[Closed] C1 Guild Tour event (Abuja edition)

The C1 guild is collaborating with the onboarding DAO and NxM on a mammoth crowd pulling event in the central capital of Nigeria, Abuja. The C1 guild has proved its mettle with how many creators and artists it has onboarded into the NEAR Ecosystem and has lived up to its Mantra "We are artists helping artists.
The C1 guild has a track record of succesful onboaring campaigns. An example of this is the Lagos State University Outreach where it collaborated with the Blockchain Society of the same institution to carry out a web 3 enlightenment campaign with council member JCB streaming all the way from Canada

This event proposed by the C1 guild is one of a kind type of event because of the modalities involved in bringing it to fruition.

It is going to be held in a highbrow part of the country: This was intended so as to bring elite individuals who are seeking to invest in crypto to learn about NEAR

A plethora of celebrities are billed to showcase, attend and identify with the event in the interest of NEAR

The event is going to be held in a spacious environment accomodating enough to contain the anticipate mammoth turnout

Its a collaboration of three guilds namely C1, Onboarding DAO and NxM with individual representatives of each guild on the ground to acknowlege sequential progress of the event.

C1 guild is requesting support from the Marketing DAO to help offset its deficit in funds needed to actualize this event to diligent fruition and productive outcome.
We have secured an almost commensurate amount of funds from the DAO Treaury and we have communicated with NxM as regards their part of the contribution to this initiative and we are bringing on Onboarding DAO also.

Below is a Breakdown of funds accrued, expenses accounted for and and concise deficits. The Marketing DAO’s support is needed in offseting these deficits to make this event a successful one as projected from the ground up…

Here is a link to the previous budget breakdown without the unforeseen expenses that have ensued recently thereby creating some challenges of executing this onboarding campaign

Below is the list of current requisites that we are requesting funding room for

Hotel Room for Six: $500 USD IN NEAR
A total number of six people are going to be actualizaing this event in the capital city of a population booming country of Nigeria. They would need hotel accomodation for 3 days and each of them would need to pay $20 for lodging daily

Guest Celebrity Flight and Appeearance Fee: Round trip = $150
Appearance fee: $270
The guest celebrity that would be showing up is a popula figure within the Nigerian movie industry and his face is part of what we are leveraging on to pull the mammoth crowd

Feeding of Event organization personell: $250
The LOC comprising of C1 guild and NxM individuals would need to survive on about $14 a day for feeding through out the three day duration of their stay to actualize the event

Security/Bouncer : $100 x3
Orderliness and conformity needs to be kept at the event, so we are employing three professional hefty bouncers to be positioned at strategic locations within the hall where the event is taking place for security and orderly behaviour. Professional bouncers within this part of the city charge a standard day rate of $100 and we would a minimum of three to man the spacious event commensurately

This totals to $1,470 the C1 guild is requesting from the Marketing DAO to help it offset its unforseen expense and also support this initiative.
Below is link to the previous proposal for this event:

C1 is guild of artists helping other artists and this is going to be one of those events when do what we know how to do best for the NEAR ecosystem.

Expecting your lovely feedback

Wallet: dedeukwu.near
Amount: $1,470


It’s been a pleasure working with you @Dedeukwu on this Abuja Tour and good job to other team members trying their hardest to make this project a success, I am totally motivated by the push and consistency of the Team members,
We are at a point where we seriously need support and we hope it comes so that the much anticipated NEAR Tour in nigeria can kickstart
We look forward to a positive response and support from the Marketing DAO.
Thanks in waiting


Let’s go C1, always on to big things


((APPROVED) C1 Nigeria Tour February featuring NxM Guild - #13 by Dedeukwu)


Good evening. I need to know @David_NEAR ’s opinion about it. Can we cover insufficient payment that was approved in other DAO?

Thank You

Future is Near (John X)

I was exited to know what you an author of the wonderful song .


Thank you dear @Dacha hoping to see this event become a success with the input of the @marketingdao-council and we have already put out expenses with a date to the event which puts this request on urgency mode :raised_hands:t6:

Bless up


Over here we are hoping as we count down to this event slated for the first week in February, it is our hope that the @marketingdao-council treats this proposal with urgency as that will help us meet this date as travels by team members will kick off starting 3rd of February in other to finalize, directly inspect and supervise that all is in play and ready for the event.
We pray to the council members

Weldon @Dedeukwu and a lot of applause to @JCB and the C1 guild. Cc NxM guild

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@David_NEAR greetings everyone, we are looking forward to your contribution to make this event a success.


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Good afternoon everyone @marketingdao-council @David_NEAR hope we are all doing great, I can’t emphasize any less the importance of your kind input, comments and support regarding this Tour as we have made arrangements that need some prompt attention.
We pray that you look into our proposal as we have barely 14days to its D day and start off.

