[Approved]C1/NXM Guild collaboration for Nigeria February Onboarding Tour

The NxM Guild has seen so many musical creatives been onboarded from Nigeria, west Africa. A whole lot of artistes within these region are interested in taking their craft a notch higher using any platform or means that supports them in honing. Nigeria has been a global cynosure of music due to its globally recognized creative outputs with the likes of Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido, Omah lay, Fireboy, etc. Recently, to the glory of the African continent, Burna boy won a grammy award for best music album and this single antecedent has rub off on young aspiring creatives to bring forth their talent to fore and showcase themselves conveniently. I myself is a rapper and a poet and i was onboarded by @Dedeukwu and since then its has been fireworks in my personal, mental and creative welfare after being inducted into the global trend of crypto art and the rest. The NxM guild has more Nigerians in its guild than any other guild within the NEAR ecosystem, and these Nigerians are mostly music artistes if not all. It would be an icing on the cake for the NxM guild if one of these artistes blow up in the crypto space and evidence remaining of their breeding grounds being the NxM guild, Voila, that would be awesome. The NxM guild has done a very good job so far in supporting these musical artistes with funding for their projects and now its time for the NxM Guild to stake its crypto music claim on the ground in Nigeria by collaborating with the C1 guild on an onboarding tour of the Nigerian creative landscape.

The onboarding tour which is the main essence of this proposal is an event that aims to create a meet at a popular central hub within every main city of the target states where the onboarding events would be hosted. This IRL event seeks to communicate with creatives, investors and web deveolopers who havent heard about the bright future of the NEAR protocol. With musical performance from a popular afro music star within the clime, interaction and engagement talks about the NEAR blockchain platform plus a detailed lecture reiterating the unstoppable move of Dapps, Defi, NFTs and consensus algorithms, the audience would sure be inundated with the right enthusiasm to patronixe what we are selling :NEAR Protocol and be sure to share the good news with their acquaintances.

I would personally be on the ground to be the eyes, ears and the proselytizing agent of the indefatigable NxM Guild to cover the event on my DLSR camera, find musical artistes and explain the concept of DAOs and guilds to them in the guise of onboarding them to NxM and also design NxM merch from my personal coffers to distribute at the event. I am John X, i am fluid and love to share while exploring. The NxM image is safe with me i assure you my dearest benevolent council.

Lets do this…

Details about the budget for this event has already been enumerated by the C1 guild in this link, all we nxM need do is play our part in the collaboration by providing our part of the funding for this event and spread the tentacles of our gospel to the deepest reach of the nigerian commune.

I, John, your loyal discord moderator and enthusiast is willing to serve as I would also be premiering my “Alignment EP”, An NxM funded project at the event. I’ll have masters to these files by 2nd of February and the event is on the 5th. I’ll be flying the NxM flag and fully represent the guild on ground in education and onboarding

A total of $3,500 in NEAR is requested

C1 = $2,500
NxM = $1,000

Target: freedomandflow.near


infinite love always


Been a great ride with NxM , C1 Guild and NEAR PROTOCOL in general, I’m sure it’s about time to take it to the whole of Nigeria through this initiative with the team…much appreciated @JohnX for this proposal :raised_hands:t6:

I look forward to the kickstart of this tour🔥


This is interesting, other regions needs to be aware of the NEAR protocol.


This is mind blowing, and we look forward to bringing this project to fulfillment
I am so happy this is happening in our time
Creatives in ABUJA nigeria are gearing up, a good number of them sound very excited and with reports they are ready to receive and be a part of this life changing and art changing opportunity with the NEAR PROTOCOL

Good job @JohnX and Weldon @Dedeukwu
We are ready and waiting


Hey @JohnX just so you’re aware the window for submitting proposals to NxM has closed and will only be open again from the 25th until the end of the month. Also, it’s important to note that funding for Projects is limited to $500 and for Events $1000. Looks like a really cool project, given the focus on onboarding why don’t I see Onboarding DAO linked to this at all?


Thanks, @vandal for reminding me, yes the window for NxM proposals opens on the 25th and closes on the 30th. I would like to think that this is not a conventional proposal in that vein, as this event is a cross-guild collaboration and it stands out in its own accord.

Collaborating with C1 guild on a project like this mirrors more reflections on the significance of NxM in its service to NEAR. This event is bringing celebrities from different demographics of Nigerian entertainment and would serve a higher purpose for tentacle spreading…

And yes, onboarding DAO should be part of this as an event like this mirrors their agenda also. I’ll reach out to see how a tripartite DAO initiative would work as regarding this collosal event.

Let’s just say we wait till the 25th - 30th window to make this work as regarding funding: in accordance with NxM funding protocol

Thank you for remining me once again huncho

Cheers ,



For anything to do with NxM issuing funds, it will need to follow the current guidelines. I suggest that you look at directing this proposal to @creativesdao-council for some guidance on how to secure funds as it’s not in the best interest of NxM to deviate from its current model. It could be seen as favoritism and set a precedent across the community making it difficult to manage in the future. Nothing at all against the proposal, I think it’s wonderful, it’s just a matter of procedure here. :100: Of course waiting until next funding round would be ideal! Just keep in mind the budget request limitation of $1000 for events and also that it would need to be approved by the council.


Thank you so much huncho.


Amazing, I was born born and raised in kaduna, North west Nigeria. It’s alot of creatives there that would be glad about the Near protocol. This an amazing idea once again @JohnX , much love and respect!


Hello Vandal,

Yes, feedback from the C1 guild is that they want to make this a multi guild collaboration and decides to wait for the next funding round. It is socially healthy when protocol is being followed and you have exemplified this greatly… I would like to bring to your knowing about a new development:

This project which is a collaboration between C1 guild and NxM would be used as a very convenient avenue for doing the release party for my just completed “Alignment EP” which is also a project that was funded by NxM.

I will be performing all the songs from the EP at the event, while also doing the educational lecture as intended by the C1 guild. I would use this opportunity to interact with more artists and onboard them to NxM straight up.

Cc @JCB @Dedeukwu


Infinite love as always

John X


That’d be epic brother, it will be a great development to launch your E.P while we sensitive and shill the guilds project via QR code to everyone in the venue.


Hey @JohnX , We are Happy to Announce this Proposal has been Accepted for Nxm Project Grant. Please Feel Free to Request an Advance of 50% Funding for your Work if Required on our Astro