[March] Funding of $4,000 for the Orbit Sprint project

With enthusiasm and confidence, we present our funding proposal for the Orbit Sprint game. Developed by our passionate and dedicated team.


The Orbit Sprint is a vision of innovation centered on user experience. Created with the aim of expanding the horizons of Near and Aurora, the Orbit Sprint seeks to fill the gaps in current pay-to-earn games, which often cater to a specific audience.

Focusing on providing an engaging and accessible experience, the Orbit Sprint aims to eliminate technological barriers by offering a lighter and more user-friendly alternative. In doing so, it not only expands the reach of these platforms but also introduces a new dynamic, attracting audiences that were previously excluded. The Orbit Sprint represents not just a game but an opportunity to transform and diversify the pay-to-earn gaming landscape, making it more inclusive and thrilling for everyone.


Our funding request encompasses several essential areas for the project’s success, including marketing, development, token liquidity, and hosting provider payments. Further details on each topic will be provided below.

SERVERS: $600 (2 YEAR)

= $4000

How each resource will be used

The funds allocated to development will primarily be used to finalize the game in its current form, ensuring it is ready for launch and offers a high-quality experience to users. This involves implementing final features, balancing adjustments, and overall polishing to ensure the game meets expectations and standards of excellence.

Additionally, a significant portion of the resources will be directed towards an essential security update. Given that our game communicates externally with the WEB3 component, it is crucial to ensure that all transactions and interactions are secure and protected against any form of exploitation or cyber attack. This update will include the implementation of robust security protocols, code audits, and advanced protection measures to safeguard both user data and the integrity of the game as a whole.

The marketing funds will be strategically allocated to two essential pillars: official game launch events and campaigns with small influencers from different niches but with highly engaged audiences. The approach of working with influencers from niches beyond the blockchain market is crucial for attracting new audiences who are not yet familiar with the concept of pay-to-earn games.

By investing in launch events, we create an exciting opportunity to introduce Orbit Sprint to the gaming community and enthusiasts.

Additionally, campaigns with influencers from different niches bring a unique perspective, allowing us to reach new audiences who may not have been exposed to the concept of pay-to-earn games before. By collaborating with influencers who have a highly engaged and trustworthy follower base, we can authentically and effectively attract new individuals to the Orbit Sprint ecosystem.

The funding request for initial token liquidity is an essential part of our Orbit Sprint launch and growth strategy. Allocating resources for initial liquidity of the SPLINT (PSK) token is crucial to create a robust and stable trading environment from the outset.

By providing initial liquidity for the token, we are facilitating the buying, selling, and exchanging of PSK by Orbit Sprint users. This not only promotes a smoother user experience but also stimulates economic activity within the ecosystem.

Additionally, by ensuring initial liquidity, we are increasing the confidence of investors and users in the token.

What problem does it solve?
Pay-to-earn games face the limitation of predominantly attracting the same audience, and the trend of new, heavier titles excludes a large portion of potential users. Many of these players are hindered by the lack of ideal equipment to run more robust games. The solution to expanding the user base lies in lightweight 2D games, providing an accessible experience to a broader audience.

By adopting this approach, not only is the technological barrier overcome, but also the opportunity to engage a new audience is created. Combining this strategy with influencer marketing can be key, allowing influential personalities to highlight the accessibility and fun of lighter pay-to-earn games. This way, a broader and more inclusive connection can be established, attracting a variety of players to our ecosystem.

Is it a single funding?

The $4,000 requested for funding is a carefully planned and single allocation intended to cover the immediate needs of the Orbit Sprint project. These resources will be managed rigorously and efficiently to ensure their longevity and maximize their impact over several months.

Upon the completion of the updates funded by this request, all other items on the roadmap will be handled internally by the project team, minimizing additional costs. With a dedicated and experienced team, we can optimize existing resources to achieve our goals without the need for significant expenses.

Furthermore, the funding will cover the hosting costs of the game for a period of two years, eliminating the need for additional expenses in this regard. This ensures that the game is available and operates consistently for users over a significant period.

In summary, the $4,000 in funding will be used strategically and uniquely, with careful management to ensure its effectiveness and durability over time. With these resources, we are confident that we can achieve our objectives and establish Orbit Sprint as a lasting success in the pay-to-earn gaming market.

A bit about me, the project’s CEO:

My name is Riquelme de Lima, I’m 22 years old, and I’ve been immersed in the crypto market since 2016 when I discovered Bitcoin and was fascinated by its innovative proposition. Last year, I became an investor in the Aurora and Near platforms, recognizing the vast potential of their ecosystems. Over the past few months, while analyzing the growth of these platforms, I identified a gap in the pay-to-earn gaming market, which despite evolving, still attracts a limited audience.

Motivated by this perception, I decided to launch Orbit Sprint. My goal is to introduce a new audience to pay-to-earn games and contribute to the overall development of the Aurora and Near ecosystems. Additionally, I bring my experience as a former content creator and my professional background in administration to ensure effective management of the resources obtained. I am committed to maximizing the positive impact of these funds to drive innovations in the sector.

Wallet: orbit_sprint.near


Our website: https:// orbitsprint .cloud/

You can access one of the beta versions of our game here:

https:// orbitsprint .cloud/play

Our whitepaper:

https:// docs.google .com/document/d/1Pfn4YORUg8tf46lUt_A79XPzXmO2Ixmkg2RcaE8NPbA/edit?usp=drivesdk


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