(APPROVED) C1 Nigeria Tour February featuring NxM Guild

Hey NEAR fam
Sending New year blessings as i sensitize us about the vision to create a guild-guild relationship and take the brand $NEAR across the states of Nigeria. I believe irl events streamed to the Metaverse will not just onboard users to the blockchain but shill the contents we have to interested investors willing to contribute to the NEAR web3 ecosystem by collecting arts or building their DApps on the NEP-171 blockchain.
In other to make this a success i teamed with @ELKHUSH with Sammiee and Mr.Royalty who is an event Pro to make the ABUJA edition the first of the Tour then we reached out to @vandal for his thoughts which he supported the motion. We hope to have @JohnX submit a proposal for the NxM part of the partnership but so far we have a budget of $3500 which C1 Guild will take charge of $2000 then NxM $1500 with the following quotations.

Quotation for the C1 / NxM Abuja event February.

-De Dominic event club = $400
-Small chops = $300
-Accommodation & feeding for all = $800
-Advertisement materials & Access tags = $300
-Mobility within Abuja = $200
-Celebrity welfare = $300
-Flight ticket for 4 = $700
-30 minutes Radio interview = $200
-Videographer =$100
-miscellaneous expenses = $200
Total of $3500 USD.
We propose sum of $2000 from C1 Guild for this event.
We have just concluded with Venues and other things remaining the Nollywood Celebrity we look forward to host in this event.
Target: $2000 / 121.58 N
Wallet: dedeukwu.near


Love it man. You guys have been doing an amazing job at organizing this event. The communication between all parties has been seamless, and I believe that this tour will increase awareness significantly.


Thank you @JCB ,Proud of what I see the team achieve with this initiative. Looking forward to make it happen from start to finish :purple_heart::raised_hands:t6:


It is a pleasure to be on this project with @Dedeukwu and the Team, we hope to see the success of this Abuja tour and the completion of the C1 NEAR Tour in nigeria and with great believe other African countries in the nearest future. The time is now and we are motivated and pumped. Thank you @JCB for your close support your contributions and supervision.
I am sammiee and I am delighted to be a part of this movement


Thumbs up guys, it’s amazing what great minds can achieve :clap::clap:


Please describe what exactly will you do (schedule) and how will you promote the Near.

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That’s a good question…
-We will create new wallet for everyone that came through during the event with activation token of $1.50 worth of $NEAR.
-We will project what the C1 Guild & NxM is doing in the Abuja radio station and direct them to our social handles.
-There’s provision for a projector to teach people how to buy NFTs from the Mintbase marketplace, mint NFTs and other potentials in the NEAR web3 ecosystem.
-The team will appear on their $NEAR Merch to the event.
-Handbills and other marketing materials will contain social handles and websites of the NEAR protocol.
We scheduled 6th February for the Abuja edition.
We hope to get enough influence from the targeted Nollywood celebrity we will be hosting as well.Hope that answered your question bro?


Thanks for answer, please explain more

How do you calculate and how it could be checked how many wallets were created?
Are you sure that the people will continue to use the wallets?

Share please links to your social media channels you will promote

What exact merchants will you use?

I don’t think that handbills are needed in digital age. I think, It’s enough some slides ( or some posters) with qr-codes

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Okay cool.
-Their wallets will be created with their gadgets and we will return screenshots of each transactions.
-I’m not certain all of them will continue using their wallets cos I’ve saw such situation in my previous event but we believe majority of the attendants will join our community platforms to clear their curious mind.
-Links to the social media platforms i will promote the event are.

C1 GUILD Instagram = Login • Instagram

C1 Guild Twitter = https://twitter.com/dum_unu/status/1474032061581344773?s=21

Website= C1foundation.io

Dedeukwu Instagram = Login • Instagram

Dedeukwu Twitter = https://twitter.com/_dedeukwu/status/1476874896240164877?s=21

NxM Twitter = https://twitter.com/vandigital/status/1481314139175899137?s=21

NxM Instagram = Login • Instagram

We will share to other social handles and websites our influence can get us.

-The Merchants to be used is a hoodie wear with $NEAR logo prints on it which will be sold as NFTs to unlock the physical during this tour .

-Thanks for the idea of a poster and a QR code that link to NFTs from the both guild stores on Mintbase.

Looking forward to the next question fam.

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You can take a photo of a human holding a phone with an open wallet on the screen. Later you can create a wall with these photos as an art object.

What was the event? Do you have metrics from the previous event?

Are the quarantines/limits via COVID in your country? Is it allowed public meetings?

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That’s what I call a great idea here, taking their pictures with the wallet open and we can manipulate it as an art and mint 50/50 in the NxM / C1 Guild store.

The link above are the metrics from the previous NEAR ONBOARDING REALITY EVENT in Lagos,Nigeria…

COVID restriction is not withholding events like this over here, in as much as health is a value we note to maintain precautionary measures with the invitation tag we will be distributing to invitees for this event.