[Approved]Online Onboarding event (UNILAG) stundets. (Webinar)

Onboarding Event

Good day NxM family, community, Onboarding Dao, Marketing Dao and C1 Guild, I observe all existing protocol, I greet all Council Members.

I am The Tune of C1 Guild, I’m a creative from Nigeria, my specialties include singing, dancing, freestyling and drumming. I joined this interesting community, NxM, 2021 Novemebr and I have seen how benefitial this set up can be for the whole world, for creatives, for thinkers and for those all over the world who are positive souls, those who can connect with Art in whatever form and feel part of Life because indeed that’s what creativity is all about. Giving Life.

I have seen benefits of creating NFTS within the community, the web3 ecosystem and I see how impacting it could be to creatives, even singers and expressive minds like mine with their various works.
I would love to request the aid of the Onboarding body, the marketing Dao and the Council members to financially facilitate the Onboarding of creative students from one of the best Universities in Nigeria where I’m from with the aim of adding to the NEAR Body, more intelligent African minds. The NEAR community is fast rising and it would be beneficial for the community to onboard as many creatives overtime and I would love to make a contribution to that Cause.

My contact at the University, University of Lagos is a Medical student that’s also a influencer in the University, capable of Reaching out to a large number of students in promotion of events or related.
He’s affiliated with super stars in the entertainment industry, one of which is Buju the singer.

Manuel is the social director of the University and has organised events in University and out, his social media skills could come in handy for promoting the NxM event and a good number of creative students are guaranteed to be onboarded the NxM community.

The Main Aim of this event is to impact the audience, students and Non students, with knowledge about NEAR Protocol, the web3 ecosystem and nfts and ensure that they have got every information they need as they would be joining the system, upon creation of their NEAR wallets. We hope to have a Webinar AMA, ensuring impartation of web3 knowledge into their creative minds. We plan to use the telegram app to convey this meeting online.

My contact claims that this would be a great opportunity for the students of UNILAG to be able to create their own NFTS within the community and also add their intellectual knowledge and skills to further the growth of the NXM movement in Nigeria and the Metaverse, in other words it is a opportunity that the students would be glad to key into.

I believe the students would be of compliance to the ethics of the NEAR ecosystem and full of enthusiasm about this great opportunity as this university is known to have produced a great number of intellectuals and creatives overtime till date. We are looking to have a 1 day imparting programme, a online lecture webinar to sensitize and onboard as regards the NEAR web3 ecosystem, the date is yet to be fixed because of the schedule of the students but is sure to be held in the month of March, ending March. I personally requested the aid of well known community member @bonepolice he is positive about the idea and we both would be Tagging on imparting the Targets with all necessary information needed to kick off their journey in the NEAR System.

Asides this, I would also ensure that it doesn’t end there, there would be follow up and the group would still be active to creating a helpful atmosphere for newly onboarded creatives from the event and even after.

Cost Breakdown

Convenience fee/promotion of event online
as requested by Contact

To boost turn up, to be done multiple times by my contact that happens to be a influencer as we’re hoping to gather a number of over 100 students at least.
(His Idea)

Creation of social flyers and promotion materials to be used in promo of webinar

we plan to use social media platforms Instagram, twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook for promotion, this would be very handy and attracting to potential targets, coming from the social director of the University.

Other compulsory expenses to facilitate event

Remaining resources to be distributed as Airdrop to all participants (compulsory)

Total Requested Funds



:100:I love the sound of this


Yea bro it’s Unilag. Bless.

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Would love to be part of this. I’m a Unilag student.

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Bless up brother, I can’t wait for this one!

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I am glad bro, would love for you to be part and also speak if possible yuno, would slide in your DM BRO.

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Yea Bro, glad you’re positive about it!!

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Hey @TheTune100

Please be informed that your proposals has been approved!
Feel free to request 50% of the requested funds to NxM.

We are implementing a new process of NxM membership via NEAR Guilds App, please join there, as stated wallets will have privilege to request funding from NxM.
In order to join, please do the following steps:

  • Open NEAR Guilds App :arrow_right: https://app.nearguilds.com :arrow_left:
  • Find NxM Guild​:eyes:
  • Log to the app using your NEAR wallet​:exclamation:
  • Join to the community using your NEAR wallet! :raised_hands:

Also, feel free to leave your feedback here, when you will be doing the report, after delivered show.


I have started preparations and discussions as regards the online event, thank you Onboarding Dao, NxM and all Council Members :heart:!!


Hello NxM Fam, Community Council Members, Onboarding Dao, Marketing Dao and C1 Guild, I Greet all with Respect, and I observe all existing Protocol. I am The Tune, and I would love to give a progress report as regards my Onboarding Event happening on the 3rd April 2022.

There has been progress as regards AMA webinar being arranged by me and Mr. Manuel_Cmul, my university contact, involving Community member, Bone_Police as guest speaker. My contact at the University of Lagos Campus began marketing the online event as soon as first round of resources were made available for facilitating of event by the NxM Body, and truthfully we’re looking forward to a successful event, total number of participants so far are 72 and we’re getting more to join the Public Group made for the purpose, however we’re still on about marketing via WhatsApp and twitter majorly. We have in no doubt also created a good social media awareness as regards NXM and its purposes to the public with the event flyers that have been spread across these media platforms, I have been glad to inform folks about the aim and purpose of NEAR PROTOCOL AND NXM.

On the 3rd April we will have the event, it’s going to be benefitial for all participants, were looking to make it not only for creatives, but generally crypto enthusiasts, their NEAR wallets would be opened, this group of onboarded individuals would be updated on opportunities going on around the community which could concern them and projects which they can take part in to contribute to community development and of course their development, they would be enlightened on the ways they can work with NxM for development of both parties.
Overtime more individuals would be onboarded using the group platform on telegram also. The rest of the funding resources would be distributed to Onboarded Participants, Thanks Fam.
Requesting Second Payout of $200 in NEAR.


Here are some links that’ve been used in spreading words across, also WhatsApp has a used a lot in reaching out to students by my contact the influencer,

Above is the Location Link, the Telegram onboarding Group, thanks. @Paul @Monish016


Requested PAyment only be Disbursed after the Event.

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Reporting on the progress of Onboarding/enlightening event held 3rd April 2022


A telegram channel was created to sensitize and onboard students of UNILAG, creatives and other individuals In Nigeria with the aim of creating near wallets for each of them and also bringing them onboard the web3 ecosystem to be Nxm affiliated and mint their works in the store, the discussion went well with I and bro @Bone_Police passing across vital information, he is Nxm Council member, with Opening of wallets still ongoing i have created a few wallets myself but would need to be able to create more using the NEARNAMES APP for the rest to be onboarded like I did with others,

I also request the balance of $200 to be able to accomplish that, as I would be opening near wallets for group members with tokens.

We had a imparting session on Near protocol, defi, Nxm and related using the telegram platform to disseminate information to the audience and it was interactive, there’s also a recorded audio saved for future purposes.

Music nfts woudl be given to participants that asked the best questions and contributed as gifts.

It was held as planned and we hope to accomplish more with the group, Thanks Fam.

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Above is link to recording of meeting @Monish016 @Paul thanks, asides the near wallet that have been created, over 15, more will be as i will be receiving more messges like this and onboarding more artsites into the community.