Have a beautiful day ahead and we have our fingers crossed

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Good evening everyone
We have today received copies of Advert materials which we intend to make public ahead of the C1 and NxM ABUJA NEAR Tour slated for 6th of February 2022

I have attached these copies in this reply for reference and Update purposes @marketingdao-council @David_NEAR @NxM we employ you to take a look Thanks.


Thank you so much @Sammiee

The advert materials look slick fam so we look forward to seeing the celebrity come with the @marketingdao-council budget support if not we will have no choice than to exempt him ( Charles Awurum ).


Hey guys,

Can you clarify what this actually is? Is it a party or an event?


The C1 guild has never held a party but only events. This evidence is testament of the success of the Lagos State University outreach held by the guild which was one of the factors that made the guild to be featured on the NEAR guilds website.

The event is an onboarding campaign but having elements of a party through engaging mainstream Afro popularity for traction and regard for the event.!
The event is already set, only just needing logistical support to happen as planned

Hope I was able to clarify @David_NEAR

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Well said and properly summarized, it is an Event that cover’s vividly very important bodies of the NEAR Ecosystem
Creative, Marketing, Onboarding and more
And as @Dedeukwu mentioned, we are counting days to this event and we are looking forward to support as stated in the proposal so as to sort out pending arrangements/bills and make this event a success.

@David_NEAR @marketingdao-council

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Hi all – I am helping to advise the MarketingDAO. I have concerns about this request because it is largely to cover non-marketing expenses for an event and from what I can tell reflects expenses incurred after the original proposal was funded by the CreativeDAO.

Much like my response to this declined proposal, I do not think the MarketingDAO is here to fund non-marketing activities that are actually costs for operations and expenses, such as hotel, food, bouncers, etc.

Additionally, it does not build confidence that the request is to cover unexpected budget items and that it is a very last-minute request. It comes across like a request for funds to help cover the result of planning and logistics problems, and that is not specific to marketing.

I would advise no on that basis.

Again, to be clear, I say all of this not as a criticism of your intent or your dedication to growing Near awareness or the event itself, but as those of us advising the council continue to support the Near community through our work with the MarketingDAO, it is important, in my point of view, to advise them to carefully choose to appropriate funds only to marketing activities so that we are acting responsibly on behalf of the community as a whole.


Thank you so much,

I would really like to bring to your knowing that this is a totally marketing oriented event. We are creating NEAR awareness in the central capital of the most populous country in Africa.

This proposal was decided by the C1 guild. It would be advisable for the Marketing DAO to take time to examine the success and reputation of the C1 guild and the marketing DAO should also know that it is not everyday that C1 gets to make requests like this

The theme of the whole event is Marketing, We are enlightening the elite class of the country’s society about NFTs and crypto with the NEAR Blockchain being the mainstay platform for which they are able to learn about these concepts

I would also like you all to know that the NEAR token significantly depreciated from its original value of funds receipt. The NEAR token’s 80% decline in price was not anticipated and this led to a plunge in NEAR value locked in wallets. Fund that we’re disbursed significantly reduced in value and this is the basis of the request for support from the Marketing DAO.

The C1 guild has a s throng on onboarding reputation.I would enjoin the Marketing DAO to consider this premise in its approach to this proposal.

For we have only being about the expansion of NEAR Blockchain since the launch of the guild. With a couple of Unversity outreaches and real life creative onboarding events in its belt

The C1 guild has proved its mettle to the NEAR ecosystem

I look forward to meticulous review of what the guild intends to do and a resolution made from the consideration of the “beating heart” of the C1 guild: To spread the gospel of NEAR.


Hi @Dedeukwu thank you for your proposal. It is great to see your enthusiasm… and the advertising materials and programme for the event you are planning.

However, i would echo the comments by @so608 regarding the intended use of the funds requested. This proposal seems to be for funds to cover last minute expenses… why are you not making a second proposal to request extra funding from the @creativesdao-council ?

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Thank you for your kind word @cryptocredit

It is not usually that one is aware of creatives DAO providing extra funding after a monthly round of funding DAOs. And moreover, creatives can only fund DAOs a maximum of 5k every month. I would talk to @JCB to see how we can achieve that and get back to you .

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It’s a No for me.
The nature of this event is unclear to me.
What is the venue?
Purpose of the event?
Is this just a meet and greet?

Having “celebrity guests” without listing who it is and their reach on a variety of platforms leave me scratching my head.
The speaker fee for this type of event might not even be warranted to be honest.
Hotel price seems high as well.
Bouncers / security fee seems high as well.

This just doesn’t immediately seem to be an event that would be beneficial to the Near Ecosystem and generate more sign-ups on the wallets.

Thanks for your answer

I would like you to please check the track record of the c1 guild before outrightly assuming a polarity of perspective. We have had events like this in the past and we have proof of work done as regarding onboarding activities within the guild. Please consider as I requested for the sake of promoting more valid and evidence backed judgement