Report from C1/NxM NEAR TOUR ( Abuja edition )

Hello everyone
This will serve as a report to this first continuous cross-DAO relationship on events and goals with NxM which was initiated by me.
A couple of things like RADIO PERSONALITY,Guest Nollywood Veteran and Event kickoff time changed because of the late completion of funding that warranted to not making budget for them and ect but with joy in our heart;

-We achieved total number of 72 $NEAR wallets with activation of 0.1 $NEAR each.
( link attached )

-We created a TG group for the Abuja creatives and interested Crypto investors and we have a total number of ( 38 ) people with hope to set up a DAO there with the serious ones and expand the $NEAR ecosystem in Nigeria.

  • @JCB streamed to the event via the projector and answered a few questions from the audience on the blockchain. ( Except that we lost it when someone asked how many is the token supply on NEAR ) lol it’s obvious that i need an answer to that as well.

-We connected with the Queen @Royaltyjoy who is also a legal practitioner in Abuja and we just got started with the NGO registration of C1 in Nigeria.
-We have already minted the first content from one of the Abuja artist named mui33.near.

-We covered the event and recovered so much photography & video NFTs to be minted in the “CHAPTERONE” Mintbase store with split revenue 30% to @NxM 30% to @Chapter and the remaining 40% to the event team @Sammiee @ELKHUSH @JohnX @Mr_Royalty

-We covered dance, music performance and red carpet show.

-Lastly we must say it was a peaceful and productive event despite stress and a spice of drama :blush:, we also performed the “ALIGNMENT E.P” by @JohnX that he intend to mint with @NxM store and we are working towards sharing community activities and web3 knowledge to the new FCT ABUJA GROUP ( see link below )

Note: There’s miscellaneous expenses during and before this event so we fixed it with the remaining bounty to make sure we are not tensed. I will attach the minted event video and photo links here once I’m done minting them.

Thanks to the team and NEAR ecosystem for such an opportunity to spread the blockchain gospel and we look forward to next tour in ABIA STATE on (May) featuring another guild.
@JCB @vandal @creativesdao-council

Signed: dedeukwu.near


@Dedeukwu you make all the hard work sound so exciting afterwards :clap::clap::clap: thank you for the opportunity.


Looks like a great success @Dedeukwu and all involved, congrats!
Looking forward to seeing the photography and video NFTs


It was and still is a pleasure serving in the NEAR Ecosystem, thanks @Dedeukwu for this report and so much thanks to everyone who played a role in making this event happen and a success too.
We are very much ready and pumped to serve and be of service


All available on the Mintbase store :clap::clap:

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Hi fam, just a report on the minted NFTs from the NEAR TOUR by C1 & NxM.

I have been working to figure out the best unlockable platform for the high resolution video and 113 pictures accumulated from the past event with my council member @JCB so we just minted the event E-flyer to unlock high resolution video with split % in the smart contract to NxM wallet, C1 wallet and the rest of the team’s wallet ( link attached below )

I’ve reached out to the initiator of varda.vault (an unlockable platform built on NEAR PROTOCOL) and I’m looking forward to minting the remaining 113 pictures maybe as 1 NFTs or series but I’d welcome y’all suggestions or ideas on this. It is understandable that the $500 returned by @JohnX to the NxM DAO covers the payment of editing this video and pictures by @Roxy , wallet activation token by the team @Sammiee @ELKHUSH which I’ve paid them back and my bounty.

I have everything expenses written and documented from start to finish plus it’s okay to let the community know that few of John X property is still in our C1 creative space custody to be returned to him once he return the $500 token to sort these debts. I understand it’s common for issues like this to happen in the ecosystem and my belief is justice and equity which will be our stepping stone in building the decentralized future we seek.

Tagging the NxM fam @vandal @Paul @Monish016 for ideas and visibility.

Ps: I have been receiving calls and chats of threat by @JohnX which i have all of them recorded and screenshot for posterity sake, no hard feelings for anyone but i don’t disrespect boundaries or teamwork.



Great job @Dedeukwu :ok_hand::fist:


I invite the creative ecosystem and NEAR foundation to come and see, by yourselves and for yourselves, with clear discernment, the genesis of all the blackmail against me in the creative ecosystem. Please you all should join me in the open-mindedness of the conversation in detail outline which at some point i would have to ask him as i ask him @Dedeukwu some pertinent questions and need for clarification

Yes, I wanted to keep the balance of NxM’s $500 for myself after sending you the initial upfront of $500 without questioning, I decided to keep the balance of $500 out of NxM disbursed $1000 after realizing the unfounded and extravagant budget for the abuja event. To be honest, i was a little dissapointed that a show that carried so much hype with a budget of $3,500, a whooping amount, didnt have up to 40 people in attendance. I wrote the proposal to request $1000 from NxM Treasury as a supplementary addition to the equal the budget in this C1 event proposal by @Dedeukwu, speaking of which, money was also unnecessarily requested from the Marketing DAO

This was all there was at the event, i ask you Dedeukwu Sammiee ELKHUSH, is this an event or a conventional club setting???

