[CANCELED] Experimental Film to Danny D. Weirdo’s Unabomber Music Video

This proposal concerns to the continuity of the project created by @dannydweirdo, to develop his music video to the Unabomber song.

As Danny defines, this song is a slow burning, semi-dadaistic spoken word experience, which turns into instrumental chaos halfway through, closing the EP with a massive blow. Along with the music video I am building the video concept for a virtual exhibition on Mozilla Hubs with GIIP Games, the virtual interactive art academic research group I’m part of, inspired by Radiohead’s Kid A Mnesia.

The basic concept of the Unabomber music video consists of a half-naked man dancing in slow motion to the song next to an old T.V. that plays abstract video art.
The video art is set to be directed by @filmesdeinfiltracao. The ideia is to make a video with some abstract images, or even projection under dystopian surfaces.

250USD in Near - target filmesdeinfiltracao.near

This project is part of Nomade Label DAO first stage that aims to support artistic
independent production. Part of the result of the production process will be minted, as raw material, demo, behind the scenes or bonus track. The videoclip won’t be minted yet.
So hopefully we can keep continue this partnership, and build a sustainable community

Cheers Nomade Label membersl,