[REPORT] AC-DAO January + February Council Work Report From Luchito

As AC-DAO Council, I report on my progress over the past month in building a partnership with Aurora Labs, working with mini-grants, and establishing workflows between Congress and the AC-DAO.

Building a partnership with Aurora Labs
  • Active collaboration with Aurora Labs to attract new projects to the ecosystem through the Aurora Labs Partner Programme.

  • Engaging all of our resources (Current AC-DAO projects, Marketing, Community Engagement) to actively promote Aurora Chain & Aurora Community Initiatives.

  • Active participation of the AC-DAO Community in Aurora Labs On Chain and Social Initiatives.

Working with mini-grants
  • Calculation of the budget and creation of announcements in order to promote our grant support.

  • Reviewing projects applying to our Grant Programme in detail and actively engaging with them.

  • Discussion of draft plan with each project and active implementation of technology/marketing solutions into our DAO initiatives.

  • Building a clear action plan for current and future projects to maximise the use of all current resources.

Project Calls and Team Interaction
  • Leading and actively participating in team meetings (4 times a week) aimed at coordinating activities within the team as well as leading our core areas: Grants Programme, Marketing, Community Engagement.

  • Organizing calls (5 times a week) with current grantees and future projects to build a work plan to develop and attract new users to the Aurora & NEAR ecosystem.

Building future initiatives

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