Speaking of which, these 40 people partly comprized of the organizing personell for the show and the others where Elkush family, and …

and quite surprising… street hookers.

There is no validity for gainsaying as this was an event i lectured with evidence below.

In passion and dedication to spreading the Knowledge of NEAR and blockchains

Yes, Thats me up there… at one time a darling of the ecosystem and soon to resume lol…

I took this decision of keeping the balance of $500 because i deemed it to be mine since i represented NxM and if there was any extra funds surplus to the initial proposed budget, It should be mine, because you all representing C1 profited more than enough from this over-hyped and over priced event, a clearly orchestrated ponzi scheme to extort money from NEAR…

I put it to you the castigator, Dedeukwu …How do we get to explain these budget anomalies below

The discrepancies i noted in the incomplete implementation of the metrics of the above proposal was the overly padded budget for very cost-minimal things actualized on ground… Examples below are:

I mean $400 to rent a club in Gwarimpa: A club in the outskirts of the capital city of Abuja

preposterous if you ask me…

$400 is 224,000 Naira in Nigerian currency and is 1/3rd of what you can use to buy a decent saloon car in the country, and am also wondering… a club that had no capacity of more than 40 people at once? Impractical

At this event? where i lectured about decentralization and Blockchains? There were no small chops whatsoever. There were not even plans to make small chops available or contact a caterer. I invite @Dedeukwu to provide clips and images of small chops served at the event and when we say small chops, down here it means snacks and light drinks… Not the drinks that people bought by themselves at this event

This is quite embarassing because while i was in Abuja, i transported myself all around on my own fare… and yes, we stayed for four days… Which we only collectively shuttled to the marketplace to buy some few things and back to the hotel…

$200 is 112,000 Nigerian Naira…

Uber rides from the ouskirts Gwarimpa to where the event held cost not more than 500 Nigerian Naira, and we only went to the heart of the city thrice during our four day stay…

Uber rides from Gwarimpa to the market place cannot cost more than $10 USD in long distance cases which we did not even ply more than twice.

This above metrics is honestly pre-posterous

@Dedeukwu Please explain who the celebrity was in this regard and pinpoint them in the picture or clips of the event. Was it wizkid, or davido or who exactly. I was at the event and i didn’t see any… why was there neede for a celebrity… for traction or crowd… and people at the event didnt number more than 40. Why would a celebrity be needed at an onboarding event, when the celebrity himself/herself doesn’t even know anything about the NEAR protocol… of what purpose does that serve? i ask this question because i know you would want to say that there was a queen at the event… Queen of what kingdom or regency, of what followership and dominion… Why was there need for that?

I wouldn’t want to say that this was a lie but i am at loss of options… Dedeukwu we were together during this event, you never talked about a radio station talkless of interview… It was never part of our itinerary or logistics regarding the event. Please provide evidence of whatever radio interview took place. What radio station? and who was interviewed?

This above observations are just a tip of the iceberg of so many discrepancies within the abuja event… costs like $200 for Miscellaneous… What were the miscellaneous costs after there were already excess amounts in the welfare packages below

and its obvious that NxM $1000 was not even intially needed to carry out this show but was requested as a largesse obviously for extortion.

I would implore the Creatives DAO group to join me in asking @Dedeukwu Dedeukwu these questions, First off…

Why are you just bringing this up now after the time elapsed off this incident, why this indictment now, at this moment.?

Because you are afraid that your integrity would be brought into scrutiny, for which the truth would be revealed. You personally invited me to your house after saying i shouldn’t lodge in hotels when i came to Lagos, you wanted my alliance after seeing my meteoric rise in the ecosystem. I was the first African to be on a DAO in the NEAR blockhain. The first African to create a DAO from scratch and you decided you wanted me around for my ideas. My things are at your house till date, Even when i told you i wanted the $500 to myself, i told you straight to your face because i felt justified, If i had an ulterior motive i could have manipulated you and said there was a delay with the funds and got my things while leaving your house. You didn’t detain my property, you invited me to bring them there after you wanted to create an alliance for us to leverage within the ecosystem, and i obliged for one sole reason: “Gratitude” …Because you were the one who introduced me to web3,

is it bad that i requested to hold the balance of NxM $500 to myself?

