[REPORT] Cross over the Ep; Afro-fusion

This is a report for the project “Cross over the Ep; Afro-fusion”. The project was a success thanks to the creative minds on it @Scarmanbaba @BigM007 @AugustKinge & @Mubzy

There were set backs which caused the delay for few days due to health issues with @AugustKinge but we were able to come up with interesting tunes for the Ep. All tracks have been successfully mixed, mastered and minted on Mintbase.io with the artwork ready also

Every creative on the project were funded according to how it was stated in the proposal

A release date for the projects has been set for the 19th of August 2022 in other to give enough time to gather enough traffic and audience to the project

Here is the art cover for the project and links to each track

Track 1 :
Mubzy - intro (Afrobeat is near)

Track 2:
Mubzy - Showcase ft @Scarmanbaba

Track 3:
Mubzy - Wrong Nigga ft @BigM007

Track 4:
Mubzy - Hustle ft @AugustKinge

@williamx and council members
Thank you very much for supporting this project


Hi @Mubzy, thank you for the report! Stay creatives!

FYI: This report link to the following proposal