[Approved by HoM] AC-DAO: NDC V1 MAR Budget Application Version 2


AC-DAO officially joined NDC on November 29, 2023, as a community-led project in the ecosystem category. Our mission is to facilitate the transition to the Near Digital Collective (NDC) through decentralized governance. Positioned within the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems, AC-DAO strives to empower a transparent community. This budget proposal aligns with NDC’s goals for equitable power distribution and the adoption of decentralized technologies, outlining our commitment to these objectives.

Charter & Plans

Mini Grants Initiatives
Proposal Link Amount Requested
Talentum Growth Proposal Link $5,000.00
Gaming Retention And Growth Grant - PipeFlare Link $4,500.00
Orbit Sprint project Link $4,000.00
Space Invasion Game For Aurora Play Link $3,000.00
TOTAL $16,500.00

We are focused on long-term partnerships with Pipeflare. At this stage, we are implementing a new game for the Aurora Play Portal, and Aurora tokens are also being integrated into the Pipeflare projects on its platform. New games specifically for AC-DAO are under development for Aurora Play Portal also.

The most significant is the partnership with AURORA LABS; we have weekly calls on which discussing existing projects, generate ideas and plans for integrating the Aurora network into third-party applications. Aurora Labs also provides us with applications or projects at the development stage for further research in support of these projects by AC-DAO.

Marketing Initiatives

Funds for marketing will be allocated to the following activities:

Proposal Amount Requested
Social Media Management (SMM): Managing the presence of AC-DAO on various social media platforms to ensure consistent and strategic communication $500.00
Conducting workshops aimed at attracting developers to the NEAR ecosystem and getting to know and build BOS applications (3) $900.00
AMA and Voice Sessions: Organizing Ask Me Anything, voice and “How It Works” live sessions on platforms like Twitter (X) and Telegram to interact directly with the community (5) $500.00
Aurora Play: Daily tournaments reactivation and server maintenance $300.00
Aurora Tip Bot: Project reactivation and social media maintenance $300.00
TOTAL $2,500.00
  • Social Media Management (SMM): Managing the presence of AC-DAO on various social media platforms to ensure consistent and strategic communication.
  • AMA and Voice Sessions: Organizing Ask Me Anything, voice and “How It Works” live sessions on platforms like Twitter (X) and Telegram to interact directly with the community.
  • Application Analysis: Conducting thorough reviews of applications to verify the presence and functionality of claimed features.
  • Testing of Supported Projects: Allocating resources to rigorously test the projects AC-DAO supports to ensure quality and reliability.
  • KPI Analysis: Assessing the Key Performance Indicators of supported projects to measure their impact and success accurately.
  • Media Support for Collaborative Initiatives: Creating and providing media support for initiatives arising from collaborations, ensuring maximum reach and engagement. At the moment there are strong partnerships with Trisolaris and their new initiative on the Zealy platform.
  • Searching for developers who could build for the AURORA on B.O.S (As a part of the new initiative of adoption of the B.O.S, there is a task to develop at least 3 applications or several integrations of the AURORA network for the current month)

Chat for Community - for general questions.

YoNota - for individual questions with Community Team Lead.

Budget Breakdown
Description Amount
Strategic Advisor (NeuroAdvisor) $0.00
Community Team Lead (1) $3,500.00 + 1000 (For December)
Community Operation Team (2) $1,750.00
Marketing and Events Lead + Social Media (1) $2,500.00 + 1000 (For December)
Mini Grants Lead (1) $2,500.00 + 1000 (For December)
Mini-Grants $16,500.00
Events and Marketing $2,500.00
TOTAL $32,250.00
Address: ahtest.near





Team Members 

AC-DAO and Consuls Reports

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments below or directly to us on Telegram - Luchito, Techdir , YoNota .


Is this report available just not linked?


Check DM for that issue, please

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Hello! Yes, there were some technical issues on the NEAR Forum side, but the problem has been fully resolved and my REPORT has been published - LINK.


Just curious, is there a reason for there being two pipeflair proposals instead of both bring in the same proposal concerning "gaming retention and growth”?.

Seems like everything in the proposal for building out a new game would be included in the theme of gaming retention and growth?

Also, it’s very difficult to evaluate proposals for which there are no links. There’s also a note from January asking for links to be added previously?

Also just general, is there a reason that funding for December is being asked for now? I see the note for it the budget line item, but I don’t see additional details for why or a report for December attached.


We started working on the Dao back in November, but since Hom approved the renumbering for December, we are requesting it now. For example @techdir did all the graphics, but never requested additional funding for that. @YoNota was involved in setting up the ambassador program, and reviewing ambassador applications @Luchok was involved in various NDC initiatives, setting up communication with projects, and infrastructure for grantees. In general, the whole team of ac-dao consuls supported each other in various issues from the very beginning of the project.

a reason for there being two pipeflair proposals

It’s much easier to track two miniprojects than to track one big one. That’s why we decided to divide Pipeflare into 2 proposals


I envy your team, my team on the project I’m working on is very small, only 3. and those two work just to get by, 0 initiative, 0 ideas for improvement or support for ideas for implementation(