Not bad at all, after seeing the event that was organized with $3500, i was shocked to observe different money paths that were overly padded and unreasonably exxaggerated. and obviously, NxM funds were an excess, and i deemed it that since i handed you $500 without scrutiny for which you never accounted for anything, that i should also hold on to $500 for myself in compensation for my lecture and performance of my Alignment EP

How did i threaten you?

After refusing to remit the $500 to you, you went on a behind the scene campaign to tarnish my reputation with back talks and lie smearing. You and your cohorts in the C1 event who strategically planned the show to extort huge amounts of money ganged up to message all my friends within the ecosystem, the ones i had engagements with… All of a sudden, paul started unbridled scrutiny of my actions which has never been for the 3 months we have been managing the Beats DAO. You and your cohorts Sammie and Elkush decided to attack my reputation in a bid to bring me down, all because of the $500 balance of NxM which i later returned to the DAO because if i couldnt have it, then no one should since you all had already got enough money for yourselves from the overpadded C1 budget.

I would like the whole ecosystem to know that while all these was going on, My two laptops carrying sensitive information, My DSLR camera worth $400 and all my personal belongings including clothes and everything were still at Dedeukwu’s place. If i wanted to be fraudulent or indirect, i could have manipulated you by saying there was some delay with the funds which you would have believed while i subtly come and carry my properties at your place, but i chose not to do that, I chose to look you in the face and tell you that you made enough money from the event and that i would hold on to the NxM’s balance of $500.

I stood up to you because you have always tried to will people to your ideologies, that people should serve you, and that is why you threatened @sterryo life for leaving C1 guild to pursue his own thing, and remember you halved @6cezer 100 NEAR way back for the visual work he did for C1, you had to get your commission for subletting the contract to him, and yet you are the saint here? You have a dream to subject all blockchain activity in Nigeria under your watch, how decentralized is that my friend.

I didnt threaten you, i only made you realize what is about to befall you after all you have done and conitnued doing without penance or repentance and that there are those of us who operate by knowledge unknown to you, i am different my friend, i dont shed blood and make sacrifices to ancestors for spiritual power and leverage, my own power comes from alignment, i can teach you if you want but it comes with sacrifice my friend

I would like to address ELkush and sammie on these comments below in an obvious guise not to resolve a misunderstanding but a pure attack aimed at destroying my reputation, i have forgiven them though

ELKHUSH I would like to know about numerous reports of money problems regarding people working with me which i didnt pay. So far so good i only met you in february, i dont know you from Adam, it was my representing NxM at the event that made us meet, and how long have you been in the ecosystem to reach such a conclusion that i am greedy and have ego. I was on Beat DAO and Metaverse DAO before i met you, and i was making cool money from my contributions, do you think i would have been stupid to gamble that away for $500 which is why you have made such an irrelevant comment to context, I have designed magazines, recorded podcasts, organized communities before i met you, before the Abuja event and i have been in the ecosystem longer than you. How have i been greedy or egostic, its your biased perspective or deliberate attack to pacify your frustration on the $500 or maybe your envy of my glory which is why the African continent is still where it is today.

For sammie

Sammiee why would you make this type of comment ? was it necessary to be posted on a report? more of which a dispute was ongoing to be settled, and yet you still chose to comment after a moderator had come to settle the dispute, Why didnt you choose to air your belligerence on a different post on the governance forum?, why specifically choose that moment? I can say nothing but a deliberate attack is what was intended, not a contribution for resolution, you also were part of the Abuja event and you organized the event at a club in the outskirts with a less than 40 capacity space for $400?.. kudos my friend… we live in Nigeria…

Speaking of which… the first time i saw you, i gave you $25 of NEAR money free of charge and inspired you to be active within the ecosystem and contribute while occupying spaces, the spirt bears witness my friend and you can’t deny, if you consciously do, you are dying inside and giving me the glory of your essence for you have flouted cosmic law my friend.

Again, I used my influence and leverage within NxM to hand you the job of managing NxM guild Discord server, nobody vetted or scrutinized you, it was about who i was and the respect i had from friends and mentors in the ecosystem that granted you that advantage… and yet, you, in your vileness, turn back to the bite the finger that fed you, wherewith not even at your disadvantage, i never attacked or did anything to belittle you. Peace be unto your form.

Altogether sammie and Elkush… at the end of the event… you claimed 40 wallets were opened and activated, how come you now have 83, or is it what i think Dedeukwu told me? That ELKHUSH is an internet fraudster till the date and he has scammed up to 10 Bitcoins from innocent users, and you as his artist manager drained him all of his money, Are you people creating clone wallets with dormant mails which are bots and not humans?

