Assisterr - May 2024 Report


In April, the Assisterr team proposed to hold a series of virtual events and campaigns to promote an Incentive program for the future building of the Decentralised AI Layer: [Approved] Assisterr Incentive Program Funding Application (Marketing budget)

Assisterr undertook multiple initiatives in May to enhance community engagement and promote their platform. Below are the detailed activities and expenses.

Budget and Activities (Total: $8550, MDAO - $8000):

• KOL CIS (Package): $3000.00 -Assisterr Marketing Report: May - Google Sheets) - links with post will be attached shortly in comments;

• WhiteMedia1: $1850.00 -

• GALXY: $1100.00 - Deposit in $GAL, campaigns, and verification

• QuestN: $400.00 - Campaign 16/05

• MEME Competition: $250.00 - Community Activation, Prize for winner

• Art Contest: $250.00 - Community Activation, Prize for winner

• Moderator: $200.00 - Reward

• Community Activation Game: $500.00 - Community Activation, Prize for winners : $1000.00 - Article: in Progress, link will be attached to comments;

• Neko Morning Show: $0.00 -

• Tech Business Podcast: $0.00 - Using AI technology to provide 'small language' models with Assisterr CEO Nick Havryliak by The Tech Business Podcast

• X Space with Wax: $0.00

• X Space AI x Data: $0.00

• X Space with vSelf: $0.00

• TG campaign with vSelf: in progress, links will be attached shortly;


• Twitter Followers: x7.65 Growth

• 1st May: 758

• 28th May: 5662

• Discord Members: x 10 Growth

• 1st May: 935

• 28th May: 9541


Assisterr conducted a campaign on QuestN, which saw the participation of 5,379 Questers. This campaign was part of a broader strategy to enhance community engagement and increase platform visibility. The high participation rate indicates a successful outreach effort, contributing significantly to the growth in Assisterr’s community.


Our team participated in the NEKO Morning Show, Season 9, Episode 4. This appearance provided an excellent opportunity to discuss our initiatives and connect with a broader audience. You can watch the episode:

The Tech Business Podcast

Paul Essery talks with Assisterr CEO Nick Havryliak about using AI technology to provide ‘small language’ models. They discuss the future of technology and what infrastructure needs to be built today.

In addition to this, we had two strategic sessions with Shilika from on Community Building and PR.
As a result, we started working on several additional activations. We expanded our presence at Global events to promote our vision and establish positioning as a “thought leader” for our CEO.


  1. Berlin Blockchain Week - speaker slot at DePin Day:

  2. Consensus 2024:

  3. Speaker at Super AI - the biggest AI conference in Asia region:

  4. Comment on EU regulations:


The May campaigns and community engagement activities resulted in significant growth in Twitter followers and Discord members. This indicates a successful outreach and activation strategy by Assisterr. The detailed data and links to specific campaigns and initiatives provide transparency and accountability for the expenditures.

Next Steps:

We appreciate MDAO support and see a huge positive impact on our traction. In June, we would love to apply for additional funding focused on Onboarding users to the Platform with tests in the Asia region as well as getting more exposure by collaborating with the team.

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