Space Invasion Game For Aurora Play

Hello everyone. I represent Pipeline Game Development, and we’re excited to propose the development of “Aurora Space Invasion” for Aurora Play. “Aurora Space Invasion” is an engaging space shooter game where players navigate through waves of oncoming enemy ships using keyboard or mouse controls. The game features exciting boss fights, various power-ups to enhance gameplay, and multiple ship types players can select to suit their play style. Each ship offers unique abilities and firepower, encouraging strategic play to advance through levels and dominate the leaderboard.

About Aurora Play
Aurora Play is destined to be an exciting arcade platform within the Aurora ecosystem, featuring a wide array of games. Currently, there are only two games, so we need to expand. Our addition, “Aurora Space Invasion,” will leverage Aurora’s blockchain technology to record scores and distribute rewards through a competitive leaderboard.

Project Specifics and Activities

  • Game Development: Crafting “Aurora Space Invasion,” a game where players combat alien forces, with direct integration into the Aurora Wallet for scorekeeping and rewards.

  • Leaderboard and Rewards: Establishing a transparent, blockchain-based leaderboard system where winners receive rewards, fostering a competitive and rewarding environment.

Goals and Benefits for the Ecosystem
This addition aims to boost engagement and participation within the Aurora ecosystem, attracting both gamers and developers to Aurora Play. The game will require you to login with your Aurora wallet, encouraging downloads. The game will also require you to sign transactions, increasing transactions on the Aurora blockchain.

Budget and Resource Allocation
We are requesting $3,000 for the development of the game, and integration with the Aurora Wallet.

Team Information
Pipeline Game Development is led by seasoned professionals in gaming and blockchain technology, dedicated to delivering a high-quality gaming experience.

Closing Remarks
Thank you for considering our proposal. We are committed to contributing to the Aurora ecosystem and enhancing Aurora Play’s game collection with “Aurora Space Invasion.”


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