[Approved] ALL BLACK ; The Ep

Proposal for NXM Guild
Project title : ALL BLACK ; The Ep
Project duration : August 1st - 30th

About me: My name’s Abdulrahman Damilola a.k.a Scarman with the near Tag (ace17.near) , I’m a musical artist ,an art creative and lover, a song writer and a Record producer. I have featured on a few notable projects in the ecosystem which includes a Dao mixtape and An active member of several Daos in the Near Ecosystem.

Introduction : I believe Music is a generic guide, a creative process , a special way to tell your story and express yourself ,a guide to bring the world into seeing all aspects of your life and story from different point of view, a source to pass a message across the world reaching ears of thousands , a guide towards making sure your feelings are conveyed and connections are made. A great tool this ecosystem system allows us to enjoy to the maximum satisfaction whilst connecting us with other creatives.

Project : “ALL BLACK; the Ep” is a project that talks about and shows the love, positivity and beauty emanating from the people and around me where i come from. It is going to be used to preach express and promote the beauty of humanity ,especially in a way we can connect with , it’s specifically also going to potray the beauty and the love of the people around me. It’ll be a fusion of the Afrobeats sound.

Collaboration: I’ll be collaborating with @Mubzy a producer and fellow NXM guild member on the four song EP,
the songs will be minted on the NXM guild mint store and made available on the streaming platform Tamago. The mixing and mastering will be done at the AB young studios in ilorin , Nigeria.
Funding : we request $500 in Near which will be spent thus:
Mixing and mastering of four songs : $200
Graphics : $50
Logistics : $30
Mubzy(production): $120
Scarman(vocals) : $100

Total : $500
Request for 50% (250USD) of the funds for commencement of project and 50% after completion

Ps. This will be my first personal project on NEAR

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Hi @Scarmanbaba, thank you for the proposal.

Can you elaborate what impacts, value that the project can add to NxM community? We receive a lot of proposals to produce music EPs every month, but the thing is the metrics of those proposals should be very clear and create positive impacts on the community rather than just producing music. By really focusing on the outcomes beyond getting some music eps minted on NxM store, you can make your proposal stand out and be diffrent.

Sorry for the delayed response.
This project is going to impact the community by bridging the realities of people with music. Showcasing , enlightening and exposing the NXM community to the beauty of my people , an introduction to the growing Global (West African) genre AFROBEAT through the sub genres that I’ll focus on which is Afropop and Afro fusion. This isn’t just making music and creating melodies. It’s also showcasing an expressive genre to the entire community at large.

Least i forget also
This is EP will be a beginning of a extensive roadmap which will aid the introduction of NXM and Music NFTS to people from this side of the world and hopefully at large too.
Sorry for the delayed response once again.

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Hi @scarmanbaba thank you for your proposal.

Happy to inform you that the proposal has been approved. Feel free to request 50% of the requested funds to NxM.

cc: @williamx @rhymetaylor

Wowwww Thank you so much for this opportunity, I promise you it’s the beginning of something great for the community.

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