[Closed] 4 song EP titled Rumba; Black beauty

Proposal for NXM Guild
Project title : Rumba : black beauty
Project duration : july 1st - 30th

About me: My name’s Abdulrahman Damilola a.k.a Scarman with the near Tag (ace17.near) , I’m a musical artist ,a art creative and lover generally, a song writer and a Record producer. I have featured on a few notable projects in the ecosystem which includes a Dao mixtape.

Introduction : Music is a guide and a tool for a creative, a special way to tell your story and express yourself ,a guide to bring the world into seeing all aspects of your life and story from different point of view, a source to pass a message across the world reaching ears of thousands , a guide towards making sure your feelings are conveyed and connections are made. A great tool this ecosystem system allows us to enjoy to the maximum satisfaction whilst connecting us with other creatives.

Project : “Rumba ; black beauty” is a project that talks about and shows the love and beauty emanating from the African women around me where i come from. “Rumba” is going to be used to preach express and promote the beauty of humanity ,especially in a way we can connect with , it’s not only going to portray african women alone but all women across board irrespective of race, but the root message will be derived from the women around me.

Ps. “Rumba” means “swaying hips”

Collaboration: I’ll be collaborating with @Mubzy a producer and fellow NXM guild member on a four song EP which he’ll produce the beats , executively oversee the production of the songs and and I’ll write and Lay the vocals
At the End the song will be minted on the NXM guild mint store

We will be making use of a private studio here in Ilorin, kwara state "AB young studios " where we’d record, mix and master the songs.(The studio owner will also be onboarded on completion of the project.)

Funding : we request $500 in Near which will be spent thus:
Mixing and mastering of four songs : $200
Graphics : $50
Logistics : $50
Mubzy: $100
Scarman : $100

Total : $500
Request for 50% (250USD) of the funds for commencement of project and 50% after completion

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Hi @Scarmanbaba, thank you for the proposal.

Just want to clarify that are your songs the same with the tracks being propose in this proposal? Cross over the EP; Afro-fusion

Are you going to use the track being produced from that?

No they aren’t the songs will be different, from that of mubzy’s
This is my personal project for full clarity and the tracks are in no way the same with the proposed one in mubzy’s EP.

The track from mubzy’s project won’t be used in this project.

Dear @Scarmanbaba
Congrats on submitting your first proposal!

Unfortunately, your proposal wasn’t accepted after council review. We appreciate your input and thank you for engaging with us. We believe that every single proposal was created with goodwill to make NxM a better community.
Feel free to submit your report in the next round.