-mods members, we will update soon our request on the same topic until tomorrow.



Hi @blusw cation before placing the order on Astro DAO. So please provide the quote update and we will check if everything is ok.

Let me know if you need something more :wink:


Thanks @hevertonharieno !

I already update this proposal, with the ajusted bugdet(that makes it possible to includ our other proponent @loveletterexe). Luckly we had this project ready on a waiting list, than we got the bugdet right, thanks to @thephilosopher coment (2000 requeste plus 600 for DAO members).

I already submited this poll:
(linked to this proposal)

But now i undertand that this post must be approved by Creatives Dao´s concil.
I will wait to submit new Poll when it gets ready.


Hello @blusw, I’ll explain in portuguese just to try be more clear =)

Então, o valor não aparece editado pra mim ainda mas… quando dizemos que a primeira proposta de uma DAO é de no máximo 2.000 dólares, queremos dizer no total. O valor que se pretender como pagamento para o council não fica de fora disso. Ou seja, você precisa repensar as atividades de modo a caber em 2.000 mil dólares já com o council.

É importante também lembrar que, para o council existe um limite de 30% da proposta. Ou seja, se vocês pedirem 2000 dólares com o council, vocês terão 600 de council e 1400 para tocar as atividades.

Acho que não é necessário criar uma outra poll no astro. Trabalha primeiro em fortalecer essa proposta para que possamos discutir junto aos moderadores do creatives e, estando tudo ok, a gente libera pra votação na mesma poll, atualizando com o link devidamente aprovado.

Qualquer coisa diz ta bem?


@hevertonharieno @thephilosopher @ted.iv
It mite be going to the right direction now, right?

1400 USD(850+300+250) +
420 USD(30% de 1400USD) @thephilosopher
or 600USD( 30% 2000USD) @hevertonharieno


Olá família. Happy to say that your proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: Astro ] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guidelines: [New Process] Community Payouts


Ola Amigo
Here you are, the Astrodao Poll proposal:


Sorry for the delay

All the best


voted. happy to see this community growing