[Proposal] Assisterr Funding Proposal: Assisterr - AI-powered Developer Relations Agents supporting developer onboarding to BOS

Title: Assisterr Funding Proposal
Date: Jan 16

Prepared by Nick
Organization: Assisterr

1. Summary

  • Project Description: Assisterr - AI-powered Developer Relations Agents supporting developer onboarding to BOS

Assisterr aims to simplify interaction with BOS tech documentation by making it queryable with the natural language. This addresses the challenges with onboarding and support. As we enter another bull market, more new developers are interested in building with BOS. Without timely and accurate support, the developer community might feel frustrated when they can’t find what they need to keep working on their ideas.

Our idea is to prepare BOS tech docs, enrich them with additional context, and provide web UI to interact with docs by using natural language.

We are NEARHorizon alumni and reached the top 10 projects pitching from the main stage during the NEARCon in Nov 2023.

Funding Requested: $3,500

Implementation Timeline: by Feb 20

  1. Background
  • Problem Statement: Developer relationship teams are not ready to support the growing web3 Dev community effectively. We need better and more automated tooling designed explicitly for DevRel’s needs.
    Objective: launch the AI devRel Agent trained on BOS documentation to support builders joining the NEAR community fully automatically;

We have already launched similar integrations, but with a focus on a Discord for Solana, Light Link, Particle Network, and other partners;

3. Project Description

  • Scope:
    As our Vector Embedding pipeline is fully working, we are going to focus on 2 things:
    1 - BOS Data preparation & Testing;
    2 - Enabeling WEBapp integration which includes its development;

  • Key Stakeholders:
    Assisterr, Banyan Collective and NEARHorizon

4. Budget

  • Total Cost: $5000
  • Funding Request: $3500
    Salaries for Fulstack dev, designer, and Data engineer;

5. Implementation Plan

  • Timeline: Jan 15 - Feb 20.
  • Milestones:
  1. Data sources mapping, data labeling, and vectorization - by Feb 1, 2024
  2. WebApp chat integration, testing, and collecting feedback - by Feb 20, 2024

6. Evaluation and Measurement

  • Success Criteria: working AI DevRel Agent trained on NEAR BOS data with 90%+ AI success rate;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: We are tracking user activities as well as # the queries and AI success rate metric; Data will be shared with the community to provide insights on potential ways to improve BOS docs and support the dev community in a better way;

7. Risks and Mitigation Strategies

  • Risks: poor quality of BOS documentation due to its natural language context.
  • Mitigation: Collaboration with Build DAO community and James;

8. Conclusion

  • Summary: Advanced and automated Dev Support powered by AI agents is a way to be aligned with NEAR’s strategic vision. We are here to showcase the Assisterr Agents’ abilities with specific BOS docs and are ready to expand this use case to broader documentation in the mid-long term.
  • Call to Action: Please support our Proposal.

9. Contact Information

  • Name: Nick Havryliak
  • Title: co-founder
    Email: nick.havryliak@assisterr.xyz

I’d like to support this proposal because solutions like ChatGPT are not tailored to the BOS developer environment, and it’s often confusing to navigate available resources. Assisterr can iron out wrinkles of the onboarding process for builders exploring BOS, helping them learn to use related tools like bos-workspace and component libraries.


I support this proposal.

I met the Assister team in NEARCON 2023, where they went on to be finalists of the hackthon and pitch on main stage. Can vouch for the team drive. I believe this is the kind of founder hustle and resources we need to make NEAR more accessible to more people with great ideas.

Funding request seems reasonable considering the potential benefit.

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Having the chance to see their passion and drive firsthand really underscores the potential impact such innovations can have, especially in making platforms like NEAR more user-friendly for brilliant minds with innovative ideas.

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