(March) Gaming Retention And Growth Grant - PipeFlare

  1. Introduction
    Hello everyone. This grant is for March, when we ill focus on introducing new in-game skins and implementing in-game staking and staking rewards using Aurora contracts. Building on our previous success, these features aim to enhance user engagement and transaction volume.

  2. About PipeFlare
    PipeFlare is a blockchain-based gaming platform powered by 1FLR and 2FLR Tokens, with features like staking, daily crypto faucet claims, an NFT Marketplace, and more. We have a community of approximately 1,000,000 web3 gamers and around 15,000 daily active players. We’ve already build 17 play-to-earn games, with our latest game built entirely on Aurora - Pyro’s mining Rush.

  3. Past Success
    For February, we are currently building integrations in Pyro’s Mining Rush with Aurora. These integrations include Aurora-Only in-game chests which require Aurora to open. We will also be introducing an Aurora Spin Wheel which will grant prizes in Aurora tokens. March will focus on staking.

  4. Project Specifics and Activities
    In general, our project aims to capitalize on the success we’ve already achieved with Aurora, and further build Aurora products onto PipeFlare and within our games.

    • Gaming Enhancements:
      • Our plans include incorporating Aurora Staking into ‘Pyro’s Mining Rush’, adding a ‘bank’ location in-game for token staking, and exclusive skins, weapons, and skills purchasable with Aurora tokens.
    • Gaming Titles:
      • We will develop Aurora themed features in games such as ‘Pyro’s Mining Rush’, ‘Space Shooter’, and ‘Stack Breaker’.
      • Aurora-Only Magic Chests in Pyro’s Mining Rush
    • Claiming Mechanism:
      • Enhancing our Free Spin wheel with Aurora tokens and introducing a Premium Spin Wheel accessible with Aurora Tokens or the Aurora Access NFT.
    • Aurora Faucet:
      • Implementing an Aurora Faucet for daily Aurora token claims, with bonuses for Aurora Pass app users and Aurora Access NFT holders.
  5. NFTs and Memberships

    • Aurora NFTs:
      • Launching Aurora “All Access Pass” NFTs, which offers various in-game and platform benefits.
    • Memberships:
      -Introducing a subsidized PipeFlare Aurora membership with in-game perks and staking benefits.
  6. Goals and Benefits for the Ecosystem
    Our initiatives aim to boost user engagement, increase transaction volume, and strengthen the Aurora ecosystem’s presence on our platform.

  7. Budget and Resource Allocation
    To complete all of the tasks above, we will need one month for the more simple tasks, two months for medium tasks like staking, and three months for the more complicated tasks like memberships. The total budget will be $4500 per month.

  8. Team Information
    Our team includes Jonathan Teplitsky, May Lunawong, and 16 developers with diverse backgrounds and expertise in game development, marketing, community management, and more.

  9. Contact and Wallet Information
    Check out our linktree to connect with us on facebook, twitter, emails, and more.

  10. Closing Remarks
    Thank you for considering our proposal. We are committed to contributing to the growth of the Aurora ecosystem.