It is to note that it was the respect i had for Dedeukwu for the gratitude of bringing me into web 3 that made me hearken to his invitation of being a part of the event and writing a proposal to NxM, and maybe i should have been wiser… this whole attack on my reputation within the ecosystem would not have happened. But to the discerning mind, Everything is for learning

I would appeal to whom it may concern that i have never contracted a project for which i didnt do or complete, there might be some delay or not complete delivery of how i envisaged it in the proposal but i want to assure the NEAR ecosystem that i am fighting hard fro it in the awareness mongering of its mass adoption initiative, i tell people about NEAR and web 3 concepts all the time…

I would call on vandal ted.iv chloe to help me reach out to @Paul to make him understand that i am not as i have been represented to him, that i know he has a good heart in hardwork and dedication and we have always been friends from the beginning of BeatDAO which we collectively expanded the community together.

Paul I was already off the DAO when you and Wiswiz approved these funds into my wallet… I wasnt aware that you both had decided not to pay me DAO management salary which i of course worked for. I mistook the funds sent to me as DAO management salary because i was already off the DAO council telegram group and the DAO astro. I figured you intended to pay the producers and editor @w4R involved directly from the DAO

Show was approved in monthly proposal to be $1000USD in NEAR

You commented

[quote=“Paul, post:2, topic:14179, full:true”]

Sounds soo good my friend!



This i requested for by myself, as the first half for executing the show. I was present

This i wasn’t aware of because i was already off the DAO and didnt know the payment description it carried, I figured it was my DAO management salary because the balance for the show was still in DAO treasury which i never requested while still on the DAO…

Paul This has been a huge misunderstanding my friend and am quite sure that it majorly stems from a bias of your clouded mind of what you were told about me from my detractors

I want Paul to know that while i was not fully present in BeatDAO activities was because i was in a haste to actualize what i have always wanted to do, to spread Peace, love, enlightenment and awakening to the world through spiritual DAO. Paul please do understand that i was busy scripting introductions and context for podcasts, for which people could listen to and break out of the religious moulds that holds them down from reaching their full cosmic potential, I was chasing spiritual dao as a way of grounding myself in finding a purpose to live… I have been a seeker my whole life, wanting to know the meaning of existence and it started coming together, then NEAR protocol came to the funding.

I write these words for how they are without any prejudice to anyone but to how they are and a justification for my actions, which i would admit that some might not be fully morally satisfactory from some corners, i am willing to receive admonishing and learn from anyone who wishes to advice, just like some of my mentors have already done…

@tabear I promise to complete the visuals to this project by early april

I urge the ecosystem and the NEAR Foundation to wade into this matter and come to a resolution for all parties concerned. I want to talk to my friends again without any form of resentment from them coming from lack of trust. I miss community activity, Spiritual DAO which i started is also doing fine without me after the council suspended me, i am not in a rush to join as the DAO is not about me but about the content and the souls that are finding liberation through its content and engagement.

I am not assuming the stance of the saint, but i have in my own patriotism contributed to the NEAR Ecosystem in some ways

3 magazines

Recorded podcasts for spiritual DAO

Near weekly podcast

A testing sample as at back then

Discord trivia

I started the NxM Discord Trivia as a way of boosting traffic for the server. This initiative is still used till date by the NxM guild… by the same person i gave the discord server mangement to who felt the best way for repayment was to join in on a smear campaign to attack my grounded reputation

Among everything, i was part of the ideation process for the foundational tenets of the Metaverse DAO which was historically archiving NEAR’s antecedents

And i was also community biulder for the Tamago project: A music streaming platform on the NEAR Blockchain before i got suspended after all the news circulating the ecosystem about me, speaking of which, i was loved by the tamago people and i was in tune with the initiative that i didn’t ask for any pay whatsoever for the first month of duty because of how much i personally identified with the project…

I enjoin the NEAR Foundation and the ecosystem at large to wade into this matter thoughtfully. Once again, I am not saying am the saint, but i am saying, that i am not gulity of all the allegations and attack on my reputation as these are just from bellligerence hinged on mental insecurity and self unwholeness which has been the african plague and a root cause of the continent’s current situation.

Creatives moderators and all in large… he wtihout sin should cast the first stone,

three things i urge for you to know what i stand for

  1. Listen to my EP
  1. Join the Spiritual DAO Telegram channel (no pride, but its my creation
  1. Folow my instagram: @ freedom_and_flow check the posts and the dates inclusive so you can have a glimpse of where i am coming from

Thank you community,

And as for Dedeukwu Sammiee ELKHUSH Have we all done our KYC?

i invite the whole creatives DAO here to witness…
@ted.iv @frnvpr @Monish016 @vandal @chloe @tabear @hevertonharieno

And i would also implore the community to ignore comments from @ELKHUSH and @Sammiee since they were involved in the fraud of the abuja event and have nothing neutral and incisive to say about the event because they all profited from the Largesse.
This is a tip of the iceberg of a strong covert underground railroad for the funneling of NEAR funds by the Nigerian personell of the C1 guild with quadruple value padded into budgets which i was worried about, and when i spoke up … they spoke me down because they had more numbers and i was the only one representing NxM

I am a lone wolf and i don’t roll in packs, i cherish my solitude a lot and don’t really interact much due to energy balancing reasons…

I would urge the ecosystem to please disregard comments by the above involved parties and also there is the use of clones, these folks have gone to far length to drive home their agenda… and that would also include using clone accounts to write comments. These clone accounts are just like bots used to perform attacks without any future intended use for them…

I would enjoin the whole ecosystem and NEAR foundation to check the account profiles of the comments underneath this post and evaluate the date they were created i.e the day they joined the NEAR community, by seeing that… we can tell if they are bot accounts for “scripted comments” or they are genuine accounts that have participated in the ecosystem

@duOCELOT @Isa_Danoninho @beetlejuice @gushlewis @blusw @AugustKinge @sterryo @ted.iv @David_NEAR

My dearest @Dacha … they have stood, but they cant prevail… the discerning eye would see beyond and understand. 5d inspired folks like me dont have time to defend reputation, but to lay a model and create a symbol for the chosen ones of these generations…
John X is not going anywhere, He only got strengthened and in the necessity of evolution taking his time. More emancipation soon to come for starseeds, hang in there with faith… I “SEE” you

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@JohnX - there is a quite a lot to unpack here, but it was important to get your side and response to the recent allegations from NxM, C1, Beat DAO, Onboarding DAO, muti DAO, and others regarding the charges of mismanagement of funds over the past couple of months. I know you’ve been speaking to many of the Creatives DAO Community Moderators - who you have tagged here and may choose to respond - and mediation was offered but not accepted from these groups. The right to vote on the DAO to decide on council membership having been exercised instead, if any of these individual tagged would like to speak to and explain certain points raised above, they should now be given an opportunity to do so.

To allow for these responses, shared productively and with the Community Guidelines in mind, this post will remain open for another 24 hours and then will be locked.

If the response-sharing should escalate and grow to violate the Community Guidelines within this time frame, then the post will be locked. Finger-pointing is not the aim here but we want to fairly hold space for everyone to have their say here on the Forum for the Community to understand the full picture of what occurred.


I do not think I have seen a person go this far in being defensive of his own evil.
John this is outright wickedness
This event was streamed live via twitch to the Metavers and people joined in,
How can you be this evil because you are trying to get attention again, Thankfully it’s not only C1 or just that project that has your wicked nature, greed and level of fraud shown and seen.

John in the above photograph you only put up scenes of I think barely 1 hour into the mentioned event, and you say 40?
For a venue that can sit well over 160 guest, and we had other venues as options but they did not have
Projector, they did not have chairs and speakers and they will need decorations.

And @JohnX that club hall you are seeing have hosted events and had the planners pay over 300,000 naira.

You don’t know the city and you should not make claims anyhow because you are trying to trash or tarnish peoples image .

Bro you are evil to have even say it was just street girls?
Where we supposed to screen people who got to see the publicity and decided to show up?
You expected them to be chased out??
How comfortable are you to do something like this, so you do not have pictures of other guest on the red carpet? Even when we had to announce for them to enter the hall?

Mind you it was clearly stated that #190,000 was paid for the venue with proof of payment made to the venue’s company account.

Your hate did not allow you recognize that we reached out to @marketingdao-council immediately we realized our initial budget won’t cover it, same reason Y we thought to make it a guild collaboration.

John even on arrival with you to abuja which we all arrived and moved together, you saw ur try to make sure everything is ready, you saw us meet unforeseen circumstances even to getting cord to help us achieve the streaming, we had to go to the market to buy also connection cables as the laptop could not fit,
Everything mentioned in the budget was met aside the small chops which we made available refreshments to the guests,
And hey Gwarimpa is not an out sketch according to you, mind you it was your first time in abuja and if you did your research very well you would have seen gwarimpa one of if not the biggest estate in west Africa,
The requested budget amount was not met even from the first disbursed fund from @creativesdao-council which we came here to update,
We had challenges on arriving Abuja but we took measures to make sure the event happened and without compromise or did you expect us to leave abuja with making the event happen,
Mind you again the banner for the event was transported from another state and we made sure to pick it up, all this to make sure we had a successful event and john you where there from start to finish
You knew how we needed to look for things so your camera can work “mind you, you over charged and forced $100 from the budget for a camera you told us we could use which made us budget for one camera, john you collected $100 for a camera of way less than $30” that was wicked and yet you wanted to keep $500 knowing over 100 pictures had not been edited,

Here is a chat where your greed played out and where you wanted to cheat out team members even though you know you did not do much

John you said things during the event to boycott funds and it was rejected and here you are trying to mess our names up?
Because no one will put up with your bad character or accept your greed?

NXM approved $700 for an event in lagos for you and you offered me $60 to do the event saying you won’t use the $700 for the event and you know very well I refused that offer.

This is you who is been calling me and other team members to remove our comments about you that it will help reduce your situation and fasten the decisions of the moderators,

Not you say you are the whatever of This Ecosystem and I see you bragging of being that again,
May I mention how you claim to be in control of @ProfSnape and @vandal @Monish016 @Paul and claim that what ever you say to them stands and no one can question or challenge you or your decision in the Ecosystem, I believe that is Why you are bragging that you will soon resume as whatever you claim to be,
There are a lot of names in this forum and Ecosystem you claim to control and you insult and even call racist, I know some names also because of how you talk down on them and trash their person
If only @vandal @chloe @Dacha and a lot more know what you think of them and how you trample on their personality just so you can look good.

Accept your mistakes and change from swindling and fraudulent acts.
Abuja was a success and Yes we did everything and anything we could to make it happen
We made budget for 150 and hey we got morethan that number.

Chops where not made because of the cost and the funds that came in, but we made sure to give refreshments in form of water and drinks.

Same you asked me Y I did not capture the unforeseen expenses we incurred in abuja and I explained to you.
We spent the budget and we improvised on things just to make sure the event happened because of the funds,
And john you live in nigeria with us and you know how price change.

It is evil that you claim it was just 40 people in attendance that is totally unfair and wicked,

You used community fund to buy a phone and you want us to stay silent?
And advising that my comments and that of @ELKHUSH should be ignored is wrong

John we have met you, we know what you are and who you are
Remember how @ELKHUSH told you to your face that you are a bad person and you are evil, Y did you not reply him?

We don’t hate you but you represent a lie and that is bad, See you trying to throw our efforts into mud because we stood our grounds against your evil nature.

Ps: we are not the only ones who have experience you and am sure it’s not only in front of us you have insulted the NEAR FORUM, it’s Council and Moderators.

We have minted pictures and videos from the event, early stage, mid stage and the end of the event, Community members can take time out and go look at them,

And we chose the club hall because of its speakers and setting and we will not need to rent chairs and decorate any other hall as doing so will cost us even more, which was stated in the budget

And please don’t forget to purchase some of the NFTs
This ecosystem will continue to grow, no matter what


If only they know you for who you really are, if only they have heard you speak of them, if only @Dacha knows, even the lady that helped you create E documents and you pay her peenut $70 and still call her names
Name that I don’t think should be mentioned here
Including names you call other moderators and am sure they are the people you are speaking to,

I believe they will hear you probably because they have no one to ask questions about your person

Everyone you have worked with, you have tried to cheat, or make look less than you or you have insulted

John you should change and you don’t have to wrongly paint people or their efforts because you are trying to save face.

Your knowledge about the Web3 is a Scam and you should accept that and change

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This is a lie
You can’t have issue with over 4 guilds and DAOs and you think C1 is lying

I am @Sammiee and this is the only account I have and I comment with firm knowledge of what ever I say,
And about fraud, you made most of the transfers for things we bought in abuja, things you now claim to be malicious and padded,
You made the payment directly to the owners of the business and the companies

So who is fraud, you who made payment and handled money but is now claiming something else.

You are unfairly dragging the image of Nigerians in this Ecosystem and that is wrong and unfair
You are a bad egg and hey we will be glad to see you fixed,

That you are broken and have mental challenges which you owned up to, has not made any of us avoid you
But I don’t think you should let your health challenges control you.

Stay calm and heal, no one is against you, we just don’t want to be Talked down on or controlled, we are all humans and we have rights okay??

All that I have commented on, are things you have said and done, I won’t try to add anything you did not say or do

And mind you there is more you have said and done.
Am trying to remember some names you have said things about, insulted and called Racist at almost every opportunity you get

And funny thing is, you contact them and okay good.


Greetings to everyone,

Firstly @JohnX you make it sound like me, @Sammiee and @Dedeukwu lives together, now that would have confirmed all the allegations and very childish claims you’ve written down so far but in this case it isn’t, you stayed with Dedeukwu and we got the info of all you kept saying, always seeing everyone else as inferior and I also have seen what you are capable of ( which almost caused a fight between us and I told you to your face that you’re a very bad person.

After writing so much just to reassure yourself of the fact that you need psychological help and trying to look like the good guy I keep asking you, is it out of hate that you are trying to convince everyone that we hate you?

You come to the forum and write a lot to paint how @JohnX clearly perceives himself but go to our dms to do otherwise, you’ve called, texted and threatened everyone and I’m glad that @Dedeukwu recorded most of it, I for one refused to talk to you all these while because people like you don’t ever see wrong in your character, your self idolization refuses you to see.

All through the planning and execution of the event not one problem sprung up, no one in the ecosystem was reached for a complain about how it was planned ( which you were fully a part of and even tried to sideline me and @Sammiee if not for Dedeukwu’s transparency ) as much as you never wanted the event to be a success I’m glad we created a group to plan the entire Abuja event which you fully and even more than some of us, planned the event, in no case did you counter against any idea or plan because it was all very transparent, Telegram: Join Group Chat this is the telegram group of all planning on the event and all John X’s input will be noted too.

Today you have dragged us all, not being aware of the overwhelming amount of facts and proofs against you for all your allegations.

After pleading for me to delete my input about your character when someone else who isn’t even related to the Abuja event called you out for another monetary issue

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@ted.iv @frnvpr @Monish016 @vandal @chloe @tabear @hevertonharieno @David_NEAR @JCB @Paul

Forgive me but john is not who he claims to be,
Even in the NXM he has spoken of how he collects payment and not do the jobs he is being paid for or he will get someone pay them little or nothing to do it.

Seeing he could go to such length to try and mess people up and even mentioning Nigerians, I don’t feel comfortable about such a person.

Greed and cash grab should not be a means used in the NEAR Ecosystem no matter how long anyone thinks they have been in the system.

I hope the Ecosystem can tamper justice with mercy on john,
He should also be advised to seek professional care regarding his health as I have seen it play out and he knows it.

I will comment again on this matter if there be reasons to do so.
As for mentioning me regarding NXM discord, you mentioned me but did not give me the job, and the job was not given to me as Handout, You and everyone is welcome to go take a look at the NXM discord, I put in the work in every area I find my self, and I believe it is one of the reasons Why you mentioned me for the job.

As for your other comments about “finishing ELKHUSH money”, any mainstream artist here, Manager or Promoter will testify that music business is demanding and require a lot of financing, Elkhush is an independent artist and the funds majorly came and is coming from him, I don’t know where or how you heard that I drained his money because I have proofs in form of receipts and chats of how funds came and went, hope they mentioned to you that I am not on payroll and I have done my best building the brand and working with the artist which till date is a decision I don’t regret and I am positive about his music and the little way I have impacted right from the start.
I need not say much but yes I have worked and represented some house hold Nigerian music celebrities, Mavin music has one in their Label.
So you have no point, your just looking for attention anyways.

All you have done in this Ecosystem where built on lies and deceit so for me the reputation you claim to have means nothing at all, Let the community also know that John X had and am sure still has plans of sidelining a creative whom did a song with him, he plans to not have her wallet added in the smart contract, her name is “Reespect” and I wonder how many more people john must have done something like this to.

But calling some people fraud?
Is not so fair and considering he handled most money payments during the event and he saw the need for the adjustments which was also explained to him.

I urge everyone reading this post to take out time and visit the C1/NXM Tour planning group on telegram, the link is been provided below
John was a member before he shamelessly left and I believe some of his contributions are still there and you all will hopefully see the level of Transparency shown in the planning of the Abuja Event

Dedeukwu ELKHUSH JCB Mr_Royalty it was a pleasure working with you all and it will always be a pleasure working again

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I have never till date asked John x for money or anything, the money you say u gave me, when you requested my account details on the first day I met you, I asked you, john you practically begged me to give you my details so I wonder Y that has got anything to do here,

Announcement, if john have given you money you did not request for, please Note that it will be used against you or to make you look bad if you don’t agree with his attitude or believes, too sad

I am good at what I do and I bring results,
You are addressing a comment I made weeks back because I refused to delete it as you requested, the truth chokes sometimes I guess

Going forward I’ll advise that anyone dealing or will be dealing with john x in the future should be careful as we can al see a bit of what it feels like if you don’t follow his own way of life.

Your claims of spiritual DAO are Fake, you basically don’t have any spirituality and this you have said in public, I understand how sad, lonely and unattended you are, The training you lack is playing out.

As for the “mentors” john X is all words and yeah he finds a way to make sure he is in you good books, but how real is it with the kind of words and actions he shows off about you all.

I have said before that you have suicidal Tendencies and I am saying it here, that you have health issues “mentally to be precise” your hunger for attention is alarming even down to the kind of comments you make towards your fellow gender, I won’t call names but am sure you can recall some of them.

You are too empty and the lie you live in is consuming you, pour out al of this sadness and insecurities, so you can feel alive and actually live a life worth emulating.

And hey, you don’t use community funds for you personals.

I am Dedeukwu and it’s known who my brother Osinachi ( Africa’s foremost Crypto Artist ) is and how disciplined, humble and hardworking he is and i must tell everyone we were trained by our Royal parents to respect and gratitude for the blessings life offers and never to claim community funds or intimidate others because of power.

I met @JohnX when @sterryo came with him one night to my home studio to record me and with love and pure energy i ended up educating this @JohnX about the blockchain generally from our CIPHER COMMUNITY NETWORK where he won .2 ETH splitter with one other dude to the NEAR web3 ecosystem without recording the purpose of having the session that night. ( I’m as selfless as that ).

I’m not good at complaints or explanations but I’ll do my best at this cos it has a whole lot to do with my reputation as a dedicated community builder in the ecosystem. I remember my first issue with @JohnX was out of his greedy act of asking me how much I’ll pay him to introduce his people to the blockchain which I told him it’s not my office that I was only trying to shine some light to the people from my end then he misunderstood it because he saw that i live luxuriously in our family apartments in Lagos and I guess his thoughts was that i got the funds of all the properties he saw around me from the NEAR ecosystem and I disliked that mindset and decide to give him some distance to avoid influencing my energy. Then he kept texting and calling me everyday explaining how sorry he was and how he can make the community go far with me, not until December last year i gave the 2nd chance which @JCB warned me about because he saw the character in JOHN X as well, my second chance of allowing him to my space, recording his project in my studio, feeding him and sharing innovative ideas as well as adding him to the planned NEAR TOUR ( Abuja edition ) that is a Cross-DAO initiative with NxM; including him was the mistake that lead to these drama.

Below is the documented write up to the ABUJA event expenses and this event was managed by @Sammiee @Mr_Royalty and @ELKHUSH because of their influence and reputation in the city and to the fact that @ELKHUSH made this proposal during ideation bounty in our C1 Guild.

It’s obvious from the image that the expenses accumulated in this event project was flight ticket for 4, hotel accommodations and event venue. There was a change of plan on radio interview due to the fact we can’t mention crypto terms so we trashed the idea also the celebrity planned couldn’t make it because the @marketingdao-council did not approve my proposal for a call to help when it’s on emergency so we didn’t book flight ticket for him nor send him his payment ahead of time to prepare.

In the beginning of this event i sent $100 each to @Sammiee & @ELKHUSH because they requested for the help from me which they promised to return back from their bounty and that was what triggered the envious attitude of @JohnX questioning why I didn’t give him his own as well.

@sterryo can say his part on why i had issues with him during our workshop, I know it’s because he disrespected me to conclude with JCB on an event we both manage weekly inputting how pressured he feels during these times so i said it’s right to PAUSE it for a while which he threatened to seize my IP ( Data files ) of all my contents I’ve paid him for 6 months @JCB is aware but I’ve learnt to give things time with diplomacy.

@6cezer designed my logo and we are currently working on a collection, i tagged him to say if i in any way scammed him or did bad to him which he said was a false allegation by JOHN X and explained how @JohnX disappointed the respect he has for him with his greedy and entitlement attitude.

It is a bad idea to claim the money because you said ELKHUSH & ELKHUSH are newbies and they don’t deserve to know what we OGeez are doing, you @JohnX also propose i shouldn’t write anything about the event so we can split the funds which i declined; I publicly addressed you to be polite and nice to people you meet in my Shryne the night you harassed my editor and brother @Roxy and @BarRack for no just cause then next morning you flew off to where i don’t know, I understand you don’t know why you told me your scamming plans of taking the $500 to yourself before claiming your properties in my place just know that’s why i am who i am.

Btw you opted to pay me $200 monthly as a way to show gratitude for me keeping and feeding you in my space and I smiled at you cos i never did it for the money which you never gave but i spread vibe and openness to help heal you and myself knowing the traumatic situation and experiences youths get involved here now it’s obvious that you chose not to heal.

Like I said earlier you threatened me which i have everything documented from calls, chats and texts and you know I’m not the police type of person that will arrest and sue you so i leave it to the community and the Universe.

NOTE: The only expenses made from my end was the event flight tickets which i booked after receiving the $2000 from C1 Guild and the fluctuation affected the funds but i insist to make it work with my personal $250 included in the project and there was a change of plans when there was delay in payment.
We have this C1 FCT Telegram group running with 40 members and we are working towards educating them gradually.

The planning team Telegram handle will help everyone interested to read through from the Genesis of this event.

I’m not surprised at all these things happening but thanks to the community for this platform.


Hey everyone,

Since some comments in here have devolved into accusations, I’m going to lock the thread for the time being.

I believe the first line for mediation and resolution of these concerns should be the CreativesDAO Council and the wider community. If necessary, NF can jump in to assess the situation and provide comments where appropriate.