[Approved] Cross over the EP; Afro-fusion

Proposal for NXM guild
Project Title: Cross over The Ep; Afro fusion
Duration: July 1st - 30th

About Me: My name is Mustapha Kolawole aka Mubzybeat(mubzy.near). I’m an Afrobeat Producer versatile in other Genres of music.
I have been an active member of the Nxm community, winning the first beat remake contest by Beatdao and I have also been on a number of projects by notable individuals in the ecosystem with one of many the Near Mixtape

Introduction: Music is a way of life. A tool in the hands of people who compose and sing. it’s been proven that creatives have been making news daily in the ecosystem through music from all over the world which is a whole lot of exciting experience. Genres of music has been intertwined making alot of cross over hits in the Ecosystem.

Project: Cross over the Ep
The project title is called ‘Cross over the Ep’.
This is a musical compilation that talks about the fusion of different genres with Afrobeat as the root.
The music compiled in the EP will communicate throughout the ecosystem irrespective of country, and continent.
This project will include Afro-pop, Dancehall, Afro-swing(Ukafrobeat), and Afro race(Arabian afrobeat)

Collaborators: i would love to feature @scarmanbaba @Gabrielmuse @big M so we can make it a 4 artiste compilation and at the end of production, the songs will be minted on the NXM guild mint store

Funding: We request $500 in Near which will be spent thus:
Mixing and Mastering of 5tracks: $150
Graphics: $20
Scarman: $60
Gabriel: $60
Big M: $60
Mubzy: $100

Total: $500

50% (250USD) of the funds for commencement of project and 50% (250USD) after completion


Im highly anticipating this bro. It has been a long time coming.

Nice one bro

Hi @Mubzy, thank you for the proposal.

Is there any related between the tracks produced here and the songs being proposed in this proposal? [project proposal]4 song EP titled Rumba; Black beauty

Can you also point out the difference between the amount here? Note that NxM does support proposals to help you produce music projects, however the fund should goes to necessary items in the project itself, so could you please list out the tasks to be done?

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Thank you very much for considering my project @williamx
The songs on the project Rumba; black beauty are not related and the funds goes this;
@Scarmanbaba (recording ): $60
@BigM007 (recording): $60
@gabrielmuse (Recording) : $60
And @Mubzy (voicing, mixing and Mastering) :$100

The rest of the funds goes into mixing and Mastering of the tracks in the project and the artwork for the project itself
The recording of all creatives to be featured on this will be done in there various locations

Thanks again
Looking forward to your reply

Do you intend to release it in any streaming platform other than minting on Mintbase?


No I don’t intend to release it on other streaming platfoms.
The project will only be minted on mintbase.io and 25% will go to nxm store on mintbase.io

Hi @Mubzy, we want to support your proposal, however releasing your artworks on free streaming flatforms should be done after that (We can support along the way, with Tamago for example). How do you think?

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Thank you very much
Sure it’s works for me

Thanks again

Hi @Mubzy, thank you for your proposal.

Happy to inform that the proposal has been approved, feel free to request 50% of the requested funds to NxM.

cc: @Monish016 @Paul @rhymetaylor @bonepolice


Thank you very much @williamx
I really appreciate
Thank you to all council members


Hi @Mubzy, is there any update about the project?


Good day @williamx
Apologies on the delay on the project
We encountered some problems while working on the project
One of the main reasons of the delay was due to health issues of one of the creatives on the project.
Things are better now and our tracks are ready to be minted on mintbase.io
We await the artwork of the project from the designer.
In few days the project will be ready

Thanks again for supporting this project


Thanks @Mubzy.

@williamx, I’m the one who held up the project. I had to deal with a medical emergency.

Thankfully, it’s now under control and I have recently concluded the recording.

I thank everyone involved in the project for their patience and apologize for inconveniences the delay has caused.

Thank you.

@williamx @Monish016 @rhymetaylor