[Approved] Assisterr Incentive Program Funding Application (Marketing budget)

Assisterr Incentive Program Funding Application - Q2 2024 Request

Assisterr is a Cambridge-based startup building a data layer for decentralized AI (community-owned AI models).

Assisterr’s integration of blockchain technology facilitates a transparent mechanism for tracking community contributions and incentivizes the sharing of previously inaccessible knowledge and data through rewards.

Section 1: Project Information

  • Organization Name: Assiterr

  • Project established: 2023

  • Project’s Category: Infrastructure, AI

Section 2: Previous Funding

  • $100,000 funding from OutlierVenture in 2023

Section 3: URLs



    • Is Your DAO/Project Targeting a Specific Country?**
  • Worldwide, ENG-speaking audience atm;

Section 4. Applicant Information

https://near.org/petlyovanyy.near/widget/Assisterr-eth-denver-widget-v10?src=petlyovanyy.near/agent/Assisterr-StackOverflow-Near ,

  • Potlock:

Section 5: Team Members

Section 6. Experience

  • A team with a deep understanding of web3 and Artificial Intelligence. We have been in web3 space since 2017 and have built successful projects. Dima ex-co-founded 111PG and COO at Dexe Network; Nick was Head of Ecosystem Growth at DEIP Protocol and is now Web3 Strategy Advisor at Cambridge Fintech Center at Judge Business School. Dejan strengthens our expertise with 10 years of development experience and a team of AI engineers.

  • https://deip.world/

  • https://www.111pg.io/

  • https://www.dexe.network/

Section 7: Litepaper and Goals

More about Assister’s vision of Community-owned AI Models:

What Problem Are You Aiming to Solve?

  • Assisterr targets the monopolization of AI by Big Tech, advocating for data ownership and the democratization of AI through community-owned small language models (SLMs), which offer tailored and efficient solutions.

Our plans for 2024:

  1. Q2 24: Testnet with 100 AI models & DevRel Agents for Top web3 Ecosystems;
    • Community building;
    • User Profiles & Reputation;
    • Points system;
    • Raising a Pre-Seed Round (TBA soon)
  1. Q3 24: Main-net
    • TGE
    • Tracking data contribution on-chain;
    • Rewards distribution;
    • AI Models infra (beta);
  1. Q4 24: Public access to the AI Models infrastructure
    • Integration with Solana, Monad as EVM Hub to process EVM users;
    • Partnering with LayerZero and Wormhole on the Multichain approach;
    • Listings, Ecosystem growth;

Section 8:

Projected Marketing Budget for the next 3 months: $28,000

1st month - $8,000:

2nd month - $10,000:

3rd month - $10,000:

  • Influence Marketing: $8,000

  • Raffles (Warpcast+GLX_etc): $2,000


  • Reach 20,000+ followers on X

  • Gather 15,000+ community members in Discord

  • Get 30,000 users to Assisterr Build - Incentive program for future building of Decentralised AI Layer

  • Micro-Influencer Long-Term Partnerships - 20+ Micro-KOLs

  • Content Creation and distribution with 5M audience outreach;

  • The Assisterr team is working full-time on the project. The current proposal does not cover any of the team salaries and compensations.

Links to Similar Proposals from Near Foundation, existing GDAOs, Near ECO (if applicable)

Section 9: Project longevity

  • We expect to close our Pre-seed round of funding by July 2024 and fully cover the project’s marketing needs going forward.
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Hi @nick.havryliak thanks for your proposal. I note that we also had a call to discuss the project. Happy to support for the first month

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Our team appreciates your support as well as feedback and recommendations on our G2M and Marketing strategy!

Thank you for submitting your proposal.

Please keep in mind that MDAO only supports monthly KPI proposals, and happy to support your first month, we will review your second phase of the request based on your report performance.

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For sure, we are happy to start with the first month and share the results here!

Following up from the MDAO to let you know of this month’s results. Your proposal received approval for May funding.

I am happy to support the initial month of your project and the deliverables outlined in this proposal. I am noting that your team has had a call with the MDAO council to further understand your roadmap. I look forward to seeing the growth that we hope this grant will encourage so that Assisterr can continue building on your hackathon win success and help to expand the NEAR ecosystem.

Hey @nick.havryliak following up on your reports, i try to reached out to you via X not responding. please could you submit a mid-term report of what you have done so far.

HI Bakaka, I do not have any messages from you at X.
We will craft the report soon.

So far, a lot of quests have launched atm, as well as working on additional articles and announces with 2 media;

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your project DM is closed, i tagged assisterr in a post to DM me because i can’t send a message.

Great, looking forward to